Study Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology at Curtin University

Hi, I’m Erik Helmerhorst head of the school
of Biomedical Sciences here at Curtin University. I’d like to tell you about an exciting pathway
to a career in molecular genetics and biotechnology. The discovery of the DNA molecule is one of
the most important in human history. DNA finger printing is a major tool for forensic science
and population genetics. Ultra-sensitive molecular techniques will
one day diagnose all diseases. Genetic engineers will design new vaccines and drugs for infectious
diseases and treatments for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and all other manner of
chronic human diseases. You can be part of these exciting developments
by enrolling in our specialised three year course in molecular genetics and biotechnology. As a graduate you will enjoy a wide range
of challenging career options and work along side other scientists, medical and health
care professionals, engineers, computer software developers, lawyers, business professionals
and entrepreneurs. My name is Aaron Mackay and I work for Rockeby
Biomed which is a Singapore based company. Where we do research and development here
in Australia. I am the development scientist, slash project manager. I’ve been to America, I have been to Thailand,
I’ve been to Singapore, I’ve been to France. Where ever there is a technology hubs around
the world. When I was younger, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I sort of wanted
to get a basic science degree where I could work on and just the idea of DNA and proteins
and all that type of stuff was interesting. Straight from graduation I went straight into
this job. If you would like to know more about molecular
genetics and biotechnology visit our Curtin homepage at Hope to see you


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