TAMU Genetics IDP Application Tutorial

Hi, my name is Michelle Jonika and I am an in-state applicant from Texas A&M University I am currently a First-Year Student in the Genetics Graduate Program Hi my name’s Brittni Ming- Whitfield and I’m also a First-Year Graduate Student in the Genetics Program but I applied from Out-of-state So the first thing that you’ll need to know when applying to the Genetics Program at Texas A&M University is that there will be two Applications, that you’ll kind of see so first you’ll have to start and ApplyTexas Application and once you start the ApplyTexas Application and complete that It’ll spark a notification to A&M If you’re applying to the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Genetics at Texas A&M University you’ll first want to go to https://genetics.tamu.edu once here, you’ll see that there’s tabs that you can select at the top and so you’ll want to go to Prospective Students on this Prospective Students tab, you’ll see General Information for Admissions to the University timelines and different scholarships that you can fill out for the University and then how to living in Bryan and College Station but what will be really important for you, is to click on “HOW TO APPLY” at the bottom of that page on the “HOW TO APPLY” tab, you’ll see a lot of the things that you’ll need to do to apply or upload once you start your Application and so this will be a good checklist for you, when you’re trying to go through and see what you need ApplyTexas will be the first thing that you’ll want to do when you begin to apply this is an Application where the state of Texas needs to know some demographic information before A&M can create an Application for you so you’ll either need to start a new account if you’ve never applied in the state of Texas before or if you already have an account login you can just reuse your same one, and just create a new application and when you log in, you’ll start a General Application through the state of Texas and you have to go it’ll have these tabs, your Profile, Applications and so you go to the My Applications and say to start a new blank Application and you can start one for the Genetics Program at Texas A&M and then you’ll see here this is the graduate application and you can click start a new blank application and you’re going to want to pick the one at the bottom for Graduate School Admissions and then next you will pick Texas A&M on the drop-down window and you have to make sure that you pick College Station when you do it and then your Application Type is going to be either “International Student” or “US Domestic Student”, which is what I am so I picked that one and then you have to confirm that you have a Bachelor’s Degree, and then you can start and so for the Genetics Program you have to pick Fall semester because the Program only accepts students in Fall so make sure that when you do this you don’t pick anything else because that can mess up your Application and then you can press Continue so here you have to select your Major so just go down to Genetics Ph.D. which is here, and there’s no Masters so just have to pick the Ph.D. one and then Continue and then here it shows you an overview of what kind of information you’re gonna have to put in and so you can Continue once you have started the Application it’ll ask you for Demographic Information so you’ll want to continue into this, so you’ll want to fill out the Background Information that it’s asking for as well as any of the like information that it needs for Residency and don’t feel obligated to upload your Test Scores and your Statement of Purpose right away as this can be done in the Texas A&M Application System so once you have completed all of the Biographical Information and Texas A&M has received it, It’ll take a few days to process once that ApplyTexas has completed processing your Application and sent to Texas A&M University once the University has fully processed to their end, they’ll send you an email notifying you that you need to log into the Applicant Information System once here you’ll need to activate your Net ID which is going to be your Identification for the University and It will assign you a UIN number and this Net ID that you can use for the University so once you log into the Texas A&M Application Website it’s going to show your Application Information up here on your personal things and then that once you’ve been admitted it will give you this information but as you scroll down it also tells you the documents that are required for Admission so the specific documents that you’ll have to upload to this site so that you can be admitted or at least your application can be processed and so that includes things like your Letters of Recommendation your Resume and your Transcripts among other things and so as you can see that all the documents are listed here as well as a key to what the symbols mean, and so to upload these documents you have to go to the My Documents tab up at the top and you click in the down menu and go to Upload Documents and so once you get to this page you scroll down and of course read these instructions and you can click here to upload your documents and so when you say you want to add a file and you pick whatever document it is that you want so you can just this example here and then it’s going to upload it onto the site and it’s important that you pick what type it is so if you put a Letter of Recommendation a Resume or any of these that are here in the drop down menu and so you will pick whichever one it is for example a Statement of Purpose and then you can say start and it will upload and then in the case that you upload the wrong thing you can always check this box and delete it and re-upload a correct document later so it’ll be important to keep checking the My App status tab because some things such as Letters of Recommendation may come without you knowing it and so if you are looking out for someone who said in a Letter of Recommendation you want to make sure that it’s been processed to the System you can come here and see that your recommender has in fact completed that recommendation and that the Applicant System can see that and once all of your check-marks are green you’ll know that you’ve completed everything that you need to for the Application when applying to Texas A&M University you’ll need to send Transcripts for your Application so there are two kinds of transcripts Unofficial and Official Transcripts when applying unofficial transcripts will be sufficient these can be downloaded from the Universities that you’ve attended and you will need to make sure that you have one from every University that you’ve had a class when you attended when you are accepted into the Program then you will need Official Transcripts and there are two forms of Official Transcripts. you can send them via mail although be sealed and signed to make sure that they are an official document or you can use the speed system which is usually preferred as it is an electronic system and this system will send that Transcript electronically and it will notify you when the University has received it and downloaded it for use within the University so after you complete your ApplyTexas application A&M will send you an email notifying you to create an Applications Information System Account and this will be the part that Texas A&M will use as their Application into a Graduate Program at the University and then when you do this you want to make sure that you start early so don’t start near the deadline in December make sure you’re starting around September-October because there is processing time for the ApplyTexas to communicate their information to Texas A&M and then for Texas A&M to send you that email with the credentials and so you don’t want to do it at the end of you know, November close to the deadline and then not be able to get your documents in so a little recommendation once you get access to the Application Information System account, through Texas A&M the first thing that I would do is send your Letters of Recommendation to those that are going to be providing it for you and so once you type in their email it will send them an email, notifying them that they need to upload this Letter of Recommendation and Professors take a while to do this part of the process so that should be done first, and then everything else that you need to upload such as Transcripts and your Statement of Purpose and things such as that are done on your own time, and they can be done instantaneously okay, and then once you’ve completed the Application and you send it in, make sure that you look at your emails regularly because after that point, there’s gonna be communication from the Genetics Program about whether or not you’ve been elected to come to Recruitment and then after that point if you are coming to Recruitment you’re gonna have to look out for things like travel accommodations scheduling and things like that and you’re gonna want to make sure that you’re replying back so that if you are coming to Recruitment that you can make sure that you get here especially if you’re from out-of-state

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