Teach and Capture Family History with Video using TechSmith Products with Lisa Louise Cooke

I’m Lisa Louise Cooke and I call myself a New Media Genealogy Producer bringing genealogy information and techniques to folks would like to learn more about how
to find your family history and maybe also incorporate technology in that. I think I was about
eight-years-old when I first had my eyes opened to the
potential of family history and I was at my grandma’s house and when I saw the photographs, I said, grandma who is this? She came
out the kitchen well let me tell you and the next thing I knew we
spending hours talking and I was riveted. Back in about 2006, podcasts had just come into being and it really democratized new media
because it meant that anybody could have a show, you don’t
have to have a contract with the radio station to be able to reach an audience I’ve been wanting to help people connect
with their family history teach them the kinds of things I learned over the years and this is the medium. And a month later
Genealogy Gems was born. The way I talk about it on my
show is let’s help you find your place in
history because every family has a history but then every family’s history integrates into American history, world
history and to me that really brings a sense a
connection. I’ve always been thrilled at the rate at
which the audio podcast has been growing but adding video to the mix just blew the doors open. I found that I was
describing to people this is how you do this, tap this you
know, click this, and I thought this really needs to be screen captured. I started using Camtasia, gosh, several years ago. And finding that it was a wonderful,
quick, exciting way to capture these
technologies I was talking about when you have a mystery to solve what steps to take and and I can jump from Google Earth back
over to you know a website with some documents
back to my personal database and back to Google Earth again and show the whole process and not just
talk about it. Technology is opening the floodgates to allowing anybody who wants to get
involved and find something in the evening an opportunity to do that. You don’t have to get in the car and haul all of your stuff with you but you can say, you know I’m going to go poke around and see what I can find and all of a sudden great-grandmother’s staring at you on the screen.

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