Team Huntington | Pelotonia 2017

You’re going to see the sea of green here,
which is Team Huntington. It’s quite an atmosphere to see thousands
of people. You don’t realize it until you get here
how overwhelming and empowering it is. It’s great. This is the ninth year of Pelotonia. Eighth year of our formal sponsorship and
involvement. And we have raised over 18.6 million dollars. Team Huntington! Who would think that there could be 8,000
riders and another 3,000 volunteers to make Pelotonia happen. We’ve been handing out protein drinks like
crazy. Thousands of cases of water. Those guys have been over there cooking all
day. It is more than a ride, I mean it’s a whole
life changing event. I think it’s going to be a bit of a challenge,
I mean it’s a hundred miles I’m doing. The miles get tough. But this is nothing short of fantastic. Research is funded by Pelotonia. We started here as a seed but we’re gonna
go and go and go and then build a model for the rest of the country. We have no idea where this could go. And how big it could get. My dad was saved from prostate cancer by an
experimental procedure at the time. And now it’s something that’s done everywhere. Unfortunately, I got to add my name to the
back of the shirt and I’m living to tell about it today. You know you’re doing something that’s
bigger than yourself. We have a new test that we can offer patients
across cancer and that’s thanks to Pelotonia fellows who did the research to make that
happen. The money that’s gained here that feeds
the research; it impacts everybody, beyond just Columbus. I mean it’s one goal. End cancer. When I’m riding I’m thinking maybe this
is the ride that will find the cure for it. There’s not one time in American history
we’ve set our mind to solve a problem that we have not been able to solve. It’s time, you know. Let’s do our part.

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