The Ancestors of Alexander the Great (English subtitles) .mp4

The first known King had the name Perdikas Greek name of course. It means “He who is fair”. He reigned in the 7th century BC. They follow, Argaeus, Fillip, Aeropus, Alketas, Amyntas and Alexander
(he means Alexander the 1st, not the Great) He reigned at the time of the persian wars He took part in the Olympic Games And he help the Athenians and their allies
to defeat the Persians in the battle of Plataea. Herodotus writes: As the night was growing deep
and the army camps were quiet at the time that people sleep deep Alexander, son of Amynta,
who was General and King of the Macedonians He approached with his horse the Athenians outposts and asked to speak with the Generals When they came, Alexander told them the following Men of Athens, I trust you to think of those words
as confidential and reveal them to no one, except Pavsanias
so you don’t, by accident, destroy me I wouldn’t have told you this
if I haven’t whole of Greece in my mind I’m also Greek, since very long time ago and I wouldn’t want to see Greece being under a foreign ruler
instead of being free I say to you that Mardonius (Persian) and his army
can’t get good omens from the sacrifices If he did, we would have a battle since long ago Now he decided to ignore the sacrifices and attack at the break of dawn I think he was afraid that you’ll be more Those… get ready to confront If again Mardonius cancels the attack You stand your ground, because the foods
he has are only good for a few days If again, this war is ended by your will someone must remember to free me as well I took, for the grace of all Greek,
such a dangerous job to do and I came here to reveal to you the will of Mardonius so the barbarians will not fall on you and find you unprepared I am Alexander of Macedon In the years of the Peloponnesian War Kings of Macedonia, was the son of Alexander,
Perdikas the 2nd till 413 BC after him Archealaus, and they were allies sometimes with the Athenians,
sometimes with the Spartans serving Macedonian interest in Halkidini Neither wars though, neither the stance of Macedonia
stopped the cultural contacts and many scholars and artists they came to visit, settle and work in the capital of Macedonia First in Aeges and later in Pella Among those people were Agathon and the famous Euripides that fate want him to die in Macedonia in 406 BC Macedonia managed to successfully be at the top
of the Greek cultural actions Long before circumstances allows Macedonia
to be at the front of historical events And that because, its location,
as a shield at the northern borders of Greece, Macedonia was the first line defender against the Barbarians Or, using the words of the historian, Polybius, “Which and how great honor Macedonians deserve, for not stopping, all their lives, to fight the barbarians to keep the all the Greeks safe Who doesn’t know that all the Greeks would always be in danger If we didn’t have the Macedonians to defend our race. And who doesn’t recognize the dignity of their Kings”

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