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(soft music) – [Marcus] Robots are
people too, you know, and just like us, they have families. So, it’s time to jump to the year 200X and tackle the Blue Bomber
with the Mega Man Family Tree. We’re sticking to the three
major inventors of the Mega Man and Mega Man X series, Dr.
Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Cain. Sorry, Battle Network fans,
no Mega Man.exe this time. But tell you what, if you
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to The Leaderboard. And if you don’t, subscribe anyway. See, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily
were both brilliant scientists who graduated with doctorate degrees from the Robot Institute of Technology. Dr. Light won the esteemed Nobel Prize, beating out his friend
and colleague, Dr. Wily. Light, the ultimate philanthropist, went on to design brilliant
civil service robots to help with the world’s most
dangerous industrial tasks. By then, Wily was sick of Light
besting him at every turn. His simmering jealousy
finally came to a boil, so he decided to take over the world by hijacking Light’s civil service robots and reprogramming them for evil. Thankfully, Dr. Light had a
few more creations on deck, ready to do battle against
his own repurposed creations. Dr. Light creations. Mega Man. Though we know Mega
Man as the Blue Bomber, he started out more as a Blue Busboy. Yeah, Dr. Light originally designed him as a humble lab assistant
with the harmless appearance of a 10-year-old boy named Rock. However, when Dr. Wily
started wreaking havoc, Dr. Light realized that
he needed to fight back against his rival to save the world. Rock was a good ol’ boy and
volunteered to be reconstructed into a lean, mean, fighting
machine to fight against Wily’s, or Light’s monstrosities. Thus, Mega Man was born. He defeated the likes
of Guts Man and Ice Man before taking down Dr. Wily himself. Mega Man went on to rinse
and repeat this adventure through 11 numbered
titles, Mega Man and Bass, and more handheld and console adventures. Mega Man is known for his jumping and mega buster shooting abilities, but his adaptability is
what makes him truly iconic. He can steal the weapons of
Robot Masters he defeats, greatly expanding his arsenal
and color palette, of course. So he’s basically a
mechanical version of Kirby, albeit slightly less adorable. Well, Kirby came after Mega Man, so I guess that makes Kirby a squishy, biorganic version of Mega Man. Copying abilities aside, Mega
Man also acquired the ability to slide in his third adventure, perfect for sliding
safely into home plate. Too bad baseball isn’t quite his sport. He much prefers soccer. Come on, Dr. Light. Reprogram him to like baseball. I can only imagine what
an amazing pitcher he’d be with a literal arm cannon. Roll. Dr. Light thought it would be
cruel to create an only child, so when he invented Rock, he
also invented a sister, Roll. I mean, he also needed a housekeeper, so I guess he’s not as philanthropic as he’d like us to think. You know what they say,
behind every crackpot inventor is a robot forced to conform
to antiquated gender roles. Poor Roll is always running
around stressed about laundry or cleaning or something like that. Still, she’s an adorable
sister and a fan favorite. She often gives Mega Man advice and helps run Dr. Light’s
shop in later titles, offering Mega Man all kinds
of power ups, for a price. Pretty sneaky, sis. But she’s not completely
useless in combat, as she proved in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Okay, okay, so she’s objectively
the weakest character in that game, but what’d you expect? She was never designed for combat, so she could never match
the strength of her brother. Proto Man. But Roll wasn’t the only
sibling Dr. Light created. In fact, Mega Man and Roll
have an older brother. That’s right, before making
his kind-hearted lab assistant and housekeeper, Dr. Light
created a more powerful sentient robot as a prototype, Proto Man. Trouble is, Proto Man was
a little too sentient. He refused to let Dr. Light upgrade him and his flawed energy core and ran away. Even worse, Dr. Light made
little to no effort to find him. Proto Man was low on energy
and down for the count. Dr. Wily found him and fixed him up. That’s not all, he also suped him up with some combat upgrades,
to do evil stuff. So I guess Proto Man is in
both the Light and Wily family. This modification process
is what inspired Dr. Wily to tinker with Light’s other creations and create the Robot Masters. If only Dr. Light didn’t
abandon his first son. Wily also gave Proto Man a visor to hide his identity from Dr. Light. Proto Man first appeared in Mega Man 3, fighting for Dr. Wily as an enemy. His powers are comparable to Mega Man, but he’s also got heightened defense thanks to his awesome shield. But by the next game,
Proto Man completely turned against Wily, figuring
his debts were paid. Don’t get it twisted, though,
he’s not on Dr. Light’s side. He never truly trusted
his neglectful father, and I don’t blame him. At least he often offered
advice and combat assistance to his buddy Mega Man, though. Rush. Proto Man is a good friend,
but he’s a little fly by night. Thanks to his free will, he only shows up when
it’s convenient for him. A working man like Mega Man needs someone a little more reliable. That’s why his best friend
and the ultimate good boy, Rush, is much closer to his heart. Rush is a robot dog created
by Dr. Light to help out Mega Man with his most difficult
platforming challenges. So, I guess that technically makes Rush another sibling of Rock and Roll. Anyway, Rush shines in the limelight by turning into a spring,
jet, submarine, and more to help Mega Man get to
hard-to-reach places, depending on the circumstances. He’s also there to give
him a little affection at the end of a long day
with a caress of steel. Oh, and in Mega Man 7,
Rush can meld with Mega Man to create Super Mega Man to fight against Bass and Treble. Mega Man X. Mega Man always got the job done, but Light decided that he could create an even more mega Mega Man known as X. Sure, X is more powerful, but
what really sets him apart is his ability to think and
grow even more independently than OG Mega Man. But since this natural growth would result a slow maturation process,
Light put X into stasis so that the powerful robot
wouldn’t be a threat to the world during his angsty teenage years. 100 years later in 21XX, Dr. Cain discovered X and woke him up. Using X as a framework, Cain created similarly powerful
robots called reploids. Trouble is, Cain wasn’t as wise as Light, so the reploids lacked
ethical code standards and eventually turned maverick. To take them down, X joined
the Maverick Hunters, but not as a top-tier fighter. See, he was always the being
with the ultimate potential but showed too much hesitation
in his early fighting days. But he’d fulfill his potential
as the world’s savior as the X series carried on,
defeating bounties of reploids, and more of Dr. Cain’s inventions that later turned sour like Sigma. Don’t worry, much more
on that stuff later. X went on to defeat Omega
during the Elf Wars, then founded Neo Arcadia. But because his many battles and struggles took a physical and mental toll on him, he retired from this leadership. But instead of fishing or golfing, he spent his retirement
sealing away the Dark Elf by sacrificing his body. He continued to help his friend Zero through his own adventures,
living on as a cyber elf. Yeah, it’s a whole thing. Dr. Wily Creations. Robot Masters. Like I said before, Dr. Wily
used the lessons he learned from modifying Proto Man to manipulate more of Light’s civil servant robots. These robots’ purposes started
out pretty simple enough. Cut Man was originally used for forestry, Bomb Man and Guts Man for
demolition and construction, Fire Man for waste incineration, Elec Man for voltage
control in power plants, and Ice Man for Subarctic work. These practical machines
could also technically be considered younger
siblings of Mega Man, so I guess they’re part of both trees, but their older bro brought their demise once they turned on him and Dr. Light. With those guys scrapped, Dr. Wily created his own
Robot Masters in the sequel, including Metal Man and Quick Man. This new batch was specifically designed to fight against Mega Man, so you can imagine how
embarrassed Wily was when Mega Man beat them, too. The third game’s robots including
Needle Man and Magnet Man were actually joint
creations of Light and Wily, with both combat and civil purposes. Wily convinced Light that
he turned a new leaf, but come one, Doc, how’d
you fall for that?. I mean, one of them is named Snake Man. Mega Man 4’s Robot Masters
were technically made by Dr. Cossack, but that’s
because Wily kidnapped him and forced him to build them. The robots in Mega Man 5 were Wily’s own home-brew creations, but 6’s were made by scientists
from all over the world. Wily got his mitts on them
by rallying them together for the First Annual Robot Tournament, all under the guise of Mr. X. Mega Man 7 and 8’s masters were, again, mostly created by Wily, but 9’s were actually OG
Light robots refurbished. 10 and 11’s robot master manufacturers also hailed from around the world. You’ve got Bounce Man and Sheep Man. Yeah, I guess Wily
finally ran out of ideas. Bass and Treble. After going through six
games of Robot Masters, Wily figured it was probably
a good idea to specialize in one super robot that could
truly rival the blue bomber. It would be just like Proto Man, but Wily would build
him from the ground up. Enter Bass. Brash and arrogant
instead of noble and kind, and determined to become
the world’s strongest robot. At first, Bass starts out
as an awesome invention, breaking Wily out of prison
and blowing up Light’s lab. But of course, he eventually
turns against Wily, his one track mind ultimately
screwing over his creator. See, according to Bass,
being the best robot ever means that Wily’s other
inventions are pure trash, so he adamantly looks down on them. He even mistrusts Wily’s ability for creating them in the first place. Furthermore, if Bass is the best, he can defeat Mega Man himself. Okay, okay, so he has help from Treble. Just like Mega Man and Rush,
Bass can fuse with Treble to become even more powerful. Still, he doesn’t need some
second-rate tinkerer like Wily. Mega Man beats Bass, but
that doesn’t stop him from always trying to prove he’s better. Eventually, he swallows his
pride and teams up with Mega Man to stop Wily’s latest
creation gone rogue, King, king of the robots. Turns out Wily created
King as a test for Bass, but this monarch is no
match for the Mega Man foil. So with Proto Man, Bass,
and King all gone awry, Wily desperately tries one more time to create a super evil rival for Mega Man. So he created the ultra
powerful Zero, but of course, this masterpiece still
can’t follow any orders. Just like Dr. Gero did to
Android 16, 17, and 18, Wily deemed Zero too dangerous to control and sealed him away indefinitely. Much later, reploids
discovered and revived Zero, but he quickly destroyed them. Zero was a serious threat, so once he was labeled a Maverick, the Hunters tracked him down
and tried to defeat him. Even though they had him cornered, most proved to be no match. Only their commander, Sigma, was able to take him on mono e mono. It was a tough battle, but
Sigma destroyed the crystal on Zero’s head, defeating him
but leaving them susceptible to the Maverick Virus. Dr. Cain nursed Zero back to health, and when he was revived, he no longer had all those evil intentions he originally had. From here, he went on to become
an elite Maverick Hunter. So elite, that he never
betrayed the world with Sigma and went on as the ultimate ally, and somewhat of a mentor to X, even as his fellow Maverick
Hunters fell to the dark. X and Zero’s adventures
continued throughout the long and numerous Maverick Wars, and the two finally defeated
Omega during the Elf Wars. But once Zero realized he was the origin of the Maverick Virus that caused so much continued destruction,
he sealed himself away. He was later revived to
save a group of reploids from Copy X’s cruel
discriminatory policies. Again it’s a whole thing,
and a great series. Dr. Cain Creations. Maverick Hunters. In 21XX Dr. Cain made
all sorts of reploids. Once they turned Maverick,
Cain decided to fight fire with fire and created more
robots as an army of soldiers. I guess since they were
based on X’s design they’re like grandchildren
of the Dr. Light tree branch. Anyway, these Maverick
Hunters were as diverse as Wily and Lights inventions, though slightly more creatively named and often based on animals. You’ve got the likes of
Chill Penguin, Flame Stag, Neon Tiger, Magna Centipede, and of course, Boomer Kuwanger. Just really wanted to say that. Although they’re perfect soldiers, their nobility waned when
they joined their commander in rebelling against humanity. Sigma. Sigma is Dr. Cain’s ultimate creation. He started out as a good guy, winning countless
battles against Mavericks and even defeating Zero. But that fight weakened him
and left him susceptible to the Maverick Virus. Eventually, the Maverick Virus
made its way into his system becoming known as the Sigma Virus. This not only made Sigma view humans as a threat to reploid advancement, but also allowed Sigma
to control most reploids. He launched a war against
humanity and successfully turned even the Maverick Hunters against us. At least X and Zero
were still on our side, and worked together to stop Sigma and his Maverick Hunters. Like, eight times. That’s what’s so dangerous about Sigma. His programming is always revived and he always returns
more sinister than ever. There’s Neo Sigma, Kaiser
Sigma, even Hell Sigma. He’s extremely adaptable,
and even worse, stubborn. Vile. We can’t mention the Maverick Hunters without mentioning Boba Fett, I mean Vile. Unlike other Maverick Hunters who needed Sigma’s
manipulations to turn evil, Vile was always rebellious. He would recklessly endanger his comrades and humanity during missions. As such, his natural disdain for humans made him perfect to become
Sigma’s right-hand robot. Still, Vile wasn’t there to follow orders. He’s just along for the
ride to wreak havoc. In fact, his ultimate
plan is to usurp Sigma, but never gets the
opportunity since X or Zero beat him in all three of
appearances throughout the series, X, X3, and X8. So that covers the three
doctors’ inventions, but there’s so much more to
the diverse Mega Man series. Seriously, Battle Network has an entirely separate cyber universe. So subscribe and let us
know what you want to see. All suggestions and
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