The Digital Anthropologists of Cabot, VT

I thought it would be kind of fun
because I always find that I’m pretty stereotypical and I thought it would be
fun to learn more about what I don’t usually think about Well… there were actually a lot of
cultural anthropologists and we sort of all just wrote our own questions and
then I sort of consolidated them and made them sound better to get the
answers that we really wanted out of people um well at that point we didn’t have
very many of the iPads yet but we used them to read the questions to our
interview– interviewees and take pictures of them while our personal
iPhones were recording the audio. We used Garageband on the computers
actually and then we used iMovie for the slides and it was a little hard to
figure out how to edit it on Garageband but after we figured it out it was
pretty easy. And we chose Thinglink because we wanted it to be interactive but not like really hard to like figure out who is who and all that I think there’s a lot of fun to hear
what other people thought about each of the regions because we have done quite a
bit of research but it wasn’t really like from the people who’d actually
lived there it was just from a tourist perspective or a text book’s
perspective it was interesting because most of the
things that we read about the South like people were trying to like say that
mostly there wasn’t really any racism left and when both of them are talking
about it sounded like that was still like a really pretty big issue and I
think I wouldn’t really want to move there anymore I think the most helpful thing that Mr.
Chapman did was to pretty much stay uninvolved but to make sure that we were
still getting things done even though he was mostly helping other groups Maybe– I know that when we started writing the questions with the interviews we all
kind of wrote them separately but then it was kind of hard to decide which ones
who want to use because people want to use their own questions and not the ones
that other people need sometime so I think just making that together when you
start would be easier. I would say to practice more, too. Yeah i think a lot
more practice would have helped and to go ahead and go longer and then edit out
more because we we we only had like ten minute interviews and it was kind of
hard because they’re there wasn’t much we could edit out and they wanted them
to be a little bit shorter so

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