The Family Tree Model – Managing Contacts and Relationships

Hi we’re gonna talk today about the family tree model very interesting very useful model and it’s simply all about mapping out our relationships business relationships personal relationships you name it two simple questions to ask if it’s Let’s say a marketing area business development area that you are looking at Instead of lengthy questionnaires just two questions. First one is From whom you got the recommendation about this product Or service and the second question would be who would you recommend this product or service? This way you identify both resources as well as the prospects the potential value but obviously these questions are not you really need to look at your contacts and Organize your contacts according to these trees these branches and see Where I have strengths and where you have weaknesses and by the way the areas where you have very low growth Just an indicator. There is a great potential in there great potential for healthy growth well unless some of those can be identified as critics or some neutral ones You have to really take into consideration that as well those people that we have those relationships They are promoters are the neutral or are they our critics and you have to then act Accordingly to try to make the positive Positive change towards that try to make neutrons positive try to make critics less critics and more neutral or maybe you have to develop some some niche product to suit the Needs of those critics so very simple model it takes probably an hour to sit down go through your contacts map out all those branches coming out and see the strongest and weak points and think Good

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