father approached… .. crazy person Crazy … Oeeh … yeah … sour surprise … O God shocked Ghost sir … Ghost sir … I was shocked Hello brother… Si Alan … Shocked, I guess what .. Hello brother / hello Hello … uh what is that … Heh .. Anjay .. I guess tree .. Hello, mas … / Hello My brother? ( What is that ) Allah is the Greatest.. Huh … sour … insolent Wow. yeah .. ok .. Snake sir … Crazy people (wong kenthir) Owalah Don’t know me / Dividio I’m happy again … Shocked Look left bicycle Look right motorcycle Left bicycle again Start … Heh surprised .. flooded There is a tree … the tree is moving That Youtuber .. Eeh shocked .. You’re surprised at seven Hahaha hahaha .. Haha I’m not surprised Is it true Yes, of course Hello Heh, what is that? Uh eh surprised huh .. Hello mom Eh, I’m surprised, you already saw it, right? Astagfirullahaladzim Listen to the sound of birdsong in this beautiful really .. Hahaha .. O Allah .. Cheating Astagfirullahaladzim Already not surprised haha Dividio … Ye … the guy won a lot O Allah O Lord Hello bro / hahaha siplah .. Woy was shocked This man’s position is high risk, so just let him pass Shocked Shocked, O Allah Cat frog … Alan … I’m not weak hearted huh What do you do, sir? why not just bitten Happy Birthday I spoke harshly


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