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– [Narrator] The Gears of War universe is full of high-stakes battles,
where the fate of humanity often rests on neckless
dudes with chainsaw guns and a giant orbital death laser. But sometimes, it’s the power of family that really ties everything together. So, let’s dive into the
various family trees that shape the events and
world of Gears of War. And please be sure to
subscribe to The Leaderboard. The Fenix Family. Adam Fenix. The Fenix Family tree starts with Adam, a former Gear who fought
in the Pendulum Wars. He married a woman named Elaine, and they had their son, Marcus. But Adam’s true legacy lies
in his work as a scientist. The Pendulum Wars went
on for literal decades, so he was tasked with creating a weapon to finally end the war. Adam uses some stolen UIR data
to create the Hammer of Dawn. That’s the giant death laser
in the sky that we all know, love, and are absolutely terrified of. Adam ends up disappearing
partway through the Locust War, and many presumed that he died. In reality, though, he ended up in Azura, a top-secret research facility. Here, he tried to figure out
what to do against the Lambent, and he pinned all the blame on Imulsion. Years of research led to the creation of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, a powerful device that would eradicate the Lambent, the Locusts, basically anything that
posed a threat to humanity. In his last moments,
Adam sacrificed himself to set off the weapon, in hopes of ensuring a
better future for his son. Marcus Fenix. Enter Marcus Fenix, the
face of Gears of War. He didn’t really inherit his
father’s scientific intellect, but he more than makes up
for that in gruff muscle. Much like his father,
Marcus joined the COG army and became a Gear. His leadership at Aspho Fields
earned him and his squadmates Embry Stars, certifying
him as a bonafide hero. Unfortunately, just a few
short years after E-Day, Marcus was also responsible for one of the COG’s worst blunders: The fall of the human capital, Ephyra. His actions earned him a
40-year sentence in the Slab, but he only served four because
the COG needed his help. Marcus ended up becoming the
de facto leader of Delta Squad, once again proving his
effective leadership skills. He kills General RAAM, a powerful
leader in the Locust army, and sets off the Lightmass Bomb, destroying a major part
of the Locusts’ home and securing a victory for humanity. Unfortunately, that didn’t
end the Locust threat. Myrrah started sinking
entire human cities at a time by using a giant Riftworm. Once again, it’s up to
Marcus and Delta Squad to save the day. Sure enough, they stop the Riftworm by killing it from the inside, literally. They slice its arteries
open with their Lancers. To stop the Locusts this time, Marcus and the COG planned
to sink the Jacinto Plateau, where most of humanity’s
major settlements are located. When they sink it, they crush and flood the
Locusts’ home underneath. Two years after Marcus sunk Jacinto, he learned that his father
was still alive in Azura. Myrrah and the Locust had
taken over the facility, so it’s up to Marcus to save his father. He tracked down Azura, but along the way, he lost his best friend Dom,
who nobly sacrificed himself. Marcus eventually reunited with his father and helped set off the
Imulsion Counter Weapon, ending the Locust and Lambent threats. Unfortunately, Marcus had
to watch his father die for real this time. When Queen Myrrah confronted Marcus, he stabbed her and
decisively ended her life, stopping the Locust for,
well, at least a little while. With the Locust seemingly taken care of, Marcus takes it easy for a while. I mean, who can blame him for
wanting a vacation, right? He ends up marrying Anya Stroud and having a small family of his own. Anya Stroud. Anya was basically Marcus’s guardian angel throughout all his adventures. For every heroic thing
that Marcus has done, Anya has had his back. From Aspho Fields to
the sinking of Jacinto, she’s provided him
situational intelligence as his communications officer. While Marcus was fighting
with his boots on the ground, Anya was his eyes and ears from afar; at least, until she decided to
get into the action herself. When the Lambent became a major threat, she stormed the frontlines
alongside Marcus, joining Delta Squad on the ground. After the Locust threat was eradicated, she stepped up to be the first minister of the newly reformed COG. She helped shape humanity’s bright future, and along the way she married Marcus. Together, they had their
first and only child: James Dominic Fenix. Unfortunately, Anya passed away due to a medical
complication during surgery. That operation would’ve
helped her have another child, but instead she left behind a legacy that lives on in her son, JD. Also, JD’s ally, Kait Diaz,
eventually dons Anya’s armor. JD Fenix. JD takes center-stage
when Gears 4 rolls around. After growing up, he joined the COG army, but he quickly became
disillusioned with the organization after being ordered to fire on protestors. He and his friend Del joined
the Outsiders in Fort Umson, a settlement that lives
beyond COG jurisdiction. Here, he met Kait and contributed to the village’s survival; at least, until it’s
ransacked by the Swarm. To get help, JD sought
out his estranged father, and together they learned that the Swarm are actually evolved forms of the Locust. Turns out, the Imulsion
Countermeasure Weapon only made them stronger. JD spearheaded an attack on the Swarm, all in an attempt to save
Kait’s mother, Reyna. His story isn’t all about heroism though. He made some poor choices down the line. For one, there was the whole
opening fire on protesters that led him to leave the
COG in the first place. Then, he made rash decisions
on the battlefield, costing Lizzie Carmine her life thanks to a premature use
of the Hammer of Dawn. In the end though, JD still
proved that he’s a loyal friend. When Kait gets cornered
by the new Swarm Queen, he jumps in to rescue her. Depending on the player’s
choice in Gears 5, JD can ultimately die at the hands of the Swarm’s broodmother. The Carmine Family. Anthony Carmine. Let’s lighten things up by
talking about the Carmine family. Okay, longtime Gears fans
know the sad misfortune behind the name, so, look, we’ll just start with
Anthony and go from there. For most of his life, he had
a crippling fear of holes, but, honestly, I don’t blame him. If I lived in a world where Locust could pop out of
the ground without warning, I would also be afraid of holes. 14 years after E-Day, Anthony joins Delta Squad
as a fairly new Gear. He was pumped to meet Marcus Fenix, the hero from Aspho Fields. It’s not every day you
meet a living legend. Unfortunately, Anthony’s
always had trouble keeping his head down
and reloading lancers. I can understand the tricky
reload system, but come on, man! Keeping your head down is
cover-based shooting 101. Early in Delta’s mission to
prepare the Lightmass Bomb, Anthony complained about how his weapon just keeps jamming. He tried to show the rest of the squad what he’s talking about, but then he gets picked
off by a Locust sniper. (gun firing) Just like that. Anyway, moving onto the next
Carmine, Benjamin Carmine. After setting off the Lightmass Bomb, Marcus found a new Carmine: Anthony’s younger brother, Benjamin. Ben was conscripted the
moment he turned 18. And right after getting
through basic training, he joined Delta Squad. Despite being a complete rookie, he ended up seeing a
lot of war in one day. But thanks to Marcus’ tough love, Ben learned the ins and
outs of being a Gear. And for a while, Ben even lasted longer than his late brother. He was able to keep his head down, but Ben still met his untimely
end during the Locust War. When Delta Squad became
trapped inside the Riftworm, he was attacked by Nemacytes. These things pinned him to the ground, their acidic spit burned
right through his body armor and quickly melted his torso. It was a pretty grotesque sight. In his dying breath, Ben
asks Marcus to tell his mom and his brothers that he loves them. Clayton Carmine. Okay, so I’m sure you’ve noticed a pattern with the Carmines by now. Thankfully, Clayton
definitely bucks the trend. He’s the oldest of the brothers, but by the time we meet him in Gears 3 he’s a fairly accomplished soldier with some experience under his belt, so he’s already in a better position. He played an integral part in
finally defeating the Locusts, as he joined Marcus and
the rest of Delta Squad in their assault against Azura. Specifically, Clay provided
air support to Delta Squad as they climbed Pinnacle Tower. Without his help, Marcus and
Adam wouldn’t have been able to kill all the Locusts. Clay’s aircraft does go down in flames, but he ultimately survives the crash, living to see another day. He returns home a hero and he gets promoted to Chief Sergeant. Future Gears, like JD and Del, train under him years down the line, and he eventually has
a niece named Lizzie. (sighing) You know how
this is gonna go from here. Lizzie Carmine. Unsurprisingly, Lizzie joined the COG army as soon as she could. Like her uncle Clay, she
had a super gung-ho attitude and her skills as a Minotaur
driver were unparalleled. She drove to Settlement
2 to help evacuate it during a Swarm attack. Unfortunately, JD’s decision
to use the Hammer of Dawn before it was ready ended up backfiring, and the death laser went berserk. Lizzie got trapped in her
Minotaur, and ultimately perished just as JD was desperately
trying to save her life. Gary Carmine. The last Carmine on the list
can be pretty easy to miss. Gary might be the only Carmine
that didn’t join the COG. Instead, he found a home in
Fort Umson with the Outsiders. He was a competent
fighter in his own right, but he died during a COG
attack on the village. I feel like the Carmines are
like the Lieutenant Dan lineage of Gears of War. The Myrrah/Diaz Family. Queen Myrrah and Dr. Torres. Pretty much everything bad
that happens after E-Day can be traced back to
one person: Queen Myrrah. She led the terrifying Locusts in a war that nearly destroyed Sera. But surprisingly enough, at one
point, she was just a human, a human who had a mutation that
made her immune to Imulsion. Scientists experimented on her, studying her genetic mutation. When they injected her stem
cells into others though, they created the very first Locusts, right there in the New
Hope Research Facility. With Myrrah at the center, she led the Locusts
through their Hivemind. Meanwhile, she fell in
love with a scientist named Dr. Torres, and the
two had a baby girl, Reyna. The scientists also experimented on Reyna, but Torres felt troubled
by all these developments. So, he grabbed Reyna and
escaped the facility with her. The scientists told Myrrah
about Torres’ escape, but they also mention that
Reyna was killed in the process. So, Myrrah went absolutely berserk, and used her Locust to slaughter all the scientists in the facility. With her new deep-seated
hatred for humanity, she took her Locust and
found a new home underground called the Hollow. Of course, that home
didn’t stay safe for long. All of the Imulsion started mutating the Locusts into Lambent. So, Myrrah approached
Adam Fenix seeking a cure. Unfortunately, he was unable to produce any meaningful results, and Myrrah couldn’t wait for much longer. When she reached her breaking point, she sent her forces to the surface, starting a bloody, brutal war between the humans and the Locusts. 17 years later, Myrrah lost her life at the hands of Marcus Fenix, and yet her consciousness remained dormant within the Locust hivemind. Reyna and Gabriel. By the time the Locust
threat was eliminated, Reyna had grown into a young woman. She married Gabriel Diaz,
a former COG soldier who performed well
during the Pendulum Wars. He also spearheaded an
offensive against Ukkon, a Locust scientist, but
we’ll learn more about that in the upcoming Gears Tactics. Nonetheless, after
leaving military service, he settled down with his new wife and they formed Fort Umson. Together, they had a
baby daughter named Kait. Unfortunately, Gabe died due
to unknown circumstances, leaving Reyna to lead the village
and raise Kait on her own. Then, 42 years after E-Day,
the Swarm attacks the village. They ended up kidnapping everyone, but Reyna was their main goal. They knew about her connection
to the Locust Queen, and, with Myrrah gone, who
better to take her place? Eventually, Reyna ended up becoming connected to the Hivemind. Myrrah’s consciousness
took over Reyna’s body, turning her into a walking or slithering Lovecraftian nightmare. This Reyna-Myrrah hybrid serves
as the queen of the Swarm, and she ends up snapping JD or Del’s neck, depending on what choice Kait makes. With a new army and a new
body, Myrrah’s wrath lives on, forcing humanity into
another war for survival. Oscar Diaz. Kait’s Uncle Oscar served in
the Pendulum and Locust Wars with his brother, Gabe Diaz. After the Locust War,
Oscar also left the COG, joining his brother and
sister-in-law as an Outsider. He always knew his way around a gun and would often train
other villagers in combat, including Gary Carmine,
for all that was worth. On the night of the Swarm attack, Oscar was one of the many people
kidnapped by the monsters. However, he broke free from
the Snatcher’s clutches. He drifted along until he
found the Riftworm Village. There, he lived out the rest of his days protecting people against the Swarm. Unfortunately, he met his untimely death at the hands of his own niece, Kait, whose uncontrollable link to the Swarm forced her to kill Oscar. Kait Diaz. And that brings us to Kait, the granddaughter of Queen Myrrah. She was born and raised
far from the new COG, learning to fight and hunt
thanks to Reyna and Oscar. After her mother was kidnapped, she embarked on a rescue mission
with JD, Del, and Marcus. But by the time they find Reyna, she’s already been partially assimilated into the Swarm Hivemind. With her last bit of strength, Reyna asks Kait to sever
the connection and kill her. Reluctantly, Kait accepts
her mother’s last wish and takes the medallion of
the Locust Horde symbol. This isn’t the last time Kait
hears from the Swarm though. After getting the medallion, she begins getting visions of the horde. Once she reaches the Riftworm Village, her connection to the Swarm
becomes uncontrollable. She didn’t realize she
was in control of a Warden that kills her uncle Oscar
right before her eyes. Kait was grieving and
desperate to find answers, so she heads to New Hope and learns about her lineage
and connection to Myrrah. Disgusted, she severs all
links to the Hivemind, which simultaneously frees Myrrah and allows her to take over Reyna’s body. After the Swarm Queen kills JD or Del, Kait realizes what she needs to do: take the fight to the Swarm. And that takes us all
the way through Gears 5! When you really think about
it, the entire Gears saga can be boiled down to
one decades-long feud between the Fenix family
and Myrrah’s lineage. If you want more family trees, you can let us know by subscribing. I’ve been Dan with The Leaderboard. We’re one million players and counting. Thanks for watching!

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