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[Music] alright let’s get into the Gospel of Matthew as we start our journey through the entire New Testament chronologically if you’ve got your Bible open it to Matthew chapter one and of course Matthew most scholars believe that his target audience was what were Jews believing and unbelieving Jews of course and so more so than anybody else Matthew is the guy who quotes from the Old Testament to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Jesus is indeed the Messiah of the Jews and as we start reading in Matthew today I hope you realize we’re cutting in to what could be considered the middle of the story you know you if you’re a believer in Jesus and you’ve got a Bible notice that your Bible is not just the New Testament it’s the what we call the old and the New Testament in fact that’s a differentiation that Paul and Peter and James and John would have not even recognized when they went out and preached to the Jews of course they always appeal to the Old Testament Scriptures and everything in the Old Testament anticipates what we’re about to read the most astounding story in the history of all human history and that is the the life of Jesus Christ it’s so important that it’s been recorded for us get this four times by four different people and I think that says something about what God feels is the most important I don’t want to be controversial here god forbid that I need controversial but I’m afraid that much of the church has pushed aside the Gospels though the life of Christ as if it were irrelevant I’ve even heard people teach that Jesus is Sermon on the Mount for example is irrelevant because he was ministering to Jews under the Old Covenant well Jesus finished out this gospel that we’re about to read by telling his followers go into all the world preach the gospel go and make disciples teach them to obey all that I’ve commanded you right right so everything that Jesus commanded his disciples Jesus consider that relevant for all the subsequent generations of disciples so the Gospel of Matthew and Mark and Luca John is very relevant to us and there were no epistles for the early church to read I mean it’s gonna be Acts chapter 11 before we even jump into the first epistle that was written that was James and so many times we think oh the epistles is where it’s really apt this is written to the churches and so on and so forth it’s not you know it’s much more relevant to me than the Gospels are know the one of the writers of the New Testament Pistols Paul said let the word of Christ richly dwell within you all right so the early church was focused on making disciples teaching them to obey all that Christ commanded okay Matthew starts his gospel with this genealogy of Christ if you’re English if you’re American rather you’ll say genealogy I understand if you’re British will say geniality so we just want to make everybody happy here on our broadcast no matter which continent you live on and here’s the record of the genealogy Matthew says in Matthew 1:1 of Jesus the Messiah The Anointed One okay so right from the start he’s very bold to tell his Jewish audience this is the one folks I’m telling you his story and to kind of add fuel to the fire there and to undergird that he says the son of David the son of Abraham why did he mention those two well-known folks well because Abraham was promised of course that the Messiah would come through him and through his descendants you may recall early on there when God first started dealing with Abraham before he even named him Abram he was already making promises to him and that in you in you he didn’t say at first in your seed he said in you all the nations of the earth will be blessed well that is a clear reference to the Messiah who had come through Abraham and later on in in Genesis chapter 22 God said after Abraham was willing to offer up his only son Isaac on an altar on the very mountain where Christ would ultimately be crucified where the son of God would give his life God says to him because you have done this thing and have not withheld your only son from me I’m gonna greatly multiply your seed and I’m reading here now from Genesis 22 and verse 18 in your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed because you have obeyed my voice all right so we way back in Genesis 22 were already anticipating the grand scheme of God to bring the Messiah and what was the purpose to bring blessing to all the nations of the earth Peter preached a sermon indeed it gives a little more specifics in the book of Acts about how that blessing would come he said to turn every one of you from your wicked ways okay and Jesus came right from the start of course preaching repentance calling people to turn away from their sins that’s where the blessing starts because people are rebels against God they’re sinners you know they’re going their own way all we like sheep have gone astray but Jesus bore our sin and his body on the cross and it’s only through him that salvation is made possible to everyone on planet Earth praise God in fact we’ll talk about this I’m sure eventually that’s the only way salvation has ever been offered whether people realized it or not before the time of Jesus salvation was made possible by the work of Christ so Jesus was clearly the son of Abraham course son we would not literal son as we would think first generation but simply a descendent and then he’s also a son of David course David was also promised that one of his descendants would sit on the throne of David and he would reign and rule forever and ever and so the Messiah had to be in the lineage of Abraham Isaac Jacob and everyone all the way through of course to get up to David and and that’s why no doubt those are the two are emphasized now the the genealogy here that ensues taking us all the way through verse number seven is a pretty accurate record of Jesus genealogy through his his stepfather Joseph both Mary and Joseph can trace their lineage back to David and when we get to Luke’s Gospel we’ll see the other side of Jesus’s family through his true mother Mary as it were but you’ll see a lot of familiar names as you read through this and for us to do that of course it’s like we looked at every single person we patently studied the entire Old Testament okay all right very good this has been good a good start okay see you next time [Music]


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