The NovaSeq System: Shaping the Future of Genomics

We built NovaSeq to be the most powerful sequencer
ever created, to match the bold ambitions of our customers for the next decade of genomics. We architected the NovaSeq from a clean sheet
of paper. Illumina has a longstanding reputation for
launching disruptive platforms, but the feeling in the organization was that this one was
different. There was excitement around this launch, palpable
excitement. Our commitment to innovation and meeting the
needs of our customers has kept us focused on delivering new and improved capabilities
following the initial release. Customers wanted to be able to address individual
lanes. They wanted to be able to do lower output
applications or faster turnaround, and so we invested in the S Prime flow cell. They asked for longer read cycle kits, and
we did a 500-cycle kit. If you consider the customer, throughput,
the scale is like nothing that’s ever been seen before. The optics, the mechanics, the software, the
hardware have taken the infrastructure within an instrument to the next level. We have been truly amazed the scale at which
we are now manufacturing the instruments, the consumables, and all of the pieces that
go together is at a scale that we hoped we would get to, but we realized that scale much,
much more quickly than we had ever imagined. The infrastructure that we’ve needed to
build within our factories to keep out in front of that demand has really brought us
to cutting edge operations. Our enzymes are truly at industrial scale
now in a new facility. Huge investment in our automated fill lines
for our NovaSeq cartridges and overall the infrastructure that we’ve built really does
speak to world class type of investment and type of infrastructure. NovaSeq’s gonna have a very important place
in the genomics market for many years to come. This is the instrument that makes genomes
accessible more broadly. It democratizes access to high throughput
sequencing and allows genomes to be the hand of almost any lab. I’m really proud of the team, the efforts,
the collaboration, and the perseverance to get us over the finish line. This one was going to really revolutionize
genomics in the coming years.

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