The Remnant Pt 3 Recap – The Family Tree

What is the root? It represents the patriarchs:
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… Guys like that. What are the natural branches that Paul refers to?
Those refer to the Jews. What are the wild olive shoots?
They are Gentiles, non-Jews And then the olive tree as a whole
represents the people of God that’s a very important symbol So Paul here figuratively describes Israel’s
rejection when they came when Jesus came and so Paul says those branches that rejected him
were broken off, those natural branches and then he follows it with a fascinating extension
of that agricultural metaphor he talks about wild olive branches. Gentiles being grafted into the cultivated olive tree Gentiles who put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior are now part of the tree the people of God.
But how did that happen? It all took place by faith.
Just like Abraham in Genesis 15:6 which I cited before Abraham believed in other words
he placed his faith and he exercised faith in the Lord and God credited it to
him as righteousness and in other words based on that faith God justified him
declared him to be not guilty in fact imputed to him looked at him as being righteous
even though in many of his actions he was not. Consider therefore the kindness and sternness of God sternness to those who fell but kindness
to you provided that you continue in his kindness otherwise you also will be cut off.
Well now that raises a rather serious question: You’ve trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior. You’ve become one of the people of God by faith. So are you secure in that standing? Well Paul has multiple times in
Romans and other places presented and defended the teaching that all believers
everyone who puts their faith in Christ everyone is infallibly and
irrevocably saved and eternally secure. We discover that God will
keep believers by his power. You’ve put your trust in Jesus you are held by him,
you are kept by him, in the palm of his hand. We can be stupid at times and God
says I will guard them against their own stupidity. A true believer will not stop
placing his faith in Christ we we may do all kinds of things that screw up and mess up and there may be loss of reward
but you will never lose your salvation. So the answer to the question “are you really secure in your faith?” is you are secure in Christ.
However the proof, not the basis, but the proof of God’s grace in your life
is your perseverance in the faith.

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