The Try Guys Contact Deceased Family Members Featuring The Hollywood Medium

– Um, I don’t know really what to say. I don’t often think
about that sort of stuff, ’cause I don’t believe in it. (dramatic sound) – Today, the Try Guys are teaming up with the Hollywood medium, Tyler Henry. – [All] Hi Tyler! – He’s not even just a regular medium, like, celebrities go to him. Which means, I guess, he’s better? – Do you know our names? – Ooh, okay, oh, this might be a hard one. (laughing)
Oh no! – There’s been hundreds
and hundreds of years of people claiming they
can talk to the dead, there is no one actual
physical piece of proof. – So when I go to my readings,
I never know who I’m reading, or where I’m going, and
I really appreciate that, because it makes sure that there’s no bias going into a reading, and allows for specific details to come through. – The Try Guys are talking to dead people! No, not what we’re doing. (brash jazzy music) – My job is to do the
majority of the talking. Don’t try to give me a
whole bunch of stories, or additional information. I’ll just kinda scribble,
so just kinda helps me tune out and kinda ignore the fact that there’s a bunch of cameras rolling. – Yeah, we got a lot of ’em. Do you guys know what
confirmation bias is? Like, if I go in thinking this guy can talk to dead people, the one thing that is
like a little bit close, I’ll be like, yes! Yes, Tyler! Oh my God, you’re psychic! – What do you see?
– Can you give a Social Security number? (Tyler laughs)
– Yep, phone number, lottery numbers, those would be great. I, as a medium, sit across from a person. If I sit around long enough,
I’ll start getting sensations, visuals, sometimes an audible voice, sometimes a smell, sometimes a taste, but I have to put all of these impressions into coherent messages. – I mean, I wanna believe in it! I like Harry Potter as
much as the next guy! – Oftentimes, if you’ve seen the show, you know that I work with an object. An object can help make
a more direct connection to a loved one, but anybody can
come through from an object. So do you guys have any
for me to hold onto today? – Yeah, we each have, well,
we have a couple objects. I don’t know, how many
objects is too many objects? – No such thing! We can have as many as we like! So I feel like I’ll start
with this, if you don’t mind, and we’ll sure see what comes in. So let me see, I’m just
gonna take sec to paint it. (soft lullaby music) – ‘Kay, I’m gonna try and
feel some presences right now. (chuckling) Yeah, I’m just tickling ghost balls. – So when I’m doing a reading,
as you’ll see, I scribble, and the reason that
this happens for me is, it’s a way of kind of quieting my mind, and almost distracting
myself from my environment. And sure enough, it just
seems to kinda be my way of distracting myself
enough to unlock, I think, a part of my brain that
might be more subconscious, but that’s basically how it works. – My sister insisted that
while we had you here, I also give you this cat toy. – That’s so sweet. Okay, I’ll loan the cat toy,
we’ll see what comes next. – We’ll see what happens.
– We’ll see what happens, we’ll see what transpires. – Do they–?
– They do. They’re not like, “Meow,
meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, “meow, meow,” no, it
definitely isn’t that way, but they can come through as an energy, I believe anything with sentience does continue on in some capacity. The bonds we make in life
continue on to some extent. – This is the most exciting.
– Yeah. – I don’t know, I just keep seeing, you know Salem from
Sabrina the Teenage Witch? That black cat, with the eyes? They keep showing me this symbolically, I’m seeing a black cat,
what is the business? – Yes.
– Yes? That’s literally all I’m seeing. – Yeah, that makes sense.
(laughter) – He doesn’t have a lot to say, I guess? I’m not sure, but.
– Makes sense, that even in afterlife, cats are not gonna give you what you want. That is totally fulfilling for me. – Awesome, oh, I love it.
– Thank you. – How tough is dating?
– Yes, yes! Oh my God, no–
– The emotional baggage starts early.
– I went on a date, and we were sitting
across, eating our ramen, and as we were sitting
there, I was like, look, I can’t continue this date until I tell you what’s coming through, and he knew I was a medium, and I said, your grandmother’s coming through, and she relayed all these messages. Bursts into tears, super overwhelmed, and I was like, great, now
we can finish our ramen, and we can continue our date! They’re having me bring
up this feeling of like, filtration system, liver,
kidney, pancreas, that area, and I feel like I’m a little
concerned there about this. Do you know of anyone dealing
with any filtration issues? – I do drink heavily. (Tyler laughs) Even though I’m probably
the least skeptical out of the four of us about mediums, I actually am only one who has not known anyone who’s passed personally. – A little over a year
ago, I lost my grandmother, Evelyn is her name, was her name. – My fiancee, Becky, her grandfather passed away about six months ago. – I would really wanna
talk to my grandfather. We called him Nanu, he died
when I was in middle school. – About eight years before
my grandmother passed, she had an accident that was unfortunately the beginning of a slow end. – He was always incredibly nice to me. He was not like super great
at being mobile, right, he was old. We planned our wedding to be in a location that was within 15 minutes of
where her grandparents lived because he can only travel so far. It was incredibly important
to Becky, and myself, that he be there for the wedding, and unfortunately, that’s not the case. – When I would go to visit her, it felt like it gave her anxiety, but I think if I’m being honest, I think it was hard for me to be there, and so I didn’t really get to
say goodbye to her, not ever. It’s something that I feel guilty about. – A lot of my outlook on
life was shaped by him. He’s a very kind, caring person, had a very pragmatic approach to life, and he always told me
that you can do anything you put your mind to, as
long as you work hard. I was really moved by his passing, and I would love to talk to him again. – They’re having me talk about a baby, okay, hold on, sorry (nervous giggle). In your case, did you know
of anyone within the family, I think brother, brothers. There’s basically a situation where there’s gonna be a
baby that’s gonna be born, I don’t know if this has already happened. You’re gonna end up having a niece, or there’s gonna end up being
a connection with a niece, and around this niece, there’s going to be some issues academically, or around, the way I verbalize, the way
I talk, the way I process. It’s not a bad thing,
she grows out of this. I don’t know when that’s gonna make sense, or how that’s gonna fall into place, but it would be brother and
this daughter dealing with some, just, developmental
stuff, but they outgrow it, it seems fine, it’s just
good to keep in mind. – Yeah, that’s all, that’s how it is. – Really?
– Who? – My niece, Alex, is
maybe a little bit behind, but we’re not super concerned about it, but I know that it’s something that any parent, couple is
going to be focused on, because you want the
best for your kids, so. – And oftentimes, details like that will come through in
readings, because it’s not just your reading, it’s a
reading for the whole family, so there’s a feeling of letting him know that, “She’s gonna be okay,
I’m watching over her,” and there’s a very
special connection there. And I’m having talk
about sister, or female. – I have two sisters. – Okay, they’re putting
children around one and not children around the
other, but how does that work? – No children on either side. – Is one thinking of getting pregnant, is one more the one to get pregnant? – Let me tell you how
wrong he is about that. You think I don’t like babies. I texted my sisters right
after the reading and said, hey, so I had this really amazing reading, Tyler Henry’s really awesome, he basically said that one of you is going to probably have babies. “Hm, weird, since (beep) kids.” This is how much my sisters hate babies. Sorry, Yang dynasty! – They’re having me talk
about, I think, wife? They’re having me talk about career, they’re having me talk about, they’re having me talk about an aesthetic. They’re referring to her and her sister. I don’t know if sister and
she will work together, or work beside one another. I don’t know what this is! (chuckles) They’re having me acknowledge
entrepreneurial around this, and then, I feel like your wife might have some
entrepreneurial opportunities, but I’m seeing sister, her, career, and bunching it together,
and then I’m separating it, and then I’m seeing her
doing like her own thing, and it’s like, it keeps coming in, so, might sound absolutely nuts. What does your wife do and
what does her sister do? – My wife and her sister
own a business together. – Okay.
– And actually, her sister’s going off to grad school, and just sort of, they’re
totally changing it up. – Awesome, well, I want you to know, that’s great, and that
looks like a good thing the way this is coming, ’cause
I’m seeing them parting ways, but I’m seeing working together, and then I feel like we
see going on, individually, and I feel like she needs to know that she’s making the right choice. (exhales slowly) – My parents sent the dress
that she wore to their wedding. – Okay, so I have to feel
like I have to highlight this woman that I have to bring up, and she’s having me
highlight E, E, E, E, E, over and over and over again. Just give me the yes or the no. Do you have a female with an E name in your family who’s passed away? – Yes.
– Okay. Would this be on the grandparent level? She’s having me acknowledge
dealing with some difficulty breathing, and this is
kinda coming in as like, “I was dealing with some lung problems,” and there may have been kind of a, I don’t wanna say traumatizing situation, but a situation that seems
kind of hard to watch, where I feel like I’m kinda struggling, and I’m very clearly unhappy with the fact that I’m being kept alive
with this oxygen thing, or with the breathing
thing, and she’s just like, “Let me go, let me go.” – She was connected to a respirator, she had tubes going up her
nose that helped her breathe. Whenever I would visit her,
the first thing she would do is she would try and take
out the breathing tube, and she would try and
get up from the chair. – It’s like when she was
having time with you, she wanted to just have time with you, and didn’t want this, this thing, it just seems almost like, “I’m
sorry you had to see this.” – I’m sorry she felt that way.
– It’s a common thing, and in that way, I think it’s important, the fact that you know that
there should be no guilt for the fact that maybe you didn’t visit as much as you could’ve,
because she didn’t want you to have to see her in that way, and she wants you to know that. – That’s good to hear. For what it’s worth, I don’t
know if she’s here now, my fondest memories of
her are from my childhood. – Absolutely, and that’s important, the people who live these lives don’t want their entire lives
defined by how they die, and I think if anything,
this work kinda shows that, that people bring up the
best parts of their lives, and the people they care about,
and the people they love, not always just focusing on their death. Okay, so let me see here,
they’ve got that, that, that, there, there. They’re having me talk about
your dad, and they’re having, he’s still living, correct?
– Yes. – They’re having me talk about him, just good to keep in mind,
he has a susceptibility to sleep apnea, (chuckles)
so just tell him. – Okay. That’s sort of the thing, right? You have to be more open to believing it to be able to talk to
someone in another place. – They’re having me talk about elderly, so is your grandmother passed away? – Yes, my grandmother’s passed away. – The thing is with this,
men typically die first, is there a case where the
woman actually transitions, and then she leaves a man
behind who’s still living? Okay. So father has a sister.
– Right. – The way this is coming
in, is they’re putting sister and grandpa together. She also has another man,
they’re having me talk about Ja, mm, I think I’m getting
at Jason, Jer, Jer, Jer, check and see if there’s like a Jer. They’re having me talk about, like, looking at the heart,
getting heart checked. People get older, it happens, but there’s a feeling of
either a switch in medication, taking one medication, and
then either pausing this, maybe looking at something else. I assume your grandmother
is connecting to him, and he’s still alive, so that’s awesome! – My aunt is with a man named Gary, and he recently changed his medication, and they’ve been monitoring his heart. I don’t really know Gary that well, I don’t know anything about his health, I don’t know anything
about his medications, so when I asked my aunt
about this, she says, “Yeah, we did all of that, that is all “incredibly pertinent to right now.” It’s just crazy! How do you get this information? – Do you have a grandfather that’s passed on your mom’s side of family? – Yes.
– Okay, and did he pass away of
cancer or did he have cancer? – Yeah.
– Okay. He is having me acknowledge
a reference to a feeling of, I’m seeing ornaments, and for some reason, your grandfather’s having me highlight Christmastime,
Christmastime, Christmastime, the way this is coming through. The thing is, is there
would’ve been an instance in which I feel like
we’re in the hospital, there’s a feeling with
this of being insistent of coming home, or insistent of, “I know there’s nothing
that can be done for me, “so I need to be in my familiar space.” I keep seeing celebrating Christmas, celebrating Christmas,
celebrating Christmas, so if someone is sick in a room,
and they still decorate it, or they still get a Christmas tree, or they put a string of lights, there’s a feeling of appreciation
around this for like, “Thank you for doing this,”
because the feeling is, “Though I’m sick, there’s a
feeling of still being festive,” and that’s the way that
I would describe it. When did he pass away? – 2001.
– Do you know what month? – I think it was in January? – Okay, so he would’ve just
gotten through the holidays, then, basically, before passing away. – I’m very excited to
see if he can even reach anyone that I’m related to,
because everyone who has passed, like my grandparents, all
died in Korea during the war. Do my ancestors speak to him in Korean and he’s just like, at like
a Korean restaurant going, “I don’t know what they’re saying, “but I think they want
you to order the soup.” – I rely on visuals, so
visuals are universal. If I say heart, whether someone
spoke Chinese or English, it means the same thing to me. This is good to keep in mind for you, this is gonna sound weird. You have some situations within family, and this is gonna sound so weird, ’cause I know we didn’t really discuss that there were any deceased people, but there are an uncanny
amount of, like, (beep). – What Tyler said about my mom has been a family secret for generations. I had just personally
learned about it on-camera while we filmed the Try
Guys Fatherhood series. Why did you wait so long? – ‘Cause (beep). – Oh!
– Yeah. I did not know that.
– Mm-hmm. – Am I supposed to be finding
all this out on-camera? Okay, yeah. All I can say on-camera
is, I totally validate everything you just said, and again, it’s one of those things that
I probably can’t discuss, but everything is like,
all that is happening, it’s all spot on. Much of what he said about
my mother, in particular, were pretty true. We barely even talk about it on the phone, let alone in videos, and if you’ve seen the Try Guys Fatherhood series, you know that my family’s
not very open about stuff. – Connected to any of these objects, I wanna give you guys the opportunity. If there’s any questions
that your family might have for any of the people
that we’ve connected with, I can’t always say I can’t get an answer, but sometimes it can help bring forward a piece of information. Are there anything that you can think of? – So, these clothes actually belong to who would’ve been my grandfather-in-law before he passed away. He was incredibly close
with my fiancee, so, it was just really hard to lose him before we could get married. – Absolutely. – I know it’s very important to her. – Yeah, absolutely, I’m
so sorry to hear that. Let me see if I can connect at all, and we’ll go from there. One sec. Fiancee, fiancee. I always say, I can’t dial direct, I can’t make a person come through, I can’t will a person to come through, but there are instances in which people will kinda come through repeatedly. Do you know of the two
brothers in his family at all? – Brothers, I don’t know. – [Tyler] Do you know if he
had any siblings, for example? – I think he did.
– Okay. Connected on that side, and it’s kinda like reading a person through a person, but I’ll try my best with this, they’re having me talk about, connected to him, they’re
bringing me to family line, and then they’re actually
having me talk about an individual, and they’re
bringing me to pulmonary, and I feel like I have
to go to chest with this, the way this is coming in. I’m kinda going to like, what looks like pulmonary and fluid,
but check up on that, because there’s a
reference to two brothers, as coming in, and I think it
would be connected to that, and the way that it’s coming through. That’s so weird, there’s also a situation where someone shouldn’t have died, and should’ve been able
to get this treatment, and the feeling is like,
“We’re gonna be fine,” and then this just kinda
comes out of nowhere, and then we pass away. What is this? – I know that, just for
him, that he had cancer, and it was gone, and then
it came back, sorta thing, it came back very fast, and sort of ended things a lot faster
than they thought, but. – So was his original cancer something that was kind of, like, more long-term, and then this second cancer
came in, and how long, how quickly did it pass? Did the second–
– When it came back through, I think it was a matter of months, when they would reappeared
and then it went away, and I know it started,
it was in his chest, and then started to spread. – I’m so sorry. – I couldn’t actually confirm
a lot of what Tyler was saying about Becky’s grandpa and his family, just because I didn’t get to know him as well as I wish I could have. At least something came through, which is amazing to me, because, he’s also with me too, which is crazy, so. It’s just, like, super overwhelming. – Sister? Sister, sister, sister. They’re having me talk about sister, I feel like I have to
talk about her career. And then I feel like there’s
a feeling of reassurance in the way this is coming across, but we have to talk about
sister, sister, sister, sister, sister, sister, sister keeps coming, so do you have a sister? – I do.
– Okay, do you only have one sister? – Yeah.
– That helps. (giggles) They’re having me highlight
sister, sister, career, and there’s a feeling of, like, still trying to figure it out, I know that’s odd, I don’t
know why this is coming in, but I feel like there’s
gonna be things, like, they’re showing me things
falling into place, they’re putting this around her, but it’s almost a feeling of like, if someone’s gonna take a little longer to get to a point within career
where they feel, “I’m good,” or, “This is where I wanna be,” the feeling is like, keep with it, but they’re having me acknowledge her, and just kinda watching over
her in a way that’s almost, like they’re not worried about you, and I don’t wanna say
they’re worried about her, but they’re kinda like,
“(groans) Okay, we need to kinda, “just like, keep her
in mind and help her,” and they’re having me talk
about emotional states, and just wanting to make
sure that that’s all good. Do you know why they’d be
emphasizing that so much? – Last night, I had a very
emotional conversation with my sister where she was, she’s staying with me right
now, sleeping on my couch, because she’s kind of in
between these two places, Hawaii, where she lives, and LA, where she comes a lot for work. – I need you to know
from their perspective, the way this comes through, is, they’re not worried about you, they’re knowing what she’s going through, and she’s gonna be okay,
and if there’s any message you can really take with you today, like, let her know, she’s gonna
be okay, they’re with her. They’re not worried about you, if anything, they’re excited about you, about all of what you have coming. – It’s like we were just talking about how she was struggling,
and the thought that all of my relatives were watching over her was such a nice feeling! It’s just so nice to think about your, those special people in
your life that have died are still with you. It’s just, it’s just nice to know that people watch you, and they care. (sobs) – Like, how do you pinpoint these things? How do you get this information? For me, it was so weird
that these consciousnesses are tapped into all of our lives. – There’s absolutely no
doubting that Tyler has a gift, and that gift helps people. What his gift is, you
can debate on your own. I’m here telling you that
I believe in this guy, I believe, fuck, I believe, that is crazy! I don’t even know if I believe in God! But I believe in Tyler Henry. What a crazy fucking thing! – It was maybe the most
confusing and surreal thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve met Lance Bass. – If what he’s doing isn’t hurting anyone, then like, who the fuck cares? Same thing with religion, same
thing with spiritual belief, everyone’s just trying to find an answer, and maybe it comes in the
form of having a special gift, and helping people out 101. – Mediums can be a very controversial idea for a lot of people, and I think having a first-hand experience can be essential to really understand it, but I hope that if anybody
gets anything out of this, whether they’re watching
the show, Hollywood Medium, or watching readings like
this, that people see, celebrity or not, that there’s
very special connections that can be made,
validations that show that we’re all connected to each
other, and that’s important. – Whether they’re alive,
or they’ve passed away, just surround yourself with loving people, and hold them close. – My ancestors don’t look
like the ones in Mulan do. (Tyler laughs) – Definitely not.
– Damn! I wanted him to just turn and be like, “Great stone dragon, have you awakened?” Man, I would’ve fucking came in my pants if he had said that. “I’m the great stone dragon!” I would make a great medium. (laughs)


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