The Weasley Family Origins Explained (+Fred’s Death)

“red hair and a hand-me down robe. You must be a Weasley.” The Weasley family is a pure blood family known for being blood traitors by other pure blood families. “We have a very different idea about what disgraces the name of wizard Malfoy.” The Wealseys all have bright red hair and are known for being poor. In this video I’m going to talk about the origins of the main Weasley family, that was featured in the Harry Potter series. Sticking to just the parents and the seven children. (♪) So let’s start with the parents of the seven children, Arthur Weasley was one of three boys to the parents Septimus and Cedrella Weasley Cedrella was actually from the house of Black, another well-known pureblood family. Molly Prewett was one of three and was the only girl. Her brothers’ names were Fabian and Gideon. Both Molly and Arthur attended Hogwarts in the early 60s and both were sorted into Gryffindor. Which is how the two met. The two hit it off at Hogwarts and one night they decided to go for a nighttime stroll across the grounds at 4 in the morning and they got caught by the school caretaker at the time Apollyon Pringle. The two graduated from Hogwarts in the late 1960s and got married soon after that. Their marriage was rather rushed due to Voldemort’s reign. Although they were heavily involved in the Order of the Phoenix during the Second Wizarding War they were not involved in the Order for the First Wizarding war. They instead went on to start their family. Their first son was born in 1970 and they named him William but he would go by Bill for short. Two years later their second son Charlie was born in 1972, their third child Percy was born four years later in 1976, then they had twins in 1978 named Fred and George. In 1980 they had Ron and finally in 1981 they had their daughter Ginny. While Molly was starting her family her two brothers Fabian and Gideon joined the order and fought against Voldemort and his Death Eaters, both were killed when five Death Eaters attacked them. Alastor Moody one of the most respected aurors said that they both fought like heroes. The five Death Eaters would all be locked up in Azkaban for the Prewett brothers death. Molly rarely talked about the death of her brothers which could possibly be because she was distraught and didn’t want to relive the pain. However everything that she mentions is all positive. Molly would give Harry Fabian’s watch when he turned seventeen making him of age in the Wizarding World in 1981 when Voldemort was defeated at the hands of one year old Harry Potter the first Wizarding war ended. People didn’t have to live in fear any longer and the Weasleys were able to raise their kids in a peaceful atmosphere now that no one was threatening the Wizarding World. Around the time of Voldemort’s downfall Percy came into possession of a rat who he named Scabbers, all the Weasleys grew up in a house called the Burrow It was described as this ‘it looked as though it had once been a large stone pigpen but extra rooms had been added here and there and so it was several stories high and so crooked it looked as though it was being held up by magic’. Molly self-educated her kids in reading, writing, and simple math before they went to Hogwarts. They were very poor and struggled to get by. “This lot won’t come cheap Mom, the spell books alone are very expensive. We’ll manage.” Arthur was employed by the Ministry of Magic and was part of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office. Arthur was very fascinated with muggles and their technology, he bought a muggle car and he bewitched it to make it fly. Actually doing the exact thing that his division at the ministry tries to stop wizards from doing, which is using magic on muggle items however he wrote the law and purposely put a loophole in there so he could get away with having it. Fred and George were always a handful for Arthur and Molly it wouldn’t be uncommon to hear explosions coming from their room they frequently teased their brothers Percy and Ron. When Fred was five Ron broke his broomstick so he turned Ron’s teddy bear into a giant spider, which is actually what sparked Ron’s fear of spiders, ‘Why spiders?’ The twins also gave a seven-year-old Ron an acid pop which burnt a hole through his tongue. They were also almost successful at making Ron make an unbreakable vow and Arthur was furious one Christmas Fred and George set off a dung bomb under the chair Of their great-aunt Muriel which made her cut them out of her will and she never came back to the Burrow again all of the Boys followed and played Quidditch Ginny the youngest and the only girl wasn’t allowed to play with them when she was younger Starting at the age of six however she would break into the family broom shed and would take out each of their brooms and will Try to fly each one of them around eventually the kids began to get old enough to go to school Unfortunately due to their lack of money They had to buy everything secondhand and take on hand-me-downs. Bill being the oldest was the first to go off the Hogwarts in 1982 the year after his sister Ginny was born he was sorted in the Gryffindor just like both of his parents He did very well in school and was appointed a prefect in his fifth year and was made head boy in his seventh after he Arrived his brother Charlie came to Hogwarts and he too was sorted in the Gryffindor another girl in Charlie’s year was a Hufflepuff girl named Nymphadora Tonks who Charlie would become friends with Charlie liked working outdoors and would choose to continue studying care of magical creatures in his third year This would later play a big part in his career path Charlie joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team during his years at Hogwarts and played seeker a position He was very good at later in his hogwarts years He was appointed the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and just like Bill his older brother He would become a prefect in his fifth year Eventually was Percy’s turn to come to Hogwarts just like everyone else in his family was sorted in the Gryffindor Percy brought his pet rat Scabbers to school with him he was very gifted in school and got very good grades when Fred and George came to Hogwarts for the first year Bill had just Graduated, and he went on to work at the Wizarding bank Gringotts as a curse breaker in Egypt Just like the rest of the Weasley family Fred and George were sorted into Gryffindor and just like at home They were troublemakers at school as well. They played all kinds of pranks at school They even set up a joke shop in the bathroom That wasn’t being used They were very popular and were known for their sense of humor they quickly became friends with Lee Jordan another Gryffindor in their year during their first year they stole the marauders map from Filch’s office a map that shows you the entire school grounds and where anyone was at Any given second “Where’d you get it?” “Nicked it from Filches office of course, first year.” in their second year they joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team and were beaters along with the brother Charlie who was still seeker and also captain of the team that year the two were very good at being beaters even on the old terrible brooms that they had due to their family not being able to afford anything better Charlie graduated from Hogwarts And he went off to Romania to study dragons many people thought that if he wanted to he could have played Quidditch Professionally and that he was even good enough to make the English national team But he decided to stick with his love of outdoors and magical creatures in 1991 when Percy was entering his fifth year He was made prefect and his reward for this is that his parents bought him new robes and a new screech ow he would name Hermes he would pass his rat Scabbers down to Ron which was Ron’s pet when he was going into his first year on platform 9 3 quarters they met Harry although They didn’t know it was him at the time and Molly showed Harry how to get to the Hogwarts Express On the train Ron sat with Harry and realized He was the famous boy who lived on the train they also met Hermione Granger a bossy But brilliant muggle-born girl and all three were sorted into Gryffindor during the first year Ron made fun of Hermione and she got really upset “She’s a nightmare, honestly! No wonder she hasn’t got any friends!” “I think she heard you” She ended up crying in the bathroom for hours And Ron and Harry found out that there was a troll loose in the school and Ron and Harry went to go save Hermione after that incident the three were best friends from then on “What are friends for” During the first year Harry took Charlie’s position a seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team along with Fred and George who were still beaters all The Weasleys currently enrolled at Hogwarts stayed at school for Christmas break that year, while Molly, Arthur, and Ginny visited Charlie in Romania Molly sent each of her children a sweater with their first initial on it and sent one to Harry as well making him feel welcome into the Weasley family Later that same year Ron wrote to Charlie asking him for a favor Pick up a dragon owned by Hagrid this was risky for Charlie seeing as the dragon was owned illegally but Charlie arranged for some of his friends to pick up the dragon at the tallest tower in the school at the end of the Year Ron became a hero when the trio wants to protect the Philosopher’s Stone and Ron won and a giant life-size chess board match by Sacrificing himself “Mr. Ronald Weasley for the best played game of chess that Hogwarts Has seen these many years” That summer Ron, Fred, and George Rescued Harry from the Dursleys in their dad’s flying car. When they returned they got in a lot of trouble with Mrs. Weasley during that summer Percy locked himself in his room and was sending letters to his girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater A fact that he kept hidden from his family so they wouldn’t tease him while Harry’s at the Barrow that summer Ginny who had liked Harry since she saw him at Kings Cross a Year earlier became very clumsy around him the Weasleys along with Harry went to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies and while there Arthur Got into a physical fight with Lucius Malfoy at the end of the summer Percy Fred George Ron Harry and now Ginny all went to platform 9 and 3/4 to go back to school Ron and Harry got blocked from getting onto the platform, however So they took Arthur’s flying car was seen by muggles wrecked it and lost the car in the process Mr. Weasley got huge trouble with the ministry for this One day Ginny walked in on Percy and his girlfriend Penelope who were together in the classroom which greatly embarrassed Percy And he asked her not to tell anyone during that school year Ginny wrote in a diary She found that had part of Voldemort’s soul in it And he took over her body and made her open the Chamber of Secrets to release the monster of the chamber which petrified several students Voldemort eventually brought Ginny down to the chamber and the Weasley siblings along with Herry sat in the corner of the Gryffindor common room not saying a word to one another all thinking that Ginny was dead Ron and Harry decided to go down to the chamber and Harry saved Ginny just in time Arthur and Molly were extremely grateful to Harry After that that summer Arthur won money in a Daily Prophet drawing and the entire Weasley family went to Egypt to visit Bill that same summer Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban And Arthur and Molly fought about what was best for Harry and whether or not they should tell him that Sirius Black was after him Harry overheard the conversation and before Harry got on the train Arthur briefly talked to Harry about it “Harry would you swear to me that whatever you might hear you won’t go looking for Black” During Percy’s seventh year at Hogwarts He was appointed head boy Fred and George entered their fifth year Ron entered his third and Ginny entered her second Ron learned the true identity of his rat Scabbers and found out that he was an animagus named Peter Pettigrew at the end of the year Sirius who they found that was actually innocent sent Ron a pet owl that served as a replacement of him losing his pet rat Percy graduated from Hogwarts that year and went on to work for the Ministry of Magic He was assigned to the Department of International Magical Cooperation He worked very hard and sucked up to his boss Barty Crouch The following summer Arthur took all of the Weasley siblings along with Harry and Hermione to the Quidditch World Cup when they went to pick Up Harry at the Dursleys Fred and George tested one of their joke candies on Dudley And it was very successful They took Harry to the Burrow and Arthur was forced to tell Molly what the twins had done Molly was extremely angry with them And they had a big fight before they went to the World Cup Bill and Charlie met Harry for the first time when they arrived at the Burrow when they went to the World Cup they were in the box with the Minister for Magic himself after the match a group of Death Eaters came out and masks and tormented the muggle landowner and his family Bill Charlie Percy and Arthur Assisted the ministry in stopping the Death Eaters When they got home Molly ran over and hugged everyone not knowing that they had been safe until they had just gotten home she started To cry when she hugged Fred and George because of the big fight that they had before they left I shouted at you before you left It’s all I’ve been thinking about What if you know who had got you and the last thing I ever said to you was that you Didn’t get enough OWLs The next term Ginny was in her third year Ron was in his fourth and Fred and George were in their sixth Fred and George started to make and sell joke shop inventions and Experimented a lot with trying to perfect their craft that same year Harry was put into the Triwizard Tournament And he had to compete alongside other champions including Fleur Delacour who was a French half vela meaning. She’s naturally irresistible to men Ron’s true feelings of his and Harry’s friendship came to the surface when he got jealous of Harry always being in the spotlight and he Said that he felt like he was always in Harry’s shadow they had a big fight But eventually they made up and everything was okay the Yule Ball took place that same year and Ron once again got jealous this time It was a Viktor Krum who had taken Hermione to the ball Fred asked Angelina Johnson one of the chasers on the Gryffindor Quidditch team to the ball For the last task each of the victors families came and Mrs. Weasley along with bill came to support Harry which meant a lot to him while they’re there Fleur took immediate notice of Bill and was immediately attracted to him Harry won the tournament but in the process Voldemort Returned to a full body and Cedric one of the champions was killed. Harry felt he didn’t deserve the prize money He had gotten and after offering it to Cedric’s parents who would decline the offer he gave it to Fred and George as a jumpstart for Their joke shop, but he made them promise that they wouldn’t tell Mrs. Weasley where they got the money because she greatly disapproved of their desired career path that summer the order of the Phoenix was formed again And the Weasleys were at the core of the team Dumbledore told Charlie to stay in Romania to recruit foreign wizards to the Order’s cause that summer Bill returned home from Egypt to get a desk job at Gringotts So he could help out with the order Fleur Delacour Got a part-time job at Gringotts as well and the two became quite close the family moved into number 12 Grimmauld place for the summer which was the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix while there Ron got a letter saying that he was made a prefect and a very proud Arthur and Molly rewarded him by buying him a new broomstick. Percy was the only one in the family That was of age that didn’t join the Order Fudge the Minister for magic a turn against Harry and Dumbledore Saying that they were lying about Voldemort’s return Percy sided with Fudge rather than his own family and because of this Percy was appointed junior assistant to Fudge He thought his family would be pleased but Arthur raised his opinion to say that he only got the position so that the ministry could keep a tab on the Weasleys and Harry along with the order and Dumbledore this led to a huge Fight where Percy said that he had to struggle against his father’s lousy reputation and that his father was an idiot for believing Dumbledore Percy said that his loyalty was with the ministry and he disowned his family He packed up and left to get his own apartment Mrs. Weasley went there and begged Percy to come back But he slammed the door in her face during the school year Ron tried out for goalkeeper on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and to his great surprise he actually made the team one of the most important jobs to the Order was to protect a prophecy that had to do with Harry and Voldemort and the lead members took turns guarding it one night while watching it arthur was attacked by Voldemort’s snake Nagini who almost killed him. Harry witnessed the whole thing through the eyes of the snake, and he alerted everyone what had happened Which saved Arthur’s life Mr. Weasley was admitted to St. Mungo’s the Wizarding Hospital and was there for a couple days over Christmas holidays Later that year Fred and George stood up to the newly appointed high Inquisitor of Hogwarts Dolores Umbridge They used their joke shop creations to set off fireworks And hexes everywhere vandalize the school and just made the school overall chaotic they flew off from the castle on broomsticks And they said that one of the troublemaking ghosts give her hell from us peeves They dropped out of school after that and decided to finally open their joke shop and Diagon Alley which was incredibly successful They were so successful That they were able to move out of the Burrow and live in a flat above their shop This greatly impressed their parents who were initially disappointed in the career path They were very grateful to Harry for the startup money And they told Harry that he could have anything he wanted it in the store for free the summer that followed arthur was promoted in The Ministry of Magic which was a big deal for the family that same summer Bill and Fleur got engaged? And she stayed at the Burrow because bill wanted her to get to know his family better Molly and Ginny greatly disliked Fleur and Molly was trying to break up the engagement and get bill interested in Nymphadora Tonks when everyone needed their school things for Hogwarts they all visited Fred and George’s joke shop and We’re all amazed at how incredible their store was at the start of term Ginny started dating Dean Thomas a fellow Gryffindor in Harry’s year They fought a lot and didn’t have a very good relationship and again That year Ginny and Ron both tried out for the Quidditch team and both made it ron was once again Goalie, and Ginny became a chaser jenny eventually broke up with Dean after several months of consistent fighting Ginny took Harry’s place a seeker for the Championship because Harry was in detention and they won thanks to Ginny’s incredible seeking skills during the Celebrations Harry walked into the common room and kissed Ginny in front of everyone everyone was taken aback how he immediately looked over at Ron And Ron gave him a look that said well if you must after that Harry and Ginny started dating even though Percy knew that he was wrong about Siding with the ministry over his family Harry and Dumbledore He couldn’t bring himself to face down knowing that they had been right all along Percy Eventually did face his family however but he was forced to you by the new Minister for magic Rufus Scrimgeour who was using Percy to get close to Harry He forced Persie to go with him to the borough the whole situation was extremely awkward and Percy was extremely uncomfortable Molly was excited to see her son and gave him a big hug But the rest of the family knew what he was doing and why he was there And they knew it wasn’t to see them Ginny Fred and George flung food at him Which made Percy storm out at the end of the term Dumbledore was killed in the battle of the Astronomy tower took place? Bill was there when Death Eaters entered the castle a werewolf that worked with Voldemort and his Death Eaters, although He wasn’t a Death Eater himself Attacked Bill and scratched his face up Grayback wasn’t transformed at the time so bill didn’t turn into a werewolf But the wounds were magically Contaminated meaning if the scratches on his face were permanent Molly and Fleur became close while they were at Bill’s Bedside and Molly realized that Fleur truly cared about her son, and she realized that their relationship wasn’t all physical But rather it was an emotional attraction, which she had originally thought was not the case. Oh the werewolf named Greyback I’m freakin favored one time Are you still beautiful to me with you? After Dumbledore’s death how he knew that he was going on a dangerous mission? And he told Ginny that they couldn’t be together anymore Which broke Ginny’s heart. The following summer Ron Bill Fred and George all Participated in the Battle of Seven Harry’s when they were escorting Harry from his aunt and uncle’s house and bringing him back to the Burrow George was hurt badly by Snape who used a spell that sliced his ear off, Bill and Fleur’s wedding was the same summer and they Had a beautiful wedding until Death Eaters attacked the family was then being watched closely by Voldemort and his followers Harry Ron and Hermione set out to find Voldemort’s Horcruxes And Harry was marked as the number one most wanted criminal in the Wizarding World Ron was seen with Harry making him just as much of a criminal as Harry was they’ll send word to the rest of the family immediately and they vacated the Borough just in time after escaping Malfoy Manor Harry Ron and Hermione Stayed at Bill and Flair’s house where they came up with a plan to break into Gringotts the Wizarding bank Eventually everyone got word that Harry had returned to Hogwarts and the Battle of Hogwarts took place every one of the Weasley stepped up to Fight when Percy got worried about the fight. He showed up and made up with his family I was a fool I was an idiot. I was a pompous prat I was a Ministry loving family disowning power-hungry moron yes, I was throwing the battle Fred and Percy were joking around You’re joking purse. I don’t think I’ve heard you joke since you were The air exploded in that fragment of a moment when danger seemed temporarily at bay The world was Brent apart. No no no Fred Percy was shaking his brother and Ron was kneeling beside her Fred’s eyes stared without seeing the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face During a break in the battle the Weasley family grieved Fred’s death Later in the battle Bellatrix out a spell Oh Ginny and Molly’s stepped forward the pain of losing her son driving her as she dueled Bellatrix, and she finally got a killing blow on her as she hit her with the spell directly over her heart Even though the battle was won the Weasley family still lost the death of Freddy fected them all very deeply Especially his twin brother George okay Freddy Wait The Weasley family grew significantly in the years to come Harry and Ginny got married and had three kids James Albus and Lily Ginny went on to become a professional Quidditch player and later would start to write for the Daily Prophet Ron married Hermione And they had two children Rose and Hugo Ron decided to skip his seventh year at Hogwarts And went on to become an order George never truly got over Fred’s death But he eventually married Angelina Johnson who was brother used to date? And they had a son that they named Fred in honor of him And they also had a daughter that they named Roxanne Jours continue to run the joke shop and Ron would later help him after retiring from being an Auror bill and flora had three children Victoire, Dominique, and Louis. Percy continued to work at the ministry and eventually married a woman named Audrey And they had two daughters Molly and Lucy Charlie never married And he continued to work with Dragons Molly and Arthur became proud grandparents and loved their grandkids very much although the Weasleys were purebloods Family they didn’t act like it They were kind and accepting of everyone they gave so much even though they had so little Every one of them was a kind down-to-earth human being and that’s clear with every interaction that we’ve ever had with this wonderful family


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