Today’s Document at the National Archives

My name is Darren Cole. I’m a Digital Engagement Specialist in the
Office of Innovation at the National Archives and I work in the Innovation Hub in Washington,
DC. I head up the Today’s Document project here
at the National Archives. Today’s Document is our take on a “today
in history” feature, so instead of summarizing a historic event, we might feature a document
or a photo from that event, trying to give it a little more historic dimension. You don’t need to have a Tumblr account
to check us out, you can come right to the site and see all our posts. You can even see all of our past posts. We have an archive, so you can see everything
going back to the 5 years that we’ve been online. We try to show a variety of things, hopefully
something new each time, something that maybe someone hadn’t even considered that we had
in our holdings. We want that person who hasn’t thought of
us since that high school field trip to really become more aware of the agency. Tumblr is a big home for animated gifs, so
over the course of Today’s Document we’ve made a number of them. This is a World War II home canning poster
that I animated. On our Tumblr page we have a “suggest a
document” feature. If you find something in the National Archives
online catalog you can submit it to us. You can find the National Archives Today’s
Document on Tumblr at, you can like us on Facebook @TodaysDoc and
you can follow us on Twitter @TodaysDocument. Come check us out!

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