Toshera shares her Family Tree Clinic experience

you’re gonna check out your body this is
the only body that we have and and and the body contains mental health all
parts of us and being able to talk to people the way you’re treated when you
come in to the visit all those things play a role so that’s the message that I
want to send is that you you just get treated like a person that is the worst
feeling in the world if your insurance lapsed or something like that happened and
life happens to all of us and it’s the worst feeling is feeling like I can’t go
to the clinic because I don’t have insurance but you guys will take people
I love that about Family Tree you guys will take people even if they don’t have
insurance it’s the it’s the best clinic I’ve ever
been to it as the honest truth it’s the best clinic I’ve been to different
clinics but this one of them was pretty good but this one by far is the best
clinic I’ve ever been to

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