Trying out 23 and Me, DNA test!! 遺伝子キットを買ってみた!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are in the world This is Maya and Anna And today we will be testing out the 23andMe DNA kit Hello This is Maya and Anna What is today’s theme We will be trying out a DNA kit This DNA kit is not so known in Japan and it’s called 23andMe There are other DNA kits in Japan as well but this one is well known overseas It shows what sort of background the person has and also what kind of heritage the person has we have one for me and one for Maya The reason for why it is not well known in Japan is It’s probably because Japan mostly has only pure Japanese people But if you go overseas there are a lot of people with mixed cultures and background And it is popular to discover your roots using these kind of kits And we thought it might be fun if we tried it out as well The one with mixed genes is probably Anna I probably only have Asian blood in me One of my Japanese friends tried the test and She had 95% Japanese, 3% Korean and 3% Chinese or something like that She mentioned it wasn’t that interesting for her But they also did a deep analysis that showed the mother’s side of the gene and teaches you which era your ancestors immigrated and stuff with this? yes And that friends ancestors came to Japan a really really long time ago Like the most Japanese person you can find kind of thing I think my DNA is probably going to be pretty much the same as other people in Japan Probably can use the same results and won’t even notice But maybe you might have something fun like Russian blood Or Mongolian Maybe Like they came from the west side and ended up in Japan But what I really want is like Morocco If there is something unexpected that would be fun Please note that you can’t eat 30mins prior to taking this test Oh no, we ate lunch yeah so now it’s break time Let’s talk about what you think while we wait My mother’s Japanese so half of it would be Japanese My dad’s side is a bit complicated He’s British, but there is Scottish Celtic blood My grandmother’s side is Swedish but immigrated from Latvia and then came to England so So the right side of Europe I think the east side and north of Europe Who knows I might have Italian blood in me as well What about Africa That would be fun as well You can see other people’s data on 23andMe as well on their website so we might find a relative on there Everyone who has ever taken the test is on their website You might find your long lost relative Your can purchase from their website and it is $99 About 12,000yen? Probably including the shipping They unfortunately don’t ship to Japan As we mentioned it’s probably because we don’t have much of a mixed race here So if you have a friend who lives in the US or UK or somewhere Get it shipped there and have your friend send it to you I had my friend in England send it over to me How do we get the results I think it says in here I’m opening it Here are the directions it comes with directions I think we use this bag to send back our DNA I think we also use this box Oh so we put the DNA in there and send it back yeah it says on the back yeah so we send it back with this box Is it really no stamp required? We have to send it back to England. So we have to send it back to our friend and have them post it We also have to register ourselves on to the 23andMe website and we can see the results from there It doesn’t say how long it would take we can’t even chew gum until then maybe another 15mins we can’t even drink water? No we can’t so we just have to wait then I really think I only have Japanese/Chinese/Korean blood so I asked my parents If there is no one who was from overseas Found out someone immigrated to Brazil in the past But that’s just going there so… But Brazil is full of Japanese people Yeah there are tons of Japanese-Brazilians So I was the last one who was in America probably You mean who lived there? Maybe if I stayed in America and got married there my future people might have been different Unfortunately… Well you already moved back to Japan so…. It ends here Half people must be interesting though Especially if a halfie and halfie had kids So let’s register ourselves while we wait for a little more So we will create our profile on the website Something interesting that is mentioned in spitting your drool in here So you know that there are bubbles in your drool bubbles? This drool cannot contain any bubbles So we have to fill this thing out without the bubbles Wait what???? This thing is the size of my hand And we have to fill it out till this line?? with oil??? Oh not oil….. uuuummm with drool sorry yeah there can’t be bubbles Like beer, you have to get rid of the bubbles Wow This is a LOT oh wait a second… Oh I see This bit is empty The container looks like this I thought we had to fill from the bottom till this black line But this bit is empty So we just have to fill this little bit What’s the water in the lid Says do not touch Something will happen once we shut this thing I don’t know ah this is the lid I feel the drool in my mouth all of the sudden I know lol Like we are preparing ourselves Because we think we have to spit it out Maybe my brain is thinking I have to prepare myself OK let’s start spitting Already? I think it’s been 30mins How do we do this We might have to blur things out Not even half full I’m ready Thought it would be easier I thought I was prepared It’s been 3 mins since starting and I haven’t fill in half of it OK I’m ready Now I have to shake this ohhhhhh look at the water go in I don’t really want to show you my drool, but…. There is some sort of liquid in the lid and When you close it it goes in to the container and does something with the drool Now I have to shake And I take the funnel off Take this thing off And put on the cap on OK I’m done Now I just have to put this in the bag FINALLY Took me 6 mins Really? And…. Click Yeah the liquid goes in It’s fun Shake for 5 secs Maybe in about a month? Wait for the results for about a month What are our roots?? I can just guess mine I read other Japanese people’s reviews Probably the same But we can find out when Yeah get to know the details But there is another one where you can find out about your health Like know what disease runs in the family But we just got the one where we can find our roots We chose that one What’s the difference between the Japanese ones The Japanese one is not about the roots It’s more like finding out if you have a gene that you get fat easily or… oh I don’t care We already know that is a fact It’s more like the health side Done Just got to wait for the results If you want to see the results please remember to subscribe Remember to press that Like button See you in our next video


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