TSL Plays: Advanced CNY Greetings Challenge!

Da ji da li (great luck, great profit)! Huat ah! Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays. Today, in light of Chinese New Year, we will be having a battle to determine which team is the most prepared for visiting. Here are the rules! We are Da Ji Da Li. We are the Golden Boy and Jade Ladies. Your time starts now! (Brenda) Rainier, you sound like you’re reading English. Where’s my Gu Gu Da Da (inappropriate, shall not translate lol) Please do not say that during Chinese New Year. Gu Gu Da Da. Time’s up! (Brenda) Take away, take away. Oh my god, my mind is literally blank. Three, two, one! So, Da Ji Da Li, you all will go first. Next one. Amanda? Oh wow! Yeap, have. Oh no, Rainier… Oh dear, this is the only one I remember. (PD) Correct. Correct. – Wow!
– Really eh, really eh! (Brenda) Okay, Zina! Your turn. Have! Wah, not bad. Oh my god. Amanda, give us our chance. Give us a chance, Amanda! Um… er… (PD) Too long. Next team! Alright! We go ah… Oh my god. Wah, the hardest one eh. Who says that during Chinese New Year? Have, okay next! Have. Okay. (Giggles) Wait. I’m pretty sure it’s xue ye jin bu (‘studies’) leh. – Have!
– No! It’s ‘learning’. (Brenda) Oh ya, have! Oh my god, thank god. Okay Zavier, it’s back to you. Er… huh? Okay, pass. I try. (Brenda) Wrong! It’s back to you again. (Brenda) Have. (Laughter) What is that! That’s a wish what… I’m so sorry… Don’t have! Higher… Higher Chinese. (Brenda) Back to you. (Brenda) Wow. Oh wow. Er.. I try. I’m so sorry… Don’t have, don’t have. Guys, don’t get angry with me ah… It’s the game, it’s the game. I think you need to be more relatable, like Come. Hand over your ang baos. No… It’s Chinese New Year. Oh. I’m the ang bao. Your hand is very nice but the ang bao is nicer. – Give it!
– No… What do you call your brother’s sister’s paternal grandmother’s only son in Mandarin? Every wrong answer forfeits $2. You all ready? Yes. Here’s your family tree. Okay? Three, two, one. Start. (Brenda) Correct.
– Go, go! Ready? Three, two, one. (Brenda) Correct! I didn’t even see the thing. The two ang moh pai one. Ready? – Leah, faster!
– Go Leah, you can. One, two, three. Yes! Yes! Okay. Ready? One, two, three. Yes? Leah? (Brenda) Wrong! Close, close. (Brenda) Correct! Oh shit. – One, two, three.
– It’s hard to read sia. Just ding first. You don’t even know, you go and press the bell for what! Er… I never press. Just press later! (Brenda) Okay. You try, you try. Five, four, three, two, one. Aiya. Wrong. Go Adria! Gong gong! (Also means ‘eunuch’) (Brenda) Wrong! Adria, your turn. Okay, ready? Three, two, one. Who press first? Monster-in-law. Po Po. Okay, Zavier gets the point. He pressed first. One, two, three. Your? Wrong. Yes! Yes! So round 2 is over. And the winner is… Golden Boy and Jade Maidens! (Cheering) Match the Chinese saying with the ingredients in order. If you get the answers wrong, you know what will happen! Watch your heads! Wah… Yu- huh. I thought it’s the real Yusheng leh. Wah, this paper one is for the ancestors. (Brenda) Three, two, one. Start! (Rainier) Take out the- take out the picture first… Tell you all how I remember it. Okay, so ‘jin yin man wu’ (a house filled with gold and silver) is peanut. You know why, because ‘man’ (full) is man. Man got nuts. Okay. I’ll go through Da Ji Da Li first, since they finished first. – Okay. This one is…
– So what’s your first pair? First pair is ‘cai yuan guang jin’ (lots of wealth). Shredded cabbage. See lah. The- the picture, never give us the real one. (Zavier) Blurry. Blurry. – Wrong.
– Huh? (Brenda) This. For vegetables, it’s actually ‘qing chun chang zu’ (forever youthful). Orh… ‘qing’ (double meaning ‘vegetables’ and ‘youth’) Peanut… is ‘jin yin man wu’ (lots of silver and gold in your house). Correct! That’s one point. (Brenda) Okay, next one. The lime ‘da ji da li’ – correct! Our group name. Correct! (Adria) Ya lor. Better get it right man. You have to squeeze hard to get it big. That’s the meaning. Okay, the crackers is ‘pian di huang jin’ (a floor filled with gold). Why is- why is this one ‘cai yuan guang jin’ (lots of wealth)? What is this? Oh.Why- What is this olive oil? – Yea why ah?
– Why ah? You know the people make oil, they are very rich. Cai yuan guang jin. That’s the best story ever sia. (Brenda) Okay. First one, sesame seeds. ‘Zhao cai jin bao’ (welcoming wealth), is wrong… (Brenda) Okay, this is ‘sheng yi xing long’ (prosperous business). (All) Orh… ‘Hong yun dang tou’ (Opportunities will come knocking). Correct. Why ah, why ah? ‘Hong’ is red color. Carrot. ‘Nian nian you yu’ (abundance throughout the year) is correct. You all don’t need me to explain, right? – Radish.
– White radish. (Brenda) ‘Bu bu gao sheng’ (Attaining high levels). Correct! – You know how Leah…
– Ya, she got this. – Leah piece together one.
– Plum sauce. ‘Tian tian mi mi’ (sweet and loving relationships) – Correct
– Yay! I’m so proud of myself that I know one. Why is it you? Bu bu gao sheng. I become taller. My name is Zavier Chen. This is the fish. No… Nian nian you yu… eh? I give you all a hint okay? Don’t listen to Bolin. Listen to Leah. My name is Zavier. I googled how to read Yusheng. Then I read out from my iPhone, it said ‘nian nian you yu’ (abundance). Well, okay, Google gave you the right answer. Heaviest material go first. You can speak. No. I- I- I very scared now. Because you ask them don’t trust me. No, only that round. Oh, only that round. Now can trust me already ? I choose ‘bu bu gao sheng’ (attaining higher levels at work) Okay, okay. Let’s go here. I vote don’t listen to Bolin. Okay, just throw the carrot. – Huat ah!
‘Hong yun dang tou’ (Opportunities come knocking) I’m so sorry. It’s wrong! I think now it’s we mixing the- like we marinating the fish. Ah… okay. Cai yuan guang jin (wealth comes knocking). Correct! I know the next one already. Okay, next. ‘Cai yuan guang jin’ then ‘bu bu gao sheng’. Really? Are you sure? Should we trust Bolin for the third time? It’s correct! Heng ah, never listen to me again ah. Bu bu gao sheng. Now? Okay! (Brenda) Very good, you all never listen to Bolin is correct! Okay, next one. We are keeping all of this. I think is this one. Okay, that one. ‘Sheng yi xin long’ (May your business prosper). It’s correct! Yay! ‘Tian tian mi mi’ (sweet and loving relationships). (Rainier) Last one. Ready? Three… two… one! (All) Huat ah! Huat ah! Da ji da li! Huat ah! Your neighbor call police already! Golden Boy and Jade Maidens was louder. (Cheering) Okay. Surrender your 5 angbaos. Nope. Nope. You have to force your way through. Okay, come. Push it in. Don’t look, Bolin! So, we have come to the end of this episode. What are your thoughts about today’s challenge? I just call everybody auntie, uncle… when they come to my house. Yeah… Now, not only my pocket is rich, my mind is rich with knowledge also. Is it can flex the knowledge this Chinese New Year? – So, what will you say next time?
– I can flex all the sayings already. Like ‘wan shi ru yi’ (may everything have purpose). Then you say to who? Say to who? You say the- your- your uncle’s wife. – Your uncle’s wife is what? But I realized I suck at this Lo Hei sequence thing. I don’t know. I didn’t even know there was a sequence in the first place. I guess I took it for granted. Like, every time the elders will put in then he he ya ya… Thank you for watching this episode of TSL Plays! If you like this episode, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. And ring the notification bell down below! You can also watch our other videos over there! Happy New Year! Huat ah! ♪ Gong Xi Gong Xi ♪


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