Tuesday 10/8/19 Jeremiah 9:1 – 9:18

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to the Shepherd’s Chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
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teaching approach brings God’s word
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to you, the Bible. (gentle organ music) And now here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you, say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this family
Bible study hour. Book of Jeremiah, he
whom God launches forth, and boy did he send him out. And had chosen him before he
ever entered his mother’s womb, documenting that he was
with God before his birth. That’s why the word in the
Greek, born again doesn’t apply. What it really says in the
manuscripts is born from above. In other words, we
always come from God, not as the fallen angels who
left their place of habitation and sealed their doom. So that’s why it is
written in John 3:3, you must be born from above. Chapter nine in this
great book, verse one, let’s just plow right into it. And with that word of
wisdom from our Father and it reads, oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a
fountain of tears, that I might weep day
and night for the slain of the daughter of my people! In other words, the prior
verse said there’s no bomb in Gilead, there’s
nothing healing left. Why? Well if you turn away
from God you don’t. You don’t have anything. You’ll have some ratchet jaw
that might put a band-aid on it and say it’s
healed and it’s not. Why? Because of the deception
that people are lied to, they’re not taught God’s
word chapter by chapter and verse by verse, that’s
what God is talking about here. God wants to be a part of
the equation in your life. Why? Because you’re His
child and He cares. Verse two, oh that I had in
the wilderness a lodging place of wayfaring men; this is the prophet now, that I might leave my people,
and go from them for they are all adulterers, an assembly
of treacherous men. And this means idolaters, they all worship
whatever will come along. Doesn’t matter, they’ll grab
on to it and call it religion. This is why I’m glad that
Christianity is not a religion it’s a reality. It’s everyday living. Verse three, and they
bend their tongues like their bow for lies, and they just shoot
them out there. But they are not valiant for
the truth upon the earth, they don’t search for
it, don’t look for it, for they proceed
from evil to evil, and they know not
me, saith the LORD. They go from bad to worse
and just leave me totally out of the equation and still
they want me to bless them? They think it’s
holy, and you know, this is where people
get in trouble. When you listen to man
and his traditions, and the man telling you, this
is the way God wants you to be and he never quite gets
around to teaching God’s word for what God really wants. And if you don’t do that, then certainly you
leave people out. Do you remember back
in chapter seven, what verse 23 said? When God just leveled with you
where you know in your life, if you wanna please God,
if you wanna be blessed, don’t ever forget that
verse, chapter 7:23, but this thing
command I them saying, this is God speaking
not the prophet, obey my voice and
I will be your God and you shall be my people. And walk ye in all the ways
that I have commanded you that it may be well with you. Now, either it could be will
with you or not well with you, that’s up to you. God doesn’t ask for
much, just obey me. Love me, and you’ll
be my people. That’s lo ammi, and ammi,
from the great book of Hosea, which means salvation. He loves His children and
He wants them to love Him. But if you leave
Him out, He said, you just go from bad to worse
because you listen to man. And really, they
said, well who me? I got to church every day,
every Sunday, I’m there. Well what’s taught there? I don’t know brother
so-and-so has something there, well do you ever get around
to reading God’s word? Well no, we have pamphlets. Oh? Don’t leave God
out of the equation or you’ll receive no blessings. That’s just the way it goes. Let’s go now with verse
four, verse four reads, take ye heed every
one of his neighbour, and trust ye not in any brother: for every brother
shall utterly supplant, and every neighbour
will walk with slanders. Do you know what this
word supplant is? If you went to Genesis
25, 26 you’d find out. That’s Jacob’s name,
the supplanter. Why? Because his brother Esau was
trying to be the first born and so forth. And Jacob supplanted, there
you go, that’s the way it is. But naturally, well what
does this look forward to? It looks forward to Mark 13, where it stipulates that a
mother shall betray daughter to death and the father
the son, meaning what? That they think they’re
worshiping the true Christ and he’s the fake,
he’s the false Christ. If someone does not
believe as you believe, until you are delivered, you want to be aware of who you
can trust and who you can’t. You can always, there’s one
that you can always trust because He will never leave you, He will never forsake you and that’s our Heavenly Father. You can count on Him. But the question is,
can He count on you? Verse five, and they will
deceive every one his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their
tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves
to commit iniquity. You let the Kenites
be your little scribes and let them jockey
around the manuscripts, and then especially in
seminars and so forth, let them write the
little pamphlets. The scribes are really
good about that. A bunch of ratchet
jaws, and pretty soon, you’ve got God totally out of
the picture and man is going to save you. They’ve worked out
your own salvation, that won’t fly my friend. There’s only one savior and
that’s our Heavenly Father through the son. Don’t ever let anyone teach
you anything otherwise. As Jesus would always say, it’s written, have you read it? That’s His word. Verse six, thine habitation
is in the midst of deceit; through deceit they refuse
to know me, saith the LORD. In other words, there’s
no truth in them. How are they going
to know they truth if they’re never taught? The answer is real simple,
God sent us a letter. Every individual,
He sent a letter. It’s this word,
this is the letter. Telling you how to be
pleasing, how to be successful, and you know, he
owns everything. If you wanna be prosperous, all you have to do is
follow Him, and love Him. Make a little time for Him
and you will be blessed. But if you don’t
have time for him, He doesn’t have
time for you either. And you can’t expect
it any other way. Verse seven, therefore, thus saith the
LORD of hosts, Behold, I will melt them, and try them; for how shall I do for
the daughter of my people? How can you? You know what melting means? I’m gonna put them
in the smelter and I’m going to assay them, I’m gonna let the
good gold fall in and I’m gonna let the slag
drip off over the side. I’m gonna get rid of them. And he’s very stern
in that respect, judgement is coming, that’s
what this is talking about. And our Father is the judge. If you have any sense at
all, if you have any respect for your creator whatsoever,
when you know He is the judge, why would you leave Him out
of the equation of your life and follow some false teaching? When He sent you a letter
telling you exactly how to please the judge,
whereabout you don’t wait til Heaven to be blessed,
you’re blessed today. You’re prospered today. You have peace of mind which
is one of the greatest gifts God can give you. It comes from knowing the
truth, the truth sets you free as it’s written in John
chapter eight verse 32. Verse eight, their tongue
is as an arrow shot out; it speaketh deceit: one speaketh
peaceably to his neighbour with his mouth, but in
heart he layeth his wait. In other words, he’s gonna
take advantage of him at every turn. He talks real sweet,
just lovey dovey, but boy don’t turn
your back on him when you have your border
markers there, he’ll move them. That’s what Satan’s
effect is on people. They’re dishonest when they
do not have the real truth. Verse nine, shall I not
visit them for these things? Saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged
on such a nation as this? What do you think? You can rest assured it shall. Our Father is long suffering,
you can read of that in II Peter chapter three, that God is long suffering
and it is His will that all come to repentance. They’re not going to, but our Father has
so much patience. You would think where
He has the ability, hey, if they won’t
listen just zap them. But you see He
won’t do that, why? They’re His children. You don’t just zap
one of your children because they’ve been naughty. But this lies with Him
ultimately sooner or later when judgement day comes. Some of His own children He
will have to assign through a saying, or melting
the good from the bad, separating the
good from the bad. He’s going to have to
do part of them in. You do not want to
be in that crowd. Especially when He
sent you the letter. You might say well how
could a lay person like me know if it’s deceit,
if even in the temple, the temple is what he’s
talking about here, the house of God. They claim to be
preachers of God. Well, now stop and think
a moment, New Testament, Mark 13, what is the first
warning that Christ gives concerning the coming
of the false Christ? He said, “Beware and do not
let man deceive you for many shall come in my name.” Come in His name what? Claiming to be
Christian preachers. Claiming to be
followers of Christ. But He didn’t send them. So that’s where, well how could
I tell then as a lay person? Whether they teach this word
or a bunch of other stuff. Well what’s the other stuff? You’ll recognize it,
it’s ratchet jawing. But never do they
quite get around, they might take one little
verse and then take it so far out of context that it drops
right through the crack. But, all you have to
do is check them out in God’s word, God wants you
to hear Him, not some man. You can rest assured He’s
going to visit these things. He will not tolerate it. How do you know that? It’s written. I read it in the word,
His promise, and it
will come to pass exactly as He promised it would. Verse 10 to continue. For the mountains will I take
up a weeping and wailing, and for the habitation of
the wilderness a lamentation, because they are burned up, so that none can
pass through them; neither can men hear
the voice of the cattle; both the fowl of the heavens
and the beast are fled; they are gone. Do you know what this
word habitations is? It’s pastures. There’s no food there,
so they’re gone. Well what type of food
are we talking about? The word of God. They never, even though it’s
called the house of God, even though it’s called
a nation under God, they never quite get around
to teaching God’s word. And He said, when you
allow yourself to dry up where you never teach my
word from the pasture, you’re not feeding the flock
and the flock’s gonna scatter. Is it any wonder that
many times people complain about church attendance and churches having a hard
time keeping a congregation, do you know the reason why? They’re starving! If you will feed
them, they will come. Animals, why would God
bring animals into this? Well He uses agriculture
a great deal. You know, you can take a
pretty vivacious herd of cattle that won’t go too near men, but in the winter time if
you wanna feed some cow cake or a little protein
out on the pasture, just pull up out there in
a pickup and open a sack and dribble it along everyday, they will be there
running over you. Why? They wanna be fed, that’s
why God utilizes that analogy because people are the same way. If you will feed them God’s
word chapter by chapter and verse by verse, then you will never
have a empty place where people are
seeking pasture. That is to say food. This is the reason Shepherd’s
Chapel is never hard up for membership, never
hard up for students. We basically have more
than we can take care of. Why? Because we feed them. We feed them the word of
God chapter by chapter and verse by verse and
through that they are blessed. Their families are blessed,
they prosper in that. Why? Because God’s promises are true. I don’t care what church it is, if you’ll teach God’s
word, they will come. You will have no problem
having a congregation and a vivacious
congregation to boot. It will grow and grow and grow as God’s word always
brings it to pass. Do you know why these
cattle are starving? Do you think God
might’ve told us about this in a different place? He did. He told us about this in
the great book of Amos. It’s Amos chapter eight. First he’ll kinda tell you
about how some tried to feed old wheat with mildew in it
to people, shortchange them. And then He lets you know in
verse 11 of chapter eight, the great book of Amos
what the problem is. It’s so simple a child
can understand it. Amos chapter eight verse 11, behold, the days come
sayeth the Lord God, that I will send a
famine in the land. Not a famine of bread, not
gonna be for something to eat, nor a thirst for
water, not for water, but for hearing the
words of the Lord. That’s what the famine is about. Is for hearing the real truth
instead of stuff spewing from lying lips to deceive
people and to use them, to misuse them when they’re
looking for salvation. They’re looking for our
Father to bring salvation to their family and
them and to bless them. Do it through the word. Chapter seven verse 23
don’t ever forget it, all you gotta do is do
this and I’ll bless you. It’s God’s promise, He
will always keep His word, don’t starve the people. We have a lot of people that
claim to be in bad shape and so forth and on hard times, well they’re not suffering
for food I’ve seen them. They seem to be in pretty
good shape food wise. But boy when it comes
to understanding truth, you can really teach truth
to them and they have no idea what you’re talking about, because they haven’t been
taught the word of God. Even though they
might be church goers, the real truth, the word
of God is foreign to them. That is a shame. And that is why that teaching
God’s word chapter by chapter and verse by verse
must always continue because God’s elect must be fed. You know like the prophet
said, I’d like to just, sometimes I look at our people
and I’d like to just go off all by myself in the wilderness. That was back in verse two. I’d just find me a place
and just get away from them. They’re disgusting, they
go from bad to worse. But that’s not the
attitude we can take. We have to, we must teach
that word because there is that element out there that’s
starving to hear the truth for that morsel of truth,
to change their lives. To make something out of
them, to give them a destiny and a purpose. To know God placed
them here for a reason they’re not just living
from one day to the next. That God has His hand
upon them and He requests that He brought
into the equation, and feed the people,
they will come. That’s God’s promise and
for certain that famine is in this land spoken of in
Amos 8:11, it certainly is. Returning then to the ninth
chapter of the great book of Jeremiah, verse
11 and so it reads, and I will make Jerusalem
heaps, and a den of dragons; that’s jackals, and I will make the
cities of Judah desolate, without an inhabitant. In other words, if they
keep going that way there’s gonna be no truth there, they’re all spiritually dead. Now I said spiritually
dead not literally. There’s a big difference. Verse 12, who is the wise
man, that may understand this? I hope it’s you. And who is he to whom the
mouth of the LORD hath spoken, that he may declare it,
for what the land perisheth and is burned up
like a wilderness, that none passeth through? Why? Because there’s no food there. Put some truth out there, put
some food in that wilderness and give the people hope,
give them a destiny, give them a purpose. Let them know that God is real. Well we wanna take, and you
listen to unwise people, knuckleheads and we want, there is no God and we’ll
just put little signs on buses that says, there is no God and you’re
better off without him anyway. When idiots put, they spend
actual their so called dividends on junk, certainly
they are cursed indeed. But know that God does
have a purpose for you, that He is real. This was written, at least
somewhere around 550 years before Christ walked the earth. And it’s like reading
tomorrow’s newspaper today. Because what goes
around comes around and when you study God’s truth, that’s how valuable
it is to you. It fixes, it feeds, it prospers. Verse 13 to continue, and the LORD saith, because
they have forsaken my law which I set before them, and
have not obeyed my voice, neither walketh therein. Do you remember 7:23? That was all He required,
that you listen to Him and walk in His law. We’re not talking about
ordinances and statutes that were done away
with on the cross, we’re talking about God’s
law that was forever. Verse 14, you don’t obey
God, don’t expect it. 14, but have walked
after the imagination, that’s the stubbornness, of their own heart,
and after Baalim, that’s false religions, which
their fathers taught them. They told them,
they passed it on. They teach their children
to turn away from God. Educate them. There’s nothing
new under the sun. Would you believe, that
we have people who pay, I mean the family will scrape
and rape and pay huge prices to put their kids
in a university and put them under
the stewardship of
a liberal professor that is against America! Doesn’t love America. Doesn’t care about America. And they pay big money to have
their own kids brainwashed. Does that happen in every case? No, if you have any
intelligence at all you pick where you send your children. You observe what professor
you place over them to brainwash them, to
give them a mindset. And if it’s against
our own nation, then why would you
feed a louse like that? That is so pink, that he’s against America
with money you scrape up. You use judgement, use God’s
judgement and put a stop to that stuff. Well are you saying a person
shouldn’t have an education? What is an education
worth in communism? I suppose I’m about as
well educated in communism as anybody should be,
I know all about it. I have studied it, I
have fought against it, I’ve had to doctor little
children that suffer under it. I know what a failure it is and I know how miserable
it makes people. That’s quite an
education on liberalism. You don’t wanna have to
learn it the hard way. Truth and obedience to our
father and his blessings is worth everything, that’s
what makes this nation great, that’s what it was established
upon and that’s the way it shall continue. But that’s what it means
in that 14th verse, be careful what you
mentor your children and who mentors them. Verse 15, therefore thus
saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel;
behold, I will feed them, even this people, with wormwood, and give them water
of gall to drink. Do you know what the
water of gall is? It’s poppy juice, it’s
poison, it’s drugs. And wormwood, I suppose many
of you know what wormwood is in Russia, is Chernobyl. And that’s what the
little explosion there at Chernobyl brought forth
is poison by people looking at what is north of that
parallel where Esau went, Russ. You see, our Father
doesn’t forget and things come to pass and
people are going to receive what it is that they deserve. Verse 16, I will scatter
them also among the heathen, whom neither they nor
their fathers have known: and I will send a
sword after them, till I have consumed them. In other words, he scattered
Judah and he scattered Israel, both the house of Israel
and the house of Judah. Scattered among the heathen
until most of the 10 tribes called themselves heathen,
Gentile, they’re not Gentiles, they’re of the house of Israel. And the house of Judah, we
pretty well know where some of that house is and
some of it we don’t. But God scattered
them for a purpose. They wouldn’t listen. You might say well
isn’t He our Father? Yes he is and you should
obey and you should love when He makes everything
possible for you
as verse 13 said, all you gotta do is follow
what he warned you against in verse 13 concerning
chapter 7:23. It’s so simple to please
Him, just love Him, and love the letter
that He has sent to you to keep you out of trouble. To keep you out of mischief,
especially in this generation. The generation of the fig tree. It is so very important. Verse 17, thus saith
the LORD of hosts, consider ye, and call
for the mourning women, that they may come; and
send for cunning women, this means skilled, professionals that are hired
to beat their breast and weep, that they may come. In other words, you hire all
the mourners you can find because you’re gonna need them. If you’re out of
the will of God, if you are scattered, if you
are listening to ratchet jaws, if you’re listening to people
that never quite get around to teaching God’s word, though
they claim to be preachers of God’s word, what do you expect from
a preacher of God’s word? Is you expect God’s word to
be taught chapter by chapter verse by verse. If that preacher does
not teach God’s word, then he’s not a
preacher of God’s word he’s a preacher
of something else. It doesn’t take a wizard
to figure that out. That’s simple common
sense to understand where someone is coming from and what it is
you’re being peddled. Take the word of God, be
pleasing to God not man. Do not be a man pleaser, be one that pleases
our Heavenly Father and therefore receives
His blessings. What He’s saying here
is a sad day’s coming. And at this time they
did, they hired mourners that were professionals at it. Oh they put on quite a show. 18, and let them make haste, you better do it quick, and
take up a wailing for us, that our eyes may
run down with tears, and our eyelids
gush out with water. You know what this
is talking about? There is a time coming when
would be good Christian people are going to find that
great doctrine of, we’re gonna fly away. And unfortunately this one
is coming at the sixth trump and that’s kind of his
message, we’re gonna fly away, that’s the false Christ. And they’re good
Christian people, they’re waiting for
the return of the Lord. And when this miracle
working Christ, only he’s instead of Christ
comes they worship him. And when the two witnesses rise
from that pata in Jerusalem, and the people see the
true Christ coming, and they look and realize
what they’ve done, there’s a weeping and a
wailing like you’ve never heard before because they know then
that unless something happens they’re Hell bound for sure and they meant to
be good Christians. They listened to the preacher, the preacher of what? Not the word of God. But the word of men traditions that make void the word of God. We’re living in perilous times. You need to check it out for
yourself, do not depend on man, check it out for
yourself, the word of God. He has promised
and it is coming. Make sure that you know the
chronological order of events that the great book of
Revelation brings forth that you cannot be
deceived if you follow it. Why? Because your Heavenly
Father loves you enough He sent you that letter. Revelation means to
reveal, to make known. It’s not supposed to
be hidden from you. So don’t let some preacher
tell you it should be, because there’ll
be a lot of them that say you’re not
supposed to understand the book of Revelation. Well how can that be when
the very name means reveal? Be careful who you listen to. All right bless your hearts, you listen a moment
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try to judge someone? He’s the judge. He does not need your help. So you do have
spiritual discernment, use that discernment to know
who you should listen to. I hope it winds up that
you say, our Father. That’s who we should listen
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give you our mailing address. Always a pleasure. Now, prayer requests,
don’t need a number, don’t need an address, why? God knows what your thinking. Right now, He does. He loves you, you’re His child and He wants that
love returned though. If you want His blessings,
you will love Him, because look what he’s given us. Look how He blesses us. So many personal blessings
he gives each of us, if you pay attention,
if you listen. Father around the globe we
come, we ask that you lead, guide, direct Father, touch
in Yahshua’s precious name, Father thank you, amen. Okay and question time,
we’re gonna go with Carol from Vermont. Please help me to
understand something, I’ve heard you say
all of the following, when the silver cord
breaks the person’s soul, his real self goes back to God. Well that’s true, Ecclesiastes chapter 12
verses six and seven. When someone’s mother has died
you say she is with the Lord and she is happy. That’s true. I don’t care if you’re good,
bad, or if you’re ugly, that’s where you go. You’re going to paradise,
you’re gonna be on one side of the gulf or the other. When one describes their
mother as Christian and in good standing I know which side they went
to, you bet, pretty well. So if a bad person dies and
someone is put to death, do they not go back to be
with God and are happy? They’re not happy necessarily. They can be very sad. Have you never read
Luke chapter 16? That’s talking about paradise. A rich man and Lazarus. The rich man was a
skunk, he was no good. He sure wasn’t happy and when he got there he
considered paradise as Hell because it was his
own persecution, persecuting himself
because he was ignorant and had not overcome
while he was on earth. Then he begged God to let
Lazarus raise from the dead and go back and help his
brothers so they wouldn’t end up in the same place he was. So they’re all there
where they can see God, the good, the bad, the ugly. I’ve heard you mention the gulf, that’s right there’s
a big gulf in between, but that’s scriptural, you
can read it for yourself, Luke chapter 16. Then we’re gonna go
with Ingram from, Sitra rather, Sitra
is from Missouri. When calling on the
name of Jesus in prayer, I want to be called
Him by His only name, the name to make sure He
hears my cry and praises, what is His holy name? His holy name is Yahshua. That’s where the word Jesus
in English comes from. Yahshua means Jehovah, that’s
our Father’s real name. Jehovah is savior,
He is the savior. Why? Because only through Him can
you attain that salvation. He’s the way, He’s the
door, He’s the water, the living water. If you wanna live internally,
you’re gonna partake of it. Yahshua is the name, but always pray to Jehovah
our Heavenly Father if you want to use
the sacred names. And always ask in the name
of Yahshua Messiah Jesus, because that gives credentials
that you’re Christian to the Father, but always
pray to the Father. Okay, we’re going with
John from Florida. I was told that if you
put a drop of olive oil on your forehead and command
evil spirits to leave your body that the evil
spirits would leave. Well you’re a little
bit short there. You put a little drop of oil
on your finger and place it on your forehead and
you order them out in the name of Jesus Christ. You leave Jesus Christ out
of it and they will rend you. They’re not going anywhere
because you don’t have the power to do it. But in Christ’s name, then and then only
can you run them out. Okay, Rodney from Alabama. Please explain I Peter 3:20,
does that mean the other souls that rode Noah’s
ark weren’t saved? No, it means one
thing what it says, it means there were
eight Adamic people. That means eth hadam. They were the only, as you’ll
read in Genesis chapter six, the only pure pedigree that
was left that hadn’t intermixed with the fallen angels, where
you had gebir and mamzars. And that’s why the flood
came was to destroy the gebir or the giants, which
were not born from above but left their first
place of habitation and came here and seduced woman. Those eight were eight eth hadam through which Christ must come. The others were
two of every flesh, people that would accept
Messiah when He came possibly. But doesn’t mean
they weren’t saved. I guess you would have to say
they were saved from drowning. Mary from Missouri,
when Jesus said, “Don not have any
false gods before you,” What are the false gods? What are the names
of the false gods? Well it’s Satan. It’s antichrist. That’s the main one. Many people can make a god,
anytime you place something between yourself and God, I’ll word that a
little differently, anytime you ignore God and
let something else come before you, it might be your
business, don’t worship it. Don’t let it deny God. Always have that
certain time of the day or set aside a specific time, some people have
different appetites. Some people need to study
much and some people don’t need to study very long. They have different appetites, never try to force your
appetite off on somebody else. But the main name of the
false characters are Satan, Lucifer, which is all one in
the same, the false Christ, one in the same. Jessica from Washington, I am Jessica, I
live in Washington. I am 17 years old and I
have watched your program for about three years. I love your teaching and I
thank God for your program, may God bless you, your family
and God’s church always. Well He sure does, thank
you darling for saying that. I am adopted and my adopted
father got remarried and my question is, would I
be able to help my stepmom and her two boys? They don’t believe and
mock me and my sister when we talk about God. Well hun you hang tough
and you be gentle, and be respectful
to your stepmom, but at the same time, you
are mature and unfortunately probably she isn’t in God. So, the one that is mature
and loves the Lord must be the one that has
the patience, else, except for the grace
of God there go I. But you’re 17, you’re soon
going to be a grown woman. You’re gonna be on your own,
so you can handle anything until you reach that
point and always take care of your little sister, okay? But you’re gonna do just fine. You hang tough and in
another year you’ll be able to make your own decisions, but at the same
time as a Christian, try to bring her along
with you if you can. I love you for that,
you’re very thoughtful and thank you for
studying with the chapel. God loves you, I love you,
the whole congregation does, you hang tough. Mary from Arkansas. Would you please send
me something saying that just because you have
been saved does not mean, you will not go to Heaven
if you do not live according to God’s word. My husband thinks that once
you’re saved you will go to Heaven no matter what. I’m sorry but he’s in error. Many people are gonna
worship the antichrist. That’s no longer a virgin
waiting for the bride when Christ returns. You are responsible
in the book of life, for any sin you have committed that you have not repented for. And on judgement
day, you will pay. And certainly, Christ does the
saving and it’s always there as long as you will repent. But if you don’t repent,
don’t call Christ a failure, it’s we that are failures
for not repenting and doing what is right. Tom from Maine, does the Bible say
anything about when you die and go into our
spiritual bodies? Are we like newborns or
will we remember our lives here on Earth? We will be grown adults
as God created us and in the spirit body
there’s no such thing as age. Some will have
mortal souls rather, and some will have
immortal souls. It’s which side of the
gulf you’re on in paradise. Charlotte from Florida. Why wasn’t Abel mentioned
in Adam’s genealogy? Thank you, I’ve
watched you for years. Abel had no progeny,
Cain slew him. So if he has no progeny,
there’s no progeny to put down for Abel, it was over,
his brother murdered him. Daniel from Minnesota. I was wondering where in
the Bible does it talk about seeking the knowledge of God
and that is the main thing of man’s duties. One of the places that I
like best is Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 1:7. Elizar from Texas. There is a group of people who
say they are the only church mentioned in the Bible so
they will be the only ones who go to Heaven, and no
matter how hard you try to get into Heaven you can’t. Is this true? Absolutely not. There is no one
church on Earth today that is the only one
that will go to Heaven. John 3:16 holds
true for every soul, regardless of where they are
or what on an individual basis. It reads God so loved the
world He gave his only begotten son that whosoever
would believe upon Him, not whatever church
they would belong to, believe upon Him
should not perish. That’s Heaven bound. Assento from Idaho. What is the mark of the beast? Is it a mark on your
head or your hand? No it’s in your brain. It means you don’t know
any better than to worship the false Christ. And the rapture doctrine
is kinda the lead into it. You kind of already
received his mark if you believe that when
it’s not even in God’s word. You’ve kinda been had. But it’s never too late
to change and learn truth. Gene from California. Is it a sin for a woman to
wear jewelry and makeup? Everything in moderation. The only reason that women were
told not to paint themselves is that was in time of old, the way a prostitute identified
herself was by shades of purple, meaning
she was available. That’s what they didn’t
want you to participate in. But makeup in moderation is,
some people have too much sun, sunscreen and things
that for health reasons, everything in
moderation is fine. Victor from Oregon. Where can I find in the
Bible the scripture that say, to be absent from this body
is present with the Lord? II Corinthians 5:7-8. Yethi from Arizona. I work in physical therapy
and I had an experience to go work with a down syndrome
patient and when I walked into the room, I never knew
this person and he said, “I know you, you know God.” And I said, “Yes I do know God.” Does God have special
people out there? Anytime you have
the Holy Spirit, an Innocent person can sense it. People are drawn to it, that’s the evidence of
having the Holy Spirit in your person. Bob from California. Pastor, how can I prove the
Kenites are descendants of Cain? Semper fi from an old tail
gunner in the air force, and semper fi right back. It’s real simple, you see, the word Kenite means
offspring of Cain. It’s a Hebrew word, take
your Strong’s Concordance and check out the word
Kenite and it will tell you the offspring of
Cain, the firstborn. Sharon from Kentucky. May your teaching
continue to be blessed. Well thank you and
we ask the same. Will there be women as we
know them in our next life or will we all be male? We’re not gonna be male,
we’re not gonna be female, we’re gonna be as the angels. That’s the teachings of Christ. They neither give in marriage
nor take in marriage, but are as the angels. That’s in the third Heaven age. Don’t let that throw somebody,
for the bodies we’re in in Heaven in the second
earth age and the first. My name is Christy from
Florida I love you. Thank you I appreciate
that, that’s returned. I have a question I
need you to answer, my sister has confided in me
that she has committed adultery several times and I told her
to repent and renew her mind, however she believes
the sin is unforgivable. Adultery is not the
unpardonable sin. You assure her not
to harm herself, that Christ paid an
awesome price on the cross. That that sin could be forgiven. Is it a bad sin? Well it’s not good
but it’s forgivable. And God loves her, she
needs to do that repenting and right away. And once she repents, he said I don’t wanna
hear about it again and stop bringing it
up, forget about it, it’s past, it didn’t happen. This would be Jerry
from Kentucky. What does pray that your flight
be not in the winter mean? You’re quoting from say Mark
chapter 13 or Matthew 24 and what it means is, it’s
talking about the harvest. You don’t harvest in
the middle of winter. What it means is you would
be taken out of season by the antichrist okay? Ronald from West Virginia. Why is it in your
spiritual body to, it takes 1,000 years to teach and in the flesh body you
get less than one tenth time? It isn’t a matter of
takes that long to teach, Satan is locked away for
that long period of time because this is
the final chapter. People will have
that opportunity, they’re in spiritual bodies,
they will not see death as far as we know death today. And they will have an
opportunity to learn the truth, and when Satan is
released a short season, this is for people that
didn’t overcome in the earth. If they still go with him, they’re going to Hell
that’s just the way it is. Why? We don’t want them around. We don’t wanna have to
go through this again. We want peace there. Scott from Pennsylvania. Thank you for your comment, I understand Satan
cannot produce life, with that said, how was
Cain the seed of Satan? God created Satan and
God created the woman, Satan didn’t. That that is natural is natural. Bob from Nebraska. I have a question, I know when you die your
spirit body goes back to God. When Jesus returns to earth
and all the spirit bodies, are they going to be with Him? Not all. Those that God uses to
teach through the millennium and then Heaven is
shut for that period. I’ve had people tell me that they are a born
again Christians, just exactly what
does born again mean? It’s a misquote from
the manuscripts. It’s supposed to
be born from above. And anybody that
is in a flesh body, born of man and woman,
naturally, is born from above. Trish from Washington. As far as the health laws go,
I know you are not supposed to eat pork, so what is the
reason the pig is on the planet? To take care of garbage. It’s to keep disease
off the earth. But then you don’t eat
them after they partake of the disease. Chris from Oklahoma. My sister’s trying to tell
me that we are mamzar’s because our father comes from
Czechoslovakia and our mother comes from Germany and
I told her that’s not. And you’re right, you’re not. Those are of the 10
tribes, both of them. Betty from Georgia. What scriptures in the
Bible are concerning the bronze vehicle
that circles the earth? Ezekiel it was. Ezekiel chapter 1:4,
the color amber, go to your Hebrew dictionary
and check out the word in your Strong’s for
amber in the Hebrew and you’ll see it’s
highly polished bronze. Gordon from Illinois. When Satan is back, doesn’t
he kill the two witnesses? Doesn’t that tell people
right then that he is Satan? Do you think people
are gonna believe when he kills the witnesses? They’re gonna celebrate. Well how do you know that? It’s written, that’s what it
says in Revelation chapter 11. Jody from Colorado. Is it okay to pray for yourself? Of course it is. Just talk to the Father,
that’s what prayer is. Just talking to our
Heavenly Father. Let Him know what you’re, but always let Him
know you love Him. How do I know you love Him? You wouldn’t be praying
to Him if you didn’t. And you would consider
it a waste of time. So if you love Him, follow Him. Vivian from Ohio. Please explain the season
of the fig tree again, my brain is not holding
all the wonderful things that you are teaching. Nobody can retain everything. The parable of the fig tree is
whereby when as we will learn in Jeremiah 24, when Israel
becomes a nation again, that happened in 1948,
and therefore all
that the generation of the fig tree means is to
let God’s elect know you’re in the season of the end. And so it is. We got Terri from Illinois. Thank you so much for
all, you’re welcome. My question is, where
does it say in the Bible how Jesus’s body actually
changed physically on the cross and became sin? Something about how
people can see the change? His body did not become sin. He was not sin. He died on the cross where
our sins could be forgiven. And so it is. I’m out of time. Hey, I love you all because
you enjoy God’s teaching, His chapter by chapter,
verse by verse, you love it, and you know what? It makes His day. When you make His day, boy
is He gonna make yours. Brought to you by your
tithes and offerings. If we have helped you, you
help us keep coming to you, won’t you do that? Bless God, He will
always bless you. Most important though,
you listen to me, listen good, you
stay in His word. Everyday in His word is a
good day even with trouble. You know why? Because Yashuah Jesus
is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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