Unbelievable Mind Reader DNA Blow Judges’ Minds Again! | Semi Final 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

Double up get ready sir see any I’m Andrew I’m [Darrin] week, or see everybody When we met six years ago We have the idea to do something that nobody else in the world was doing could this puzzles last three digits of their phone number Yeah, just save this person’s [nail] in your mind We read people’s minds directly in a loud [clear] voice whose number is this my sister, Debbie? That’s what I’ve got We created and perform something known as gift. We are the only people in the world [for] doing [it] We know with what we perform it really freaks people out. We’ve got you to both think of somebody famous you thought of harry potter Last year a magician one [brings] on tanith, and it’s been incredible for magic I feel what we do is different And I feel like [it] [feels] [good] a new experience for us at [home] The prize of the world right is no bigger goal than that well tonight We have got something bigger and better far very risky We’re going to make sure that we deliver The best performance that we can give we’ve been working so [hard] for this the pressure is on both of us But we are one person on that [stage] We are [Dla] Good evening The Oxford English dictionary divides the letter p as the supposed communication of thoughts or iDeas by means other than [the] [known] senses David we’d like to think of a word it could be [any] [word] in the English language But not [made-up] word or a name something that everyone here would recognize Please get that word in your mind now because you’re about to write it down in [a] moment Please sign the paper to authenticate it and write the [words] you’re thinking off on the line in big capital letters So it’s easy to read Once you’ve done that please tear the page [off] and fold up put into [your] pocket for later I’m going to come down and join you save it please keep [that] word of secret You three are about to make some decisions? Here’s I have a deck of cards Each of you will choose a card from a different position in the deck Simon as I mix the cards Please say stop for me right there Amanda. Please do the same as I mix the cards please say stop Stop and Finally Alicia as I mix the cards please say stop [stop] [right] [there] Three-tails chosen from a mixed deck I’m going to mix the cards even more Alicia you’re about to make the final decisions You’re going to decide who gets which card, but when you get your cards, please don’t look at them Alicia Would you like Simon to have top middle or bottom? Middle Middle one for [me] would you like a manners that have top or bottom title for Amanda? It’s not fit this one is for you. Thank you. I need Everyone here to realize what’s happened? The cars were chosen from a shuttle deck those cards would then mix? Alicia you decided who would get which card and it would be impossible for us to have influenced any of those decisions What’s this? I’m getting a feeling about something? You have free cards. [I] have free cards Simon show everyone you have the farm spades now, please exactly the [Farmer] say Amanda show everyone you have the nine of diamonds Wow, exactly the niners Island And Alicia show everyone you have the two of hearts exactly the [two] I’m going to be [honest] [with] [you]. This was never about the cards This was about us being able to influence the decisions you would make Simon you have the five of spades because that was the one you’ve always meant to have and here’s the proof our five of spades Has got your name on it Amanda you have to have the nine of diamonds because online of diamond has got your name You are always [testings]. Have the toolpath because our two apart has got your name Barfle Savings, you’re still thinking of a word a word You’ve kept a secret since the beginning please don’t say anything out [loud] now want everybody here to know that we didn’t set anything up with David in Advance and If David were to say his word out loud And then we showed you all that we have predicted that ahead of time Well that would be a magic trick, and that’s not what this is David please just think of your words Hold that thought for me I’m going to be [honest] What I’ve written down probably won’t [mean] much the judges or the audience here or the millions watching a home? But this means everything to Andrew Simon since the beginning of our performance you’ve had a dictionary in front of you If there are likely to turn to page one for one for when you’re on that page I’d like to look into the right-hand column I’d like you to count down to the eleventh word [ere] the neither draw the top Simon what you see one [form] [for] [Ladx] Where while Simon’s looking for that page? Would you please remove the paper from your pocket? But please don’t unfold one forward [foot] so time and that page one [rear] with all your mind and [fall] By [alright], okay? We’ll find him you’re on that page. Just give me a minute. No problem. I [could] we get in there excellent? I Work down, we’re one for one here. Okay. [no] [Right-hand] column Please [Countdown] to the 11 words in Bold There are three columns one ever one for Right-hand Column 11th, word down Because they’re hanging all your mail every word Accuracy is crucial here [sender]. Okay. You want to work. I think [the] [first] would you please read that word out loud? [yes], a bit confusing because one kind of carried over from the other but we think it’s probably Probably yeah, David for the first time please unfold your paper Show it to the camera Read aloud the words you cho Probably probably great You guys people who guys? Also, love all four judges on their feet [their] alicia. I don’t know how you do it It doesn’t matter otherwise. You know is that you are brilliant, and you’re safe The way you conduct yourself throughout your apps where you draw us all in is hypnotizing And I think you guys are brilliant really excited about that, [and] [that] was just amazing Homes of people on their sofas as exciting as it did in here because you could literally cut the atmosphere with a knife in here Alicia’s right you are so Engaging I can’t take my eyes [off] you. I don’t know how you did it amazing [yeah], so see this is a good at what we did last is a different smallest numbers I’ve ever seen in my life. How does love you. How did you do that I? Mean seriously I have no idea what just happened there but that was honestly Incredible For me was truly magical. Is that you got [Simon] [cowell] to read a book I was incredible. I’m a didn’t find it easy Together no it was incredible. I could I could I could [vouch] for these guys They did not tell me to do that in any way, so I have absolutely no idea. How you did it. Well. No, thank you Final to do like you have to go on and on Vaughn is 6:24 [2406] or of [courses] [and] vote by the output not yet gordon doesn’t open food we’ve seen the luck one more shine [Lomond] Ca


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