– Hey, it’s Brian Rose from London Real. How would you like to unlock your epigenetic blueprint and discover the limitless possibilities encoded in your DNA? Well, it’s really exciting because we’ve teamed up
with Dr. Daniel Stickler and the folks over at Apeiron to offer you exactly that. And what they do is they allow you to submit your DNA which I’ve actually just
done on a swab on my cheek. I’m gonna send it into their labs and within 14 days, I’m gonna have the raw data and then I’m gonna get on a phone call with one of their certified
epigenetic performance coaches and and thyre gonna walk me through my personal genetic blueprint and explain exactly how
I can design my lifestyle to achieve optimal performance. And if you know me here at London Real, I love performing at my best, whether I’m crossing the finish
line at the Iron Man race or just working every single day to 120% to do what we love here, it all comes down to your
genetics and your epigenetics. So if you’re interested in learning more about
this incredible service, click on the link below. They’ll send you one of these kits, you post it in the mail and then you’ll get on the phone with one of your epigenetics
performance coaches and find out what you can do to live the most optimised life. Look forward to hearing
about all your results. Thanks so much.


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