Using a Family Group Sheet

Hello, now we are going to discuss how to
use a family group sheet when doing genealogical research. For each person on your ancestor
chart, you will want to create a family group sheet.
Although you may wonder why you need to record information about an ancestor’s siblings,
doing so allows you to gather information about other people in your ancestor’s community
that may be of value later. Sometimes brick walls in research are overcome by studying
the families connected to a direct ancestor. Family group sheets will also help you compile
a complete family history. A family group sheet should show basic information
about a single family, including major life events and relationships. It should also allow
you to see at a glance what information you have and what else you need to find.
Begin with the father and mother. Record for each, if you can, full name, date and place
of birth, date and place of marriage, date and place of death, burial location, names
of parents, and names of other spouses if applicable.
Next add the children. Record them in birth order, with number one being the oldest. Include
name, date and place of birth, date and place of death, marriage date or dates and place,
as well as, the spouse’s name. Be sure to include your name along with the
date you created the document. Also, be sure to cite sources of information
that you use to identify family members and their life events.
Now that you have an ancestor chart and family group sheet, we hope that you have a better
picture of an ancestor’s life. As you continue your research, remember to gather family group
sheet information for each generation in your family lines.
Contact us if you have questions about family group sheets. Thank you.

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