Using DNA to Explore Ancestry (Introduction) – Mark Shriver

Mark Shriver:
— tag for this meeting, and it’s sidiaspora13. Is that right? Yeah. So, go ahead and tweet
your thoughts, questions — Male Speaker:
Someone’s got a better [unintelligible]. Mark Shriver:
[laughs] All right. And what we’re going to do, we’ve got three speakers, and then we’ll
have a more detailed discussion. So I’ll ask that we only have any clarifying questions
during the presentations by the three speakers. Then we’ll have them come up here, and, as
a panel, be able to address questions. But we are going to leave 15 minutes at the end
for any questions that you have. So we’ll have some time for interaction with the audience. And I’d like to introduce our first speaker,
Jake Byrnes. He’s a scientist with Ancestry DNA. So, come on up, Jake.

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