Valley of Torment | Fire Emblem: Three Houses Ep.60 (First Playthrough, Blind, Let’s Play)

yo hi and welcome my name’s and you ruin
our cue back to let’s play for him them three houses in the last episode we
started chapter 15 and now we are in chapter 15 and lots of enemies over here
and yeah how about we deal with all of them and I just now realized I need ash
what is wrong with me I should have a 28 dang it I brought feelings because story
maybe he has something to say oh I hope I put out so dang it and he was that
team with Shawn yeah dang it this puts everything ha ha why did that
happen now I know supports but – no nobody asked everyone dang it C well it
was so soon alright alright now we know it can start
alright let’s go meet the enemy commander yuri Saturn in the last part
alright already this place stick nigga right I know what I wanted to do in the
first one I want this guy to be she’s lured by robots like this most people
should come after him and I don’t know someone’s taking away those things I did
not check I probably did not prepare myself too well well yeah I hope there
are no fees coming someone needs to take those attacks
4129 41:29 I guess him then I need my main character over there and she dance
now actually did not let’s do that and let’s get them closer because why not I really want to steal this this one
master C of a little fancy alright and you guys down there
do whatever dang it a dancing skill does not work alright
but we should be fine even if they all come after us now bring it I’m prepared
I guess yeah didn’t even w3 oh come on
how about yeah they all coming after me and it’s a little bit annoying okay you
are walking into the fire and my range nuts not to I’ve got Hanuman let’s deal with
the situation first he’s an experienced ring so I want him to kill most of the
things he hopefully nope how does one kill things he’ll split our entire
Armada nope and I can kill him
and how about we take care of those arm was over there don’t you have nope yes like free-range metric right yep
would be useful right now isn’t for one usually affects up against armoire and
some games hello okay us what last an hour killing you killing me
I think steel gauntlets would be the best it triggers like a special skill up
two times yep Wow oh yeah yeah the pole cause he’s not
checking Becca for tech I was doing like fire text at once I can not reach this
guy are you kidding me oh it’s because oh yeah she has that wants to have I
forgot I think we just like magic range okay so far I thought you could move
again okay that situation is pretty much taken care what healing spells do you have you
don’t have nope what is WAP doing third place within a
range based on mash okay not bad disks and alloys should be able to finish a good job there but you got a LeBlanc ten
feet anymore defense you know because it wasn’t as high enough for this all right
yes good I need to make him in twelve Anna all that was good experience and I
feel like I own I only use like the neutral characters which kind of sucks okay I don’t know what to do with this
one situation up there a little bit dangerous because Hanuman is in range I’m just gonna block you off it would be
really terrible if you go off to ash just saying can you just scratch this guy a little
bit wait I know exactly what to do because I want to get that killed for
Katherine you’re not yeah okay I get to Chesky after that so yeah that’s great
and borne as long as that other archers not going after after ash we are fine so the neutral terrain let’s move you up
here just in case this guy’s trying to do some funny things I can okay can I just write form ah Oh God
18 quit I just remember okay so far not too hard but I’m preparing myself for
what I was coming but so far not much to deal with
all right masses here gimme oh so just place that thing in my inventory what oh wow you are not presenting very much
Oh even if you quit oh we have ash so yeah let’s move them over here so if you can
take care of that chest already not body free Oh way that actually does a lot of
damage I cannot I cannot do math 43 dang it yes
the barely survived and I do not have a ring you have closed counter rights yeah
then again he’s like I’m just wandering around here oh wait I can just do this I
can just go up here and pour all right now one got it alright those people I would like it if some people would
come after him was thinking I cannot okay I think we can just safely forget
what to left rather say cure but Gilbert because he’s probably not doing any he’s
probably not taking any damage what I want to say you get some defense do I
have any heat up there no all right let’s go up there dang it should have
moved him can’t believe I do that for for this now Seth
all right now one shot already used as probably like I
don’t know I was about to say cheese man but there are no achievements in those
games and intended yes I mean all right and those balls like I just wait here
for them all right no yeah why are you going oh this guy for
creature Oh daddy ah oh I don’t like to conscious they’re
so much like what if I put like Felix and killbots
one of all of them should be fine all right can I take this chest without
getting triggered getting attacked by you guys but out this guy okay someone needs to hear them I cannot
reach him dang it let’s do this one first yes okay
ready 338 it doesn’t seem right like I do not do any damage to him what what’s
going on yeah probably because of that one she is wide and I gave to him that’s
probably it right now what’s your defense twenty it’s not that bad you
know just hope you survive this Oh God
that’s what break are your plans right now oh yeah I don’t think we can make
this out of your life this huh okay that’ll cool okay and he can get hit by every single
person yeah I was going on here charmingly chopped badly let’s just hope
that this works what gives you the most of voids he only has a steel X I just
realized he takes seven damage from this guy
what no 17 it’s not gonna get doubled right 2090 19
ah you have to put em song I don’t know I just do this thank you this one night
will not attack him oh wait I’m so stupid I can easily take
out this phone should probably get targeted by
this one by this guy or maybe not but yeah okay that it actually was a good
idea this I don’t know you you’re not healing up completely what monk is
faster and I have all the high level two characters up here kinda sucks any
tournament to get up there okay we just move to over here we are slowly keeping
an eye on that chest and hopefully no one gets after this chest so yeah it slowly up here take some damage from
the floor and maybe trigger this guy at least and sure it’d be fine Hanuman you need to take help those guys
in there are my Knights and Phoenix gonna have a bad time over here pinky it’s gonna have a really bad time
yep yep well then again okay no just makes a
cartwheel to the land 25 for damage what the Lord can pick up one or two cubes
maybe cartwheel to the left hey yo what’s up over Jay that hurts a
lot well we’re fine oh okay I need to kill some of those
people I think Oh what okay I really should’ve bought something
oh you know almost lay us and all that Oh level spot yep
kind of neat that right now nobody move wait how is a training boat doing
more damage what oh it didn’t I mean this is not as hard of a
situation right now but I don’t want you to wait I know exactly where to now
perfect we have a no you do not have a to ranged thingy and then we just do
that crap you I sometimes forget that this is a pain no damage
experience and all that and this situation okay I would like you to get
secured over here Wow Wow okay I’ll take it No oh my Cedars I was wondering why I’m not
deploying my students but they yeah like I don’t know already at the right level
because they get experience from just being there why did that look so funny
now okay yeah okay you go after alloys awesome
you go after Manuela that was also not too bad he’s not getting double she has
16 speeds why 32 and it’s 16 all right this one guy
goes off from Manuela and like I got on the plane and we applying 16 epified let’s not do that oh yeah that and one guy’s stuck I was
wondering someone is gonna die now you weren’t supposed to kill oh it’s just
free range you can counter as well who’s that are you kidding me it’s gonna
be something Felix it’s all the way down there there’s always something like
happening that’s its kind of messing up everything come on okay I think I need walk in space we’re
gonna range based on magic I’m gonna assume that is the range right all right
we need to let me do this okay Felix I’m gonna send you up there because really
that’s all it is not a lot yeah this guy’s gonna kill everything right now
take away everything and I need to make a case for the treasure chest
right there’s so much that could get wrong now and I could mess up now I
should actually do some random barrels just because of that and not fear are to
know that it’s not killing up to us okay this guy is not gonna die right come on
please just stay over there like really it’s gonna mess up everything can I place him over there I gotta be tournament or to help this
guy what okay I just need to make sure that I get
all the treasure chests I think there’s my top priority right now
say ash no.1 I’m gonna go here with my main character he’s our chest key and
ash is gonna go and take this chest what what just happened something just
happened a game was like freezing for few seconds it’s usually like a sign for
I don’t know I don’t know if something got triggered right now
he disguiser by XD onyx my main character Abel he does not have SWAT
breaker expert I mean alright Dmitri Werner ie dang it wait I am the main
character am i doing I can just use convoy okay I don’t have to start
probably you need a concussion I need a chest ki need to use that concussion on
user iris Swartz I guess and for should be fine now now she needs some heat all right no
gosh there’s a lot more damage than I expected
now here’s exactly 27 this Amy that’s not gonna be enough please just stay over there okay you’ll just stay over there please all right move faster I’m seriously
there’s always something like wow that was actually not bad I mean they’re
still like no let’s do use some time thing it timidly get out the way geez I
just realized those guys are gonna kill him
now I did not want to open that I wanted to use the 11th floor because
those guy actually terrifying all right this guy does 27 damage then we should
be fine what cannot use it from over here right
you you’re just gonna shell out anything you are way too strong I think wow why
are you so bad and healing I thought your magic is like astronomically high I could have to forget him which alloys
nope all right to the left please or something nope down all right okay what
him over here maybe I’m lucky in this night goes up to him oh yeah I can still
move come on quit thank you very much yo D yo um wait I can trigger you pretty
too what do I want that why do I not have weather or anyone you have
concussions no please they cannot hit this and all day okay
well what’s a hit this guy this guy does not move too far that’s good yeah I
always forgot you can just hear themselves I was so broken okay if this Carentan 10 captain can
take the others yes hopefully yeah should be fine hopefully let’s
believe right this guy 37 38 that should be in love balli I just hope she can touch that one
attack okay all right let’s use WAP one more time
last time Oh are we only have to cuz it was experiencing all that and now we can
open that chest let’s get Felix up there maybe you can talk to us old man okay you better not run away from me want to go off to em okay
bad mistake but you want those and that’s not what I like happening right
now I’ve lived above it but one step and
this guy’s moving of course this guy’s moving now I have to protect the stupid
guy now that was going to happen where’s it going are you fleeing from
this guy I’m not gonna pick those guys can bet that and yeah there are too many
people over here I think yep give me a break man can I even save this rescue hmm let me just think for a moment that
give me gives you shit I really wish that she didn’t get stunned dang it
there are too many enemies over here okay first of all let me check you you
cannot talk why you can talk with him what whoa effect we request that like
the nexus thing okay feelings so I got something
I’m just here I can rescue this guy right that’s just what I’m going to do now I probably just kill it
dang it what am i department um that’s am I supposed to do hmm think gambit would be the best thing to
do now well I can just hope now I guess you have a concussion well I guess we’re gonna see funder
Bryant in action once probably need that I’ve more boys than killing me all right
West yeah those guys are not coming after this guy can’t this guy can’t
should survive I think maybe hopefully this guy’s only a how much damage does
he do 27 of course mmm maybe just maybe can survive doing this much damage is going to do like this no in disguise the only one
who managed to double him right I think we are pretty much dead okay I
can just leave here I mean that’s actually what I’m gonna do because this
one guys up there I don’t like into clothing right now I want to open that
chest before I do anything else all right let’s see how this all works
out this guy just stepped into the fire and
he doubles really I did not expect you to come on watch the whole run again
when this is such a stupid situation we found ourself in right now come on honey
man why did you have to get doubles okay can I skip that and this guy ah let’s save this I think we have to go back for the I think we actually have to save Catherine
out of there just go now we can’t save this other guy you know what this is not gonna work – you
have to go one more to run back I think I really don’t like using that okay
let’s not go down there alright alloys I can take you down here hopefully you
will not die or kill but think of what would be better when you can pretty much
tank everything whop perfect it is a lot better now this guy can just take care
of everything awesome move him down here and pause I
mean we can’t even talk to – like what’s it whatever his name is
again Rodrigo okay I’m gonna rescue him away
once we get too close this guy I mean check this guy everything should work
out now yep hey let’s not move everyone down here
that’s just too much going on well we can we can get scampering down there not
to take on those other people on the left but just to take this guy on and
yeah we should be fine I was actually less unit alright missed but something good form
pick Dimitri’s okay what are you go we got close enough
I’m just gonna save you you know you don’t look like you need saving okay I mean we can’t even talk to him
with his own son was Anya and I made sure to get there as fast as
possible what do we get nothing and like your way or what’s up ah let me use the
break eggs I just kill I don’t know why I wanted to get the killer especially well yeah here I’m up completely there should be a
lot better off now someone needs to take care of those guys mmm it’s just the one
with the battalion it’s getting closer at least there we go probably gonna use
that one stupid gambit but whatever okay since I know there are people coming
over from here let me just place you over here should be fine now and now
they all move of course and hey you did not use a gambit don’t remember who it
was we did it you’re taking up this guy one movement
all right this looks a lot more manageable on the
left side oh you appear all the way down there I’m
just gonna skip that yeah you’re close enough but I can save you from yourself nope you are not wait I can I can make
sure okay if I move you up here then we should be fine because this guy is not
gonna take any damage what is wrong with you no one is gonna get him right so I
was just shooting at this one rock in the middle of the path no already kill them nope and if I just realized if you don’t talk
with this guy with your main character then you’re pretty much like missing out
a legendary weapon why I mean what is up with that
come on and no one’s coming down to see alloys that kinda is a shame okay we can
still get this guy I’m just gonna use that it’s an illusion what is up with
that there we go more why am I here waitwhat
someone is ugly wait what 21 shots gonna place her over yeah okay
please tell me you’re still going to the right after those NPCs and I’m pretty
much just left over there they were just like all right captain we’re gonna go or
command or whatever general you’re gonna go and kick their butts and where you’re
going ah and they’re all alone yeah I’m not
gonna bother particular things they can take some there’s such a dick move on my
site I literally just let them yeah they’re all going to fuck it now I can
go to the left and get them all to the chest and he’s going to the left to one of
those guys he’s placing himself perfectly all right you I don’t think
you go ahead and give me your give me your thing look all right I could save
one of them but I don’t awesome I a certain person oh no Gus Quinn was a
let’s dance oh that is set up okay you guys please come talk to me and
maybe let me kill you I’m ash why are you over here I need to
hear you all so that you can get up to those chests gotta be kidding me oh hello oh hello didn’t expect you to kill
him actually but okay oh yeah she assignments I was wondering
why why does she have such a high range Dimitri could not talk with him right
Felix for some reason could not talk with them so yeah sky in the background
was waiting for so long let me get that one sport well that’s
not in New York I actually need your pain okay I quipped that I get HP back
right like get HP back either way this is gonna be close I hope it’s one guy’s
just boss it’s just going to the right nuts back to the left die NPC wasting your gambit it still hit you so yeah are they going
to write awesome Oh everything looks all perfectly but I don’t know if you can
consider this a strategy and he’s running away he’s like no I’ll set up Robert no strength and all
that but so I need to get over there and fast about say you can tell except you
say it can’t Columbus we know you’re talking to this match Kayla ash I can
kill everything right more kills for alloys also stupid let’s get her to kill hi what’s up you here – I’m here – you
can actually double with that and she actually thought okay I still have some
rescue left right so they decide to turn around
flank and just get in there and I don’t know save him in time right – I mean I do it to be so Vanek um less mom what seventies oh come on nope alright and and I’ll get one it in for
experience and already then they make me just Strasser that’s not how you kill a
person this is how you kill a person look at all
why is it so super big are you always just tall I I can end this mission every any time I
want you just realized I just killing this guy I think uh where are you go I’m
just supposed to go after this guy this is literally like milking out I don’t
know some experience I get finally now we can silver shields now we can end
this chapter no one has anything left right except
experience there’s a chest and just how do I check one less yep it’s like
there’s no chest all right so like this then they’re
getting closer on killing the boss I guess but not without getting a few
things in terms of experience okay now what do we do about this situation
should pick up like every single person at once no not at once slowly pick up everyone what oh because
surveillance m40 and you will not get killed and speed
16:19 it’s probably gonna like gets fried so let’s see le lets him next to
her let me slowly get over there I mean I just having Dmitriy over there
we should actually be able to kill those people what oh I would have probably get
doubled if Claire not just placed someone in there or two people you can
tank all of this what are you doing you miss you are toppled what are you
doing and how strong is this guy he has a silver and he has a ton of things it
increased by 20 yeah you’d pretty much killed yourself just now what are you okay first of all this guy place someone
here someone really really strong you should survive right we can hem Felix
survived all of the head how can we just make what we can just destroy this guy
what what has happened okay think that goes more like a challenge
what no playing can just go in there and destroy this guy if you quit that would be nice
all right oh that doesn’t kill right oh wait it yeah it kills awesome oh my
god okay good thankfully can’t believe I’ll still like
kind of winning this okay I was seeing things right
right I can just go in here and kill this guy right he doesn’t have any nasty
counter abilities right and fair exper hit keen intuition i’ma blow nope we can
just go in there and destroy him all right let me kill some stuff then
why do that oh maybe just maybe you can do this god damn okay hope you don’t go after him like
that would be really as what make me a little bit salty and all this guy is
gonna be I see so strong is probably one of the
strongest laws I’ve ever seen like damage-wise at least that was just
insane all right wait you have a magic wait why would you go and like he’s
probably founded this magic right so yes see how this all works out and then you
can move and gametes are broken how he gives himself up why you’re going
he’s using okay oh my god what’s happening
yeah all right we pretty much won like I thought this
would be a little bit more difficult to deal with boss at least
well now let’s get some experience yeah okay I call you let’s see how long I can bore this out not a he’s not even in range only
anyways not left as long she’s not going like hello now
let me just get your honor I don’t think he’s gonna be out of range
Disgaea but nope nothing it’s why well I can still load so yeah doesn’t really
matter yes all right let’s see and he’s taking
damage from the fire why would you do that this guy as physics King you can
hear from far away actually you can heal from far away and he decides to get
really close to him just imagine how awkward that must be for this guy a
little bit far away I want to hear you examine what is happening all right can
we get a level up for well anyway this is like an opportunity
to get some experience I guess oh yeah I’m gonna take it you want or not like
it or not I mean all right warm and quit actually did not want you to quit but
okay I think we actually need to kill this guy let me kill this one guy yeah
I’m just gonna assume that’s my main character James frying or Dimitri at
least the Celts divert the Frank what is that he didn’t touch now all right let’s
see steal what well that’s a crypt waitwhat he’s doing 46 stablish okay everyone is
full ah dangit I wish I saw that oh yeah hi
everyone is full now wait a minute at the convoy what am i doing
I thought that it only works on my extra thickness if against cavil you alright and even if things are wrong going wrong
image we can just go in there and destroy him you know what let’s try that
if he goes up on my main character then we can destroy him in a moment :
here’s a speed of six what it’s resistance of that means he has 25
damage that means he’s actually dead yeah but just in case the entry try to
not hit him I just realized blue line for this great image you’re not very
first no shots lecture people about those bank yeah Oh dr. Holz Dmitry did not quit got a
level up okay okay alright let’s go solve it don’t touch me
oh it was a fun chapter actually I also got a lot of experience and items really
fun chapter really fun to play you know I’m actually right here
Oh Manuela okay all right that was a really fun
chapter and I like that everything worked out the way I wanted it so yeah
good I hope you enjoyed this part please consider leaving a like comment or
subscribe that would be really nice of you and I’ll see you then in the next
part bye bye

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