*Text: Follow me around – DOING A DNA-TEST* Good morning everybody! I thought I would vlog today, but that you’ve might already seen in the title Now, I’m gonna go to a small meeting here, a place called Miss Clara I have always wanted to get here, it looks so nice here at the outdoor-seating area. and I think I look pretty today too! I’m going to meet a guy from channel 5 The meeting was nice and went well but, guys what do you think, honestly, what do you think about youtubers producing TV-shows? Do you feel like “Yes, I’m so excited!” like “yes, yes, yes, my favorite youtuber is making a TV-show” or do you feel like… Do you feel like that or do you feel like “Yes!” *Aaah* oh God, I felt that when I went away from Miss Clara like “Ouch, I have gotten a little bit chafed feet”, I haven’t really walked in these shoes enough already There’s blood! Ouch! so now I’m at a pharmacy and I’m going to buy patches, then I’m gonna go to have lunch with the people from Cube Aaaah, look at who I see! Hello! Look! Just fixing it up a little bit, like that, nice! We are going to eat at this place, a restaurant that’s called Mother “Mama” (Mother) Yes, look at what I have bought! It’s a bra, and by the way, the lunch with Cube went really well, everyone working there are so nice and so sweet for instance, we talked about starting a blog which you know I’m excited to do, we will see what I do with that Anyways, I bought this because OH MY GOD, there have been so many of you that have sent me DM’s on instagram and asked me to make a video where I try this It’s a bra that you stick onto the boobs and then you tighten in the middle by doing like that, and then if you have fat here it comes together and there will be like a little cleavage and um… It felt like a really good idea to try this in a video when I just bought it, now a little bit less like a good idea do you get what I mean? I’m thinking that, it is published for a comment section, full of not very nice stuff For most I am thinking that there will be people that, people that write mean stuff basically Because there will be a lot of boobs, the focus will be on the boobs really! I don’t know, I think that it would be fun to try this in a video but, I don’t know, what do you think? I will put a question up here, I never remember in what corner I do so, but I will put up a question there where I ask if I should make a video where I try this on, or if it is too much Talking about unpleasant comment section, I’m right now sitting in the most unpleasant comment section of unpleasant comment sections The case is that I’m going to take part of a campaign that BRIS is running with Julia, the magazine Julia you know, which is about web hatred, and, they asked if I would like to take part of this campaign and like favor and raise it up and stuff like that, and I think that it’s a really really good campaign and, a important subject so “Absolutely” I said, so then my thought is that I’m going to make a video where I’m talking a little bit about web hatred But then I thought that I would also read up web hatred, and that’s why I have gone into this awful folder The way it works on youtube is that if you own a youtube channel, you can block words, unpleasant words I have for example blocked, okay now I’m going to say a lot of unpleasant words so if you have children near you then maybe you should turn the volume down a little bit, I have blocked words like slut, whore, cunt, fuck Also foul language like, there are many people that write, *Oh*, use the word gay, bad, racist words, you know that begins with N All of these bad words I have blocked I feel like I have a responsibility, because it’s my comment section and I’m the only moderator I can’t read every single comment on every video I don’t go back and look at old videos but people still comment on my old videos so I can impossibly keep track Therefore, my only solution was to block these words that I know occur in these hate comments when people are unpleasant against each other or unpleasant against me It just doesn’t belong on my youtube channel Like, I don’t feel like I have to defend that I have blocked these words But, what happens when you block a word is that the person that writes this hate comment, that contains a bad word, that person still sees the comment, like if you write “Die you whore” and then you press publish and then it is published there under my video, and then the hater thinks “hihihihihi”, but there is no one else that will see that comment, no other viewer that is reading in the comment section will see the comment because it doesn’t show, only you that have written the comment will see it, do you get what I mean? It actually goes to a bin, and now I have entered that bin Where all of these blocked comments are placed and it is no fun to sit here and read these comments I have sat now for… *Gasping* Oh! My god! In four to five minutes I’m going to podcast with Zäta! (Zäta): There are so much interference but hi to the vlog! Now we are going to podcast! (Therese): Yes! (Zäta): Sports bra, wohoo! No, we went off! *Laughter* That was the best podcast episode we have made, it was really awesome! And Anders has come, even though we barely ever see each other on weekdays, but now we are (Therese): Hi! (Anders): Hello there! (Therese): I don’t have any sunscreen on, in the face (Anders): Oh no! Hey, you know the world’s biggest animal rights organization, or actually, first of all, the food that Anders made was delicious, the salad with some apple and stuff like that was really good and summery and fresh, and it was so cozy to sit out at the balcony to eat too But now, back to the world’s biggest animal rights organization, you know, PETA, they wrote to me, a few weeks ago, do you understand, to me that is really passionate about animal rights and that, think it’s important and that, really like PETA, it is the world’s biggest animal rights organization, I’m on their webpage constantly and when they wrote to me it was a really big recognition to get a mail where they wrote like, “Hello Therese, we have understood that you are an important voice when it comes to animal rights in Sweden and we just want to say keep up the good work” And they also asked me if I wanted to take part of, in a campaign that they are going to have Are you kidding, like what! To me it was really, really big, of course I want to take part! So right now I’m actually going to film a video to PETA, my God what a sick sentence to say because you see and hear it, to me it’s really big, like I’m gonna film a video to PETA It’s nothing that is going to be used on my channel, and not on my Instagram and not on my… It has nothing to do with me because they are going to use it in their social media Okay, so I don’t know how much I’m allowed to talk about this so that’s why I’m not telling what the video is about and stuff like that, but hopefully I’m allowed to talk about it later So much fun, so now I have set up my little, Softbox, and I’m gonna buy new lamps, I’m gonna buy these ring-lights for instance And so I have also set up my camera there So, let’s start! Look at how big my hair became When I took out that donut Oh, and it was so nice to take it out, you know if you have had your hair put up an entire day, it almost hurts when you put down the hair and pull it in the wrong direction *Ouch* But at the same time it feels good Now we are gonna go on a just a little, short walk (Anders): Short! (Therese): Right? And we are going put down that to the basement (Anders): Mmmh! There I have redemption bottles, should we go with that, what is the clock right now? (Anders): I don’t know, I don’t have any watch on Maybe we can go to go deposit too, it’s so nice to get rid of stuff like that The clock is 20:39, they close in 20 minutes No, I can do it another day! (Anders): Really? (Therese): Okay let’s do it! (Anders): Yeah, let’s do it (Therese): Yes, let’s do it! We deposit, we put the stuff down in the basement and plus that I’m going to donate a little bit of clothing *Therese and Anders singing* Can you lift me up like on Tumblr? (Anders): Like on..? (Therese): Tumblr! (Anders): Oh yeah, Tumblr! (Anders): Tumblr, let me think again, yeah like they do on the beach! (Therese): Mmmh, the beach? (Anders): Yes (Therese): I’m a bunny! (Child, Minna): I’m a bunny! I have bought a DNA-test! This is so cool, actually I follow a girl on Youtube that is called PiinkSparkles and she made a video recently where she ordered this test, and, what you do with this test is that you spit, it’s a little bit gross, you spit in this tube and then you put on the little lid and then you shake and put the tube in, a bag and then put the bag into this package and send this to the lab because in the saliva there is DNA and then after 6 to 8 weeks you get back the results from your DNA-test and from that you can see your origin, like, from where you originate basically PiinkSparkles, this girl that I follow on youtube could for example see that she had a little bit swedish blood, she could see that she had, Now I can’t quite remember what it was, if it was russian blood or whatever it was but it was really, really exciting, and when I have asked my parents if we have some kind of, other origin that I don’t know about because I know that my grandparents are born in Sweden and raised in Sweden their parents are also born and raised in Sweden and the parents before that are also born and raised in Sweden and even before that too, I have like, Um, we know quite far back, at least on my mother’s side, like the family tree and everybody are born and raised in Sweden so it’s going to be so interesting to get back this test in 6 to 8 weeks and see, if I have any, blood from somewhere else or whatever you say, DNA (Anders): What do you think you could have then? (Therese): Russian! Anders just asked me this “What was it that you wanted to do? Get your eyebrows tattooed, spray tan and what else was it?” And then I said I wanted permanent lashes, And he was like “How does that work, do you sew them on?” *Therese laughs* That was the cutest thing I have ever heard! The braces are on, besides that it goes well with the braces I am supposed to wear it for 24 hours and I don’t have it every day, I have it sometimes but not every day I actually need to work on that, But it goes well, I have just changed the plastic shields again, and they are really tightened really but it’s fun because then you feel like something is happening in there What a great day I have had today, I don’t know, if it was shown well in the vlog because sometimes when you have so much to do it kind of feels like “Oh, have I vloged today again?!” because, it was so much with the the two meetings and then I got chafed feet and um, filmed that PETA video, did a DNA-test, podcasted with Zäta, spent time with Anders, it has been a really good day and I’m so happy that you have followed around with me today! I’ll see you on Sunday with a new vlog, until then, take care! Bye! *Text: ILYSM – Thanks for watching! Hope you have a nice weekend!


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