Was That Really Me? A Look Back at Awkward Yearbook Photos | Ancestry

(upbeat music) – I think this was my
eighth grade picture. – I was about 16 in this photo. – Here I think I was trying to rebel against my natural curls. – It’s kind of like a nest
for a small woodland creature. – And I was like, if I just brush it out. – Oh, those glasses. They’re so round. – Oh yes, I’m wearing
sort of white lipstick. That was fashionable at the time. – The shirt? 100% dressed by my mom. – I did my hair and dressed up nice to satisfy my parents. – I’m like, “No, mom, I wanna
wear a basketball jersey.” – My mom would be like, “Oh,
what if colleges see that?” – Taking your yearbook
photo was a big deal. – A yearbook photo, I think,
is like this rite of passage. It was before social media,
and so every single thing about you wasn’t documented. – You literally had one
shot to present who you are. – Is my makeup okay? Is my hair okay? – What’s my look going to be? What’s the vibe? – It’s like a little time capsule. – It’s a little embarrassing,
but at the same time, I don’t know, I had to be this kid to be who I am now, I guess, you know? (upbeat music)


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