Was That Really Me? A Look Back at Awkward Yearbook Photos | Jeni | Ancestry

– That is, that is awkward. No, no, no, no, no. (upbeat music) So this was what I thought
4th graders wanted to wear. It was a shirt that was
sewn into the jacket, (chuckles) so you put the whole thing on. And I ended up looking like a secretary from Little House on the Prairie. Somewhere around 4th
grade, my hair got curly, and so my mother thought,
“We should get you a perm.” I think this was my 8th grade picture. It kinda looks like a foot
taller than I actually am because my hair’s so high. I believe I had just found
out what black eyeliner was. It looks like I did it on half my face and forgot to do it on the other half. I did my hair and dressed up
nice to satisfy my parents. Now my daughters are taking
their own yearbook photos. I want them to feel
beautiful and comfortable in their own pictures, so I let them choose
whatever they want to wear. Unless it’s crazy (chuckles),
then no (chuckles). (upbeat music)

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