We are Tennessee’s Appalachian Roots

The All of Us Research Program
is an ambitious effort to gather health information from one million or more
people across the US. Researchers will be able to use this information
to uncover new, more precise ways to prevent and treat disease, and to keep people healthy. We have a culture of giving in this state. Patients will want to give back
and be a partner in this program. I lived in Pennsylvania
and Georgia and around… Knoxville is just home,
you know what I mean? I wouldn’t go anywhere
if I had the opportunity. I just love it. The people around here are real nice people. Everybody thinks we’re nosy or anything but we just like to be polite
to everybody and sociable. We’re the volunteer state. There’s a flood somewhere,
somebody will go to it. Precision medicine
is going to be a game-changer for the level of engagement
and activity in each individual patient and family. We are looking to get individuals
from every walk of life. Our country is diverse,
so medicine has to be diverse. Appalachian people are known
for being fiercely independent. In order to get people to come in,
you have to go out where they are, where they live, where they work,
where they play, and that helps develop that trust
so that people are willing to then come in and get the care. Biological factors,
there are psychological factors, genetic factors, environmental factors. So the really cool thing
about the PMI initiative is it really takes into account
all of those factors and blends those. We’ve been around long enough
in our town that they know this is a trusted place to come to,
and a safe place to come to, and you’re not just helping one person. You’re going to help a family, a community. It’s a pretty exciting prospect to be able
to think, hmm, it’s a good thing. And what I like about is it’s not painting
with a broad brush. It’s more specific. And I like that. The medicine that I’m given may not work
for someone else. So if we can come into this thing,
I’m sure it would be a help.

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