We DNA Tested Our Dogs

pepper or we have opted doodie in the hate test yeah you don’t even know what’s coming for you [Music] hi I’m Farah and I have a small little dog named gizmo hi I’m Lara and I have a 5 pound little rat named pepper and we decided to get our dogs DNA tested obviously we’re both obsessed with our dogs and we take them hiking together a lot like their friends so honestly when she did it she was like I know Lara will want to do this – and of course I did prior to the testing I thought I knew what pepper was like she looks hard Yorkie and part Maltese so like it wasn’t too much of a mystery and I knew what gizmo was a little bit before the test because the family whose dogs gave birth to gizmo said that their dogs were shih tzu and the father I think was full Chihuahua a little kit I have to swap her this little thing honestly like every time I try and brush her teeth she freaks out so it should be a good experience so for all we’ll see how it goes the swabbing process for me she had the healthy and whole pepper downs pepper doesn’t like anything going near her mouth you should see when I try and give her her flea medication we’re gonna try this you ready no [Music] but you did it on your own I did I see he’s not actually gonna let me stick it in his mouth but then once I I kind of had to like calm him down and then slowly like introduce the swab Dilek his mouth and then just sort of like insert it into his gums very very gently and then once he got used to it he just like let me do it but are you glad it’s over yeah thank you pepper didn’t let us do it but she’s hollering yeah that’s a very good word [Music] you know see I’m honestly a little nervous to see the health stuff for peppers DNA test because I’m emotionally attached to pepper in a way that I never thought was possible and in a way that scares the outta me they have both been through a lot in our lives and our dogs just have been there through a lot of that both the good and the bad and so obviously we want our dogs to be healthy and happy I’m very scared at the possibility of it telling me something that could mean less time with her I’ve worried about her passing away since like the day but I met her I think what’s making me nervous about doing this test is because I’ve been through a few traumatic situations with gizmo already I figured out he’s allergic to bees like deathly allergic and I’ve had to like rush him to the vet twice on the brink of death and Oh yeah hello did she just eat some bread smells like dog food pepper came into my life during a time when it was really dark and she’s always there for me on my darkest days she never leaves my side so to think about the possibility of her being sick or being in pain and the rolls kind of being reversed like it makes me so sad so I’m very nervous for that these moms just you know my son and I care about him so much and we’ve been through a lot together he was literally the only living thing in my apartment with me when I found out my dad had passed and was sort of my first sense of comfort that I had through that I think I’m just worried for what will be revealed in the health portion of it just because he’s just so important to me and I don’t want to lose him it’s my little bud my little guy I don’t know I guess we’ll see what happens [Music] so gizmos breed results came in from embarked and we know that this guy is 37% Chihuahua 27% jitsu 15% Chinese Crested 12% Pomeranian and then 7% Pekinese the home he has Pommery yep Wow Deniz how him how do you feel about that I did he just kind of looked at me yeah I was like no we just feel fine I was surprised by the results like I said I thought pepper was like straight first of all I don’t even know if you can be 50/50 anything like that’s what I’ve learned it doesn’t make sense not how things work I thought pepper was straight fifty-fifty like Maltese Yorkie but according to this she’s 50% Yorkshire Terrier 29.7% Maltese 11.9% Pekinese and 8.4 % cocker spaniel Wow dudes were both a little bit older than he is yeah oh yeah I was a little bit surprised as well because again I thought it was gonna be like 5050 but yeah I think that the lower percents were probably what was the most surprising so from the very beginning I was kind of scared about the health results that I was gonna get back from gizmo and I had a minor freakout earlier when his health results came in because he’s at risk for only one thing he has one gene mutation for something called primary lens luxation I kind of kept on reading and researching just to kind of understand what it meant luckily embark gives you access to veterinarians that you can talk to but they also give you a lot of information on like what it is primary lens luxation is a disorder where at the outside of the lens like tongues detached essentially so dismal only has one copy of the mutation and to my knowledge one copy of this mutation is better than having two copies which you’re at a higher risk for developing this PLL so because that’s something I learned through this DNA staying I’m trying not to freak out about it but it’s something that I can the next time I go to the bed let them know that these were the results and like what would our next steps be or what I can look out for and things like that pepper didn’t have any surprise health scare switch I was actually really surprised about because like in my mind I was convinced that it was gonna tell me that like she was dying so I was just like super freaked out but they test for X amount of things and she came back negative all the things that they look for that doesn’t mean that she’s like a perfect dog and that’s what I have to keep her mind it well she is perfect and doesn’t mean she has perfect health which is what I have to keep reminding myself and like there are other things that can come up and obviously she’s something to go to the vet but it it gave me like a little bit of a sense of peace because I was like my little baby is healthy and happy and I’m gonna be okay so I’m sort of glad for embark just for giving me this knowledge versus not having the knowledge and not being able to know what to look out for I think the overall process was like super easy and chill and I would totally do it again I’m happy with the way that it turned out obviously because pepper like came back negative for most things and also like now I know more about our family if you’re curious and you have disposable income and you love your dog like do it yeah if you have a breed of dog that is predisposed to some type of like hereditary illness or disease it’s worth doing just so you can be prepared guess not even just mentally but financially too and just give you the peace of mind because you know unfortunately things happen and I guess it’s better if you’re prepared I’m glad I did it I’m glad I know gizmo a little bit more thank you guys for listening to us talk about our obsession with our dogs and if there’s anything else you want to know you went way more in depth in the article which you can check out in the description of this video well that was great [Music]


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