We Got Matched!!! | Surprise Family Announcement | Adoption Journey [CC]

Jaks journey
Our journey to growing our family. [Music]
360 days ago we started this journey, we had no idea where it would lead us. Me: Oh, God. It’s so hard to look. I don’t want to. After losing this pregnancy, we kept going
with fertility treatments until… 6 months after our loss
Husband: I don’t know how to do this one. Me: It’s just the third line. Husband: There is. Unfortunately, we lost this pregnancy at 12
weeks. Me: Scan and she’s pressing really hard. Then she says she’s got to step out of the
room. And I close my eyes like three seconds because
I just wanted it to be a nightmare, but it’s not. After our second loss, we pursued IVF and
adoption. First day of IVF shots
Me: Alright, show myself the little screen, verify the dosage. 1, 2, poop. Alright, pinched my fat. This is a lot of fluid. 1, 2, 3, ouch, that hurt like a freak. Ouch, not as fun. Not as fun. Me: We have started the adoption process. In fact, in just a few days, we’re going to
have our first meeting with our case worker at the adoption agency we chose and I am just
thrilled to get this process kicked off and started. I am obviously overly excited. [Music]
Thanks to everyone that has joined us along the way for all the ups and downs. We feel the best way to repay your kindness
was to keep it a secret and then surprise the hell out of you! ๐Ÿ˜€ JAKS Family
Me: Okay. Alright, everyone like stay where you are
and then I’ll check to make sure our photo was okay. Speaker 3: Okay. Me: Alright. Looks okay? Husband: It looks okay. Me: Ready. Husband: Alright, ready? Me: Ready. Husband: 3, 2, 1, cheese. Me: Okay. Husband: Got it. Me: Let me check. Just stay. Speaker 3: Okay. Speaker 4: The wife must check the husband. Me: Okay. Hold on. Okay, so real quick. I just wanted to let you know that we got
matched. Speaker 3: Oh, yeah. Speaker 5: Yeah. Speaker 4: What what what? Speaker 6: As in what? Me: As in we got a baby. All: [Cheers]
Speaker 5: {indistinct 03:14 – 16} how did this look for one time. Speaker 3: I am shocked. Good birthday present. Me: And say hi to the camera that’s been
recording you all. JAKS Brother
Speaker 7: Here’s your sister. Here’s your sister. Me: Hi. JAKS Brother: Hi. How are you doing? How is it going? Me: Going good. JAKS Brother: Good good good. I can’t believe that they’re all there. Me: I know; it’s crazy. It was crazy, but I took advantage of everybody
being here because I had news I got matched. JAKS Brother: Oh, no way. Me: Yeah. JAKS Brother: Awesome. Me: Yeah. So, we’re… JAKS Brother: Yeah. Me: Yes. We’re expecting a baby… JAKS Brother: Get ___ there that fast? Me: Yeah. JAKS Brother: That’s so cool. Me: Yeah. JAKS Brother: But you know; boy or girl? Me: Yeah, we know all that and so that’ll
be a future party to reveal that. JAKS Brother: So awesome. Me: Thanks Ben. JAKS Brother: This is awesome. I know you’ve been {indistinct 04:21}. Go on with it. Go on with it. Me: Yeah. All right. Well, you got more family to see now. So, goodbye. Setting up for a friend photo
Me: Oh, my gosh. Okay. Speaker 9: Alright, that’s it. Me: Everyone smile. Speaker 9: Why is Tyler not here? Me: Don’t worry. Speaker 10: Is there a flash or…? Me: I never knew when it was going to go. Hold on. Hold on. Speaker 11: I don’t know. {indistinct 04:46} because I don’t know
what to do. Me: I’m sorry. Oh, I know. I forgot to tell you that we’re matched. Speaker 10: I don’t know what that means. Speaker 9: Okay, no idea. Speaker 12: What? Me: Like I’m getting a day. All: [Applause]
Speaker 11: Oh, I get it. I get it. Congratulations. Oh, my gosh. Congratulations. Speaker 9: That’s so awesome. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Speaker 10: Congratulations. Speaker 11: That’s awesome. Congratulations. Speaker 10: Congratulations. Me: Thanks. Speaker 10: That’s huge. Speaker 12: I think that was us staying like
uhh… {crosstalk 05:28 – Don’t worry, it’s about {indistinct 05:32}
everything on camera. Of course, as you know my life. I’m going to post it to my YouTube channel. Speaker 10: Was that a video? Me: Yeah. More friends caught on a hidden camera
Me: No, but it worked out really well to have everyone there. It was my mom’s birthday and I got her a
really good gift. Speaker 13: Uh-huh. Me: Because we got matched. Speaker 14: Congratulations. Speaker 13: I’m so happy for you. Me: Thank you. Speaker 13: Hug now. Hug. Speaker 14: Come on. Congratulations. Me: Thanks. Husband’s Family
Husband: Did you get dad a Father’s Day present? Husband’s brother: I got the gift of my
heart. Husband: The gift of your heart, huh? Husband’s brother: What I decided to do
is I love him so much I’m imitating his voice now. Husband: I just called dad and told him that
me and Jordan got matched for our adoption. Husband’s brother: You what? Husband: We got matched. Husband’s brother: Does that mean you have
a baby now? Me: We will in ____ weeks. Husband’s brother: In ___ weeks? Husband: Yeah. Husband’s brother: Hey, girl. Me: You’re going to be an uncle in ___ weeks. Husband’s brother: Holy shit! All: [Laughter]
The Husband’s Grandma Grandma: Hi. Husband: Hey grandma. Grandma: What’s new? Husband: Oh, I just had a question for you. Grandma: What? Husband: I wanted to know what the next time
you were going to be in town. Grandma: I’m trying to figure that out. Husband: You are. Grandma: Yeah. Husband: Can I recommend… Grandma: I’m not sure it’s till September. Husband: Can I recommend ____? Okay. Grandma: What’s happening in ____? Husband: Well, you might want to get a couple
other shots because we got matched. Grandma: {indistinct 07:42}. Husband: Yes. We got matched. Grandma: Oh, my God. Listen, {indistinct 07:49 – 51}. You know what it’s going to be? I am so excited. I’m going to cry. I am. I’m going to cry. I have boy clothes, girl clothes; I’ve got
it all. Husband: Jordan doesn’t want to tell anybody
yet, so she can have a gender-reveal party. Grandma: Okay, when are you doing that? Me: That’ll be probably very early July. Grandma: Okay. That’s alright. Is your mom turning cartwheels? Hope your mom’s turning cartwheels? I’m doing it by foot. Husband: Yes. Grandma: Oh, I’m so excited. Oh, I can’t… We are also very excited! Join us on our journey! [Music]
JAKS JOURNEY Our journey to growing our family.

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