Wednesday 2/26/20 Minor Prophets Jonah 2:1 – 4:11

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God’s word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s word alive
with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter,
verse by verse study of God’s letter
to you, the Bible. And now, here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you. Say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this family
Bible study hour, ready to get back in
our Father’s word. Book of Jonah, Jonah meaning
dove in the Hebrew tongue because of the
coo and the warmth and always associated
with the Holy Spirit. And Jesus, at one time,
would even call Peter, son of Bar-Jonah, which is
to say, the son of Jonah, the son of the dove. In Matthew, chapter
12, verse 40, Christ told us, a wicked
generation seeks for a sign. I’m just gonna give you one, and it’s the sign of Jonah. So you need to understand
the Book of Jonah pretty well because there’s a lot in it. Jonah has been ordered
by God to go to Nineveh and preach to it,
preach salvation. And Jonah, knowing history, 2 Kings, that the Assyrians
intend to take captive Israel, the 10 tribes, and Jonah, rather than going there
to help bring salvation, because they’re
about to go under. The Assyrians are about to go, they’ve had 18
years of hard luck, which is the term of bondage, and in history,
that’s not an allegory or anything of that
nature, that’s history, that at the time
of this writing, that they had had these 18
years that were really bad. They were suffering,
and God said, you go down and preach to ’em. And it was well,
because this is the way that God took the 10
tribes, as he had promised to scatter them, and
brought it to pass. But Jonah was cast into
the sea by mariners because God had sent a tempest. God created two things
to prove his point, the tempest and a great fish. Having created them
for the very purpose, as you’re going to hear, Jonah’s
prayer of thanksgiving here in today’s lecture,
as a matter of fact, with no more being said,
let’s just get to it. Jonah’s been cast overboard, and this fish took him in, this fish that was created
especially by Almighty God for this purpose. Chapter two, verse one,
the great Book of Jonah. Word of wisdom from our
Father, and it reads. Then Jonah prayed
unto the Lord his God out of the fish’s belly. So it’s after the fact,
and he’s there, he’s alive, but what was his prayer? You know, he never turned on
God, he just disobeyed God because of the love of
his people, verse two. And he said, “I cried by
reason of mine affliction “unto the Lord, and he heard me. “Out of the belly
of hell cried I, “and thou heardest my voice.” Out of the very grave itself, the word is (speaking
in foreign language), in the Hebrew,
which means grave. He was already in the grave,
I mean, considered dead. They cast him overboard. Verse three, “For thou
hadst cast me into the deep, “in the midst of the seas,” and properly translated, really, it would say from the
heart of the earth, and that’s what
salvation is about, was creating, that’s what
Mother Earth is about, in a way, is salvation. “And the floods
compassed me about. “All thy billows and thy
waves passed over me.” I went under. I was a goner. And this is a prayer
after the fact, but he was willing to sacrifice
himself for his people. This goes along with
part of the sign of our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ, because he was the
sacrifice, as it is written in Hebrews, chapter 10,
for one and all times. Don’t you ever dare
try to sacrifice some blood sacrifice again,
as they did twice a day, the morning and evening oblation at the altar of God,
because his blood did away with all that. He was the sacrifice that
would be for one and all times, the very son of the living God, and so it was, bringing
salvation to God’s children, those that would
partake, that is to say. Jonah keeps praying,
he says, I mean, the waves went over
me, I went down. Verse four, then I said, “I am cast out of thy sight, “yet I will look again
toward thy holy temple.” He knew in his heart and
mind, regardless of what? There was afterlife, I
mean, life after death, I should say, of the flesh, that he would be
with the Father, and he felt that with
the proper prayer and forgiveness,
asking for forgiveness, that God would forgive him. Verse five, “The waters
compassed me about, “even to the soul,” that
means my very spiritual body, “the depth closed
me round about, “the weeds were
wrapped about my head.” And this is before God prepared
the fish to take him in. He’s being washed in the
current of the tempest, and the seaweed is
wrapping around him. That’s pretty bad straits. And it would be at this
time that Almighty God provided a savior for
him, it was the whale. And the great fish, I
should say, properly, that God created for
this specific purpose and this would get him from
that particular predicament. Verse six, “I went down to
the bottoms of the mountains,” I was in the very valleys
of the sea itself. “The earth with her bars
was about me for ever, “yet hast thou brought me
up my life from corruption,” that’s to say from out
of the grave, the pit, “O Lord my God,”
you’ve saved me. And this is the sign
that Jesus said, this is all you’re gonna have. And of course, there he
was, as Jonah will be, three days and three nights
in this whale’s belly, so Christ was in that same,
that grave of Mother Earth, and that’s why it’s important
to properly translate it. So he was there, and then
resurrected to give us life, eternal life, being the
sacrifice for one and all times. Seven, “When my soul fainted “within me I
remembered the Lord, “and my prayer came in unto
thee, into thine holy temple.” I know you heard
me there, Father. Verse eight, “They that
observe lying vanities “forsake their own mercy.” Those that worship another god, that is to say,
that worship idols, that’s vanity, emptiness, is the Hebrew manuscript. Those that worship
idols of vanity lose their own mercy, that’s
the love and unmerited favor. You lose that coming
from Almighty God. And when you lose unmerited
favor from Almighty God, you’re in a heap
of hurt, friend, because he blesses
us, sometimes, when we don’t merit it. But when you are trying, even though you fall short, he will still bring in
that unmerited favor. Joel knows that
he disobeyed God. So he needs a little
unmerited favor. That’s why he would
bring this point in. He must expect
God to forgive him because he was wrong, that he disobeyed
God, a direct order from our heavenly Father. So without unmerited favor, you’re in a heap
of hurt, friend. And the thing about
unmerited favor and salvation is that it
covers a lotta shortcomings. I suppose none of
us are perfect, that we can’t seem to get
everything just right, but this is what covers
over those loose ends that we can’t quite get right. God does. And as long as you’re in
his favor, that stands. But if you worship something
else or someone else, such as the false Christ, it all goes out
the window, friend. Verse nine, “But I will
sacrifice unto thee “with the voice
of thanksgiving,” that means I’m gonna
give you my love, I’m going to have
a change of heart, and I’m going to be
thankful to you, Father. “I will pay that
that I have vowed. “Salvation is of the Lord.” And here is that
sign of salvation. This is the sign
that Christ promised, just as Christ himself
was that great sign of salvation that he paid
that price on the cross, of which this is the sign. And you wanna sure
pick up on it, that he paid that price for you. And you might think that this
was a pitiful prayer by Jonah, that he’s, I mean,
here he is in the deep, the tempest is
wallowing him over, the seaweed choking him,
wrapping around him, he’s finished. But God, God himself
designed a great fish to bring this one through
to set forth this example of how salvation would come
into being from Almighty God. Verse 10, and the Lord
spake unto the fish, and it vomited out
Jonah upon the dry land. A lot of people think
this was about Joppa. I don’t, I think it was
considerably north of Joppa, because there were Ninevites
there that observed it. So it happened, and inasmuch as, if you’re not familiar
with the Ninevites, or the Assyrian, they
worshiped a fish god. That was their god,
was a fish god, and when this great
fish came up on dry land and vomited out a living man, this is their god producing
a savior, you got it? And I hope that inasmuch
as God Almighty himself resurrected the
Lord Jesus Christ and caused him to live
and be with the people, as it is written in
Acts 1, for 40 days before he ascended
back to the Father, a living being, the
people of Nineveh, when they saw this, they knew
it had to be from their god, because the man was alive, right vomited from
the fish’s belly. Now, I want you to
note something else. It said here, the Lord
spake unto the fish. So our Father had
programmed this great fish that he created to institute
the real sign of salvation, what should I draw from that? God’s in charge. That’s why you wanna pay
strict attention to him. That’s why you wanna obey him. You see, he knows a great
deal more about how he intends to work the plan of
salvation than man does. Jonah kinda thought
he could outsmart God by saving his people,
by destroying Nineveh, but you see, even Ninevites
are God’s children, and that’s what
sometimes people forget. And so we see here
that in a sense that, well, many might say, well,
they worshiped a fish. Well, so what? That’s bad, and well
enough, but it was a sign. But then, do you understand that in the Greek language,
we took the same thing, or I won’t even,
that is the symbol, the cipher is Jesus
Christ, Son of God, Savior. When you spell fish out
in the Greek tongue, the fish himself becomes
a symbol of Christianity. I’m gonna say that again. I did not say that the
fish was Christianity. I said the fish became a sign
of Christianity, of salvation. And even today, you will see
some Christians wear a fish, and you wonder, well,
why do they do it? Well, it’s because
of the cipher. But at the same time,
I cannot help tying in the fact that as it
is written in Matthew, chapter 12, verse 39 and 40, that this is the only
sign you’re gonna get is the sign of Jonah. Chapter three, verse one. I mean, here we have
these Ninevites. They’ve witnessed
this, and naturally, they’re going to worship
or believe what he says because they observed this,
chapter three, verse one. And the word of the
Lord came unto Jonah the second time, saying, you think he’ll
listen this time? I think so. You’re going to see
emotions of man, you’re gonna see Jonah
angry and so forth, and yet, he’s not
going to disobey God. So God speaks to
him a second time, verse two, “Arise,” you get up. “Go unto Nineveh,
that great city, “and preach unto it the
preaching that I bid thee.” I’ll tell you what to say. In a sense, you can almost
see the Holy Spirit, (speaking in foreign language), speaking as it would
on that great day when the tongue fell upon
the people on Pentecost Day. And every language of the
world, wasn’t unknown, every language of the
world understood it. God doing the preaching, just as the Holy Spirit
will do the preaching in Mark, chapter 13. Verse three, so Jonah arose, and he went unto
Nineveh, according to
the word of the Lord. He stayed with it this time. Now Nineveh was an
exceeding great city of three days’ journey. Now, I want you to
picture this a moment. Three days’ journey
meaning, it was, it was about 20
miles in diameter, if you went straight across, but the circumference of
this city would be 60 miles. So it’s gonna take a
little doing to get around to preaching to this great city, with a circumference
of 60 miles. He’s got his work
cut out for him, but he has a good helper,
he has Almighty God. Verse four, and
Jonah began to enter into the city a day’s journey, and he cried, and said, “Yet forty days, and Nineveh
shall be overthrown.” Now, again, I want to remind you that history documents,
there was 18 years that they were up against it. It was serious,
and serious enough that it’s noted in
history for the Assyrians. And when someone
comes along and says that 40 days,
which is probation, and this man was regurgitated out of the belly of
a fish, and he lives. He’s walking, he’s
preaching, he’s talking. And they’re believing. Verse five, so the people
of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a
fast, not a feast, they proclaimed a fast
and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them
even to the least of them. I mean, from the king
all the way on down. They didn’t stop there. It will even include animals. And they are believing
that Jonah resurrected from the dead, meaning right
out of the fish’s belly, and he’s in here preaching, and they believe in
and worship a fish god. He’s getting results. Verse six, for word came
unto the king of Nineveh, and he arose from his throne,
and he laid his robe from him, and covered him with
sackcloth, and set in ashes. I mean, he’s going
all the way with this. Verse seven, listen
to what he does. And he caused it
to be proclaimed and published through Nineveh by the decree of the king
and his nobles, saying, “Let neither man nor beast, “herd nor flock,
taste any thing. “Let them not feed,
nor drink water.” Now, God is seeing
something here that he can’t find
in his own people. I mean, this is,
talk about a fast. Talk about a day of mourning. Talk about a day of
wanting to get right with Almighty God. This is a whole nation, even down to the very
animals themselves. They put sackcloth
on the animals, a sign of mourning
and weeping, sorrow, praying to Almighty God. This impressed him. How could he help
but be impressed? He couldn’t get it
from his own people, this type of loyalty,
this type of faith. Verse eight, “But
let man and beast “be covered with sackcloth,
and cry mightily unto God. “Yea, let them turn every
one from his evil way, “and from the violence
that is in their hands.” Oh man. Now, you’re getting
right, those are people after God’s own heart. I mean, this preaching
is very effective. Do you know something, beloved, the preachings of Jesus Christ after the resurrection
should be the same. When he rose from the
dead and walked the earth and preached to us,
when he showed us the wonderful Holy Spirit, and how that the Book
of Joel, chapter two, would come to pass that
both sons and daughters would speak the very truth,
just as these people are, from the king to the
least in the kingdom, and even the animals,
stop that that is evil, get it out of this country. And you can see the love
of God in preparing them to conquer the 10 tribes. I want you to see this,
because God would not send the Assyrian if he knew he was
gonna butcher all 10 tribes. It’s obvious there
are people with heart and that God, in a
sense, is preparing Jonah to prepare them to
treat his people well through the captivity,
because these people have had it rough for 18 years, it’s the number of bondage. And here this man of
God comes along, Jonah, the dove, cooing that
warmth of truth and peace, and they absorbed it,
touched their heart, and the whole nation
bowed to Almighty God. And asked God’s
forgiveness and blessings. That’s something God doesn’t
see in Israel or in Judah. Verse nine, “Who can tell if
God will turn and repent,” perhaps, “and turn away
from his furious anger, “that we perish not?” Now, do you see in
that the proclamation from the king of Nineveh
and his subordinates? Do you see the faith in that? It takes faith to reach God. Faith is the key. And you see in that
he says, “Who can tell “if God will turn and
repent and turn away “from his furious anger
and we perish not?” He believed that
God could do that. I mean, after all,
they had seen a man resurrected from
the dead right out of that fish’s regurgitation. And then again, I would remind, the only sign you’re gonna
see is the earth give up the personage of the
Lord Jesus Christ and he resurrected
into life after death and preached to us. Why wasn’t he
received in that way? You can better, the
reason I’m doing this, I want you to see why
it would be written in Matthew, chapter 12,
verses 39, 40, and 41. This is only a sign
you’re gonna get, is he was gonna
resurrect from the grave, and you’d better listen to him. Verse 10, And God
saw their works, and they turned
from their evil way. And God repented of the evil, that he had said that
he would do unto them, and he did it not. So we see here, you
can better understand why Jonah would not
want to free them because he knows, still,
this is the people that are gonna take
my people captive. And what have I done? I have, through the Word of God, preached and now
God has saved them. Verse four, I’m sorry,
chapter four and verse one. Let’s continue here. But it displeased
Jonah exceedingly,
and he was very angry. Now, here, what’s
he angry about? Because as far as he’s
concerned, he’s a failure. God’s certainly not a
failure, but Jonah is. He was willing to
sacrifice himself, to die, but God raised him. And let that be a proof
to you, God’s in control. If God speaks to
you, you know what? Do it, that is to
say, if you understand and you are in good
standing with him and you know it’s
not just a bad dream. God had spared the Assyrians. He’s ticked off. Verse two, and he prayed
unto the Lord, and said, “I pray thee, O Lord,
was not this my saying,” isn’t this what I
said would happen? “When I was yet in my
country,” question. “Therefore I fled
before unto Tarshish, for I knew that thou
art a gracious God,” I knew that you were merciful. “And merciful, slow to
anger, and of great kindness, “and repentest thee of evil.” Those things are all
true of the Father, but if the Father intends
something to be done, you’re not going
to get around it. There is no way that
Jonah could have prevented God interceding in his life to see that this type of savior would come through him
and it sets in motion the very sign that we have
that the Lord Jesus Christ is the savior of
all God’s children. In this case, even going as
far as saving the Assyrian. So that God could use
whomever he would. Now, Jonah’s being
just a, in my opinion, and this is only my opinion, Jonah’s being a little
bit impertinent here. I mean, he’s crying out to
God, and he’s complaining. I told you, God, that this
is how it was gonna be. That’s the way God wanted it. Don’t ever forget that. This is what God wanted. God had received a
blessing from these people at the preaching of Jonah. And it had accomplished
its purpose, and no doubt, in
that remote sense, or I should say, direct sense, would bring a lot more comfort to the 10 tribes
when they were taken in bondage by these same people. Verse three,
“Therefore now, O Lord, “take, I beseech
thee, my life from me, “for it is better for
me to die than to live.” Angry because of God’s
mercy and not hardness? That would be a little bit
on the impertinent side. He’s kinda asking for
it, but God loves Jonah. God has patience. I would not wanna
be in those shoes, but at the same time, Father is, I mean, he understood why, he knew that Jonah was
sacrificing himself
for his children and setting the
example of savior. Otherwise, God might have
taken a little different tack. Verse four, then said the Lord, “Doest thou well to be angry?” Good for you, Jonah. It just does you good just
to be angry all you want to. This is kinda said in irony. God is mocking him,
making fun of him, really. It’s good for you to be angry. Just put yourself
in some sad sack and feel sorry for yourself. Verse five, so Jonah
went out of the city, and he sat on the
east side of the city, and there made him a
booth, that’s to say, made him a little hut, and
sat under it in the shadow, till he might see what
would become of the city. I mean, here’s the
enemy of his people, and he’s spying on them. He’s moody, he’s
angry, he’s puffed up, he’s impertinent
to Almighty God, and he just, but
watch what God does. Verse six, and the
Lord prepared a gourd. Here’s another thing that God
made on the behalf of Jonah. Prepared a gourd and made
it to come up over Jonah, that it might be a
shadow over his head, to deliver him from his grief. So Jonah was exceedingly
glad of the gourd. And there you go. It didn’t take,
God prepared this, so it grew up overnight. I mean, it had big
leaves, huge leaves, and it was so the shadow
gave, protected him from the hot sun, and
it was just wonderful that he could, he was
glad of the gourd, and you might say, if
you’re not careful, you could almost get in a
fly away mood here, huh? But what does God do, seven. But God prepared a worm when
the morning rose the next day, and it smote the gourd
that it withered. Took it away just like that,
a little old crimson worm. God is kind of, he’s taking
care of business here. Eight, and it came to pass,
when the sun did arise, that God prepared a
vehement east wind, and the sun beat upon the
head of Jonah, and he fainted. And wished in himself
to die, and said, “It is better for me
to die than to live.” Did Jonah thank
God for the gourd? No, he didn’t. He sure didn’t. Jonah’s getting a
little bit forgetful after the beautiful thanksgiving
prayer he gave earlier. Nine, and God said to Jonah, “Dost thou well to be
angry for the gourd?” And he said, “I do well to
be angry, even unto death.” Verse 10, then said the Lord, “Thou hast had pity on the
gourd,” he had pity for himself. “For the which thou
hast not labored, “neither madest it grow,
which came up in a night, “and perished in a night.” I mean, there it
was, reminding people of today even, if you would. Some people can really find
religion and peace of mind, and it can just pop up there, and it can be so comforting, but God can snuff it away just
that quick if he so desires. God’s in control. That’s what he
wants you to know. He sent us the savior. Verse 11, to complete the book. “And should not I spare Nineveh, “that great city,
wherein are more “than six score thousand persons “that cannot discern
between their right hand “and their left hand,
and also much cattle?” God’s judgment and
love for his children. You see, Abraham
was to be a blessing to all people, that’s what
the word father Abraham means. And well, why was he to be
a blessing to many people? Because Christ would
come through him. And Christ the
Savior is a blessing to all people of the
world, not just to Israel, not just Judah, but for all who would believe. God cares, God is kind
and God is merciful, but most of all, don’t
ever forget the sign that Jonah rose and preached. Christ resurrected
from that tomb and he preached and that’s
the type and sign you have. You know what? Any time the grave
gives a man up and he resurrects
to heaven and sits at the right hand of God, only a fool would
not listen to him. It might do you good to be angry and say there’s no
God if you choose. God’ll send you a gourd. He might even thump your gourd with a little red crimson worm, looks like it draws blood, huh? It was even used for dye,
this particular worm. So you see, God
brought us salvation. This is the only sign
you’re gonna have, as it is written in Matthew,
chapter 12, verses 39 and 40, that salvation is here. Do you want it? Then all you have
to do is ask for it and believe in faith. All right, I hope you enjoyed
the Book of Jonah, the dove, the Holy Spirit, I
hope you enjoyed it. God bless. Listen a moment,
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precious name. Thank you, Father, amen. Okay, and we’re gonna get
right into the questions, and we’ve got
Francis from Alabama. Thank you so much
for your obedience in
teaching God’s Word. You’re welcome. You answered a question recently that Christ preached in
hell before his resurrection and that many of
those souls chose him and were taken to
his side of heaven. My question is this. What happens in the
millennium to those souls that chose not to
side with Christ when he preached to them? Do they receive another chance
during the millennium reign or has their eternal
judgment been set because they have had their
opportunity with Christ and his true teaching,
yet denied him? Is there a scripture reference? No, there isn’t. But there doesn’t have to be. We would be judging if we
said they were or they didn’t. It simply says in
chapter four of 1 Peter that many, many were freed. Now, naturally, if I were to say that they would
have another chance, I would be judging,
and I will not do that. That’s God’s business, okay? But the reason it doesn’t
have to be written, our Father is totally,
completely fair, totally fair. If they were preached
to the extent that they would
know beyond a doubt, then they’re
probably hell bound. But at the same time, if they
did not have that opportunity of clarity, then they will
have the, how can I say that? Because God is totally fair. They will have a fair
shake, whatever it is. Even if they’re going to
hell, they had a fair shake, because that’s our Father, and
that’s his way of operating. Doreen from Florida. Throughout God’s Word,
there are stories of how God blesses his
people with abundance. Many people believe
people are prosperous because they are good and those who struggle
financially are not. I go back and forth. I feel at times I’ll
always be struggling. Can you give me some scripture
to clarify this matter? Well, naturally,
God gives each of us what we can take care of. That is just life itself. And we accumulate what
we can take care of. You know what, if you can’t
take care of it, guess what? You could earn it? But if you can’t
take care of it, Somebody else is
gonna end up with it. That’s called good management. So whether someone
is good or bad, you have to bring in the
equation of good management, self responsibility. But God never will
allow the wicked to get ahead or prosper. The acrostic that is hidden
in your Hebrew manuscripts in Psalms 37, God
goes to great extent to document that fact that
you don’t have to worry about the wicked getting ahead. They’re not going to, and you with Companion Bibles, it’s there in English whereby
you can understand it. And again, always know
God is fair and just, because he is the judge
and he’s the fairest judge that this earth or any
part of the heavens will ever have or
be able to enjoy. Linda from Virginia. My sister has asked
me to help her with understanding, but I
cannot satisfy her disbelief that God inspired the Bible. She insists that it
was written by men, and I feel I have
tried everything. Do you have any suggestions? Well, just the way you
live sets an example for her that in following
the Word, you’re blessed. You’re blessed
with peace of mind. That’s why she would
seek you out to ask you in the first place. She wants what you’ve got, but she doesn’t
quite understand it. It is well, many to,
when people take the tack that it was inspired by men, I like to use Psalms 22,
which was Christ’s words, every one of them, while
he was on the cross. David wrote them,
but it even gets down to the, speaks a thousand
years before the fact that the Roman soldiers would
be gambling for his clothing. Man can’t arrange that. That documents the Word. It’s just that, as in the
great Book of Genesis, it says we will
always have winter, we will always have summer, we will always have hot,
we will always have cold, and then you get some
crackpot will come along and speak of global warming, when we that are Christians know they’re a bunch of quacks. No such thing. And you know, this is
really a serious thing, and I guess, I did not
intend to bring this up, but I will say it. There is a commercial
running now that shows some clown saying, “I wanna show you about
burning clean coal.” Now, first of all,
I want you to know that 90% of you,
I’ll say 80% of you, when you turn your
register on your heat pump, or whatever you have, the fans that run your gas burners, even, by electricity, you know where
that electricity comes from? Burning coal. And then this
clown steps outside into the desert,
which, you know, being an old desert hound myself and enjoying the desert, we’ve had desert before
we ever burned coal. And this clown would
have you believe that burning coal is the
reason we have desert and there’s been desert from
the beginning of history. You know, that insults
our intelligence. If they’re gonna
try to document, and you know, we’re
losing souls this month to the cold, nine
so far up north, and you still got
these crackpots talking about global
warming when it’s going, really, the other way. Anyway, I guess I, maybe
somebody needed that. But God’s Word will
always prove itself, and you wanna trust it. There will always be warm and there will always be cold. Don’t listen to crackpots. Ruth from Illinois. Would you please tell
me where in the Bible does it say if you cannot get
along with your neighbors, just leave him alone,
or something like that? Thank you and God
bless your ministry. Well, he sure does, and it’s
good to have you with us. Romans, chapter 12, verse 18. If it be possible, get
along with your neighbor. That means if it’s not possible, then you have to go
a different course, and that’s God’s Word,
that’s the teachings of Paul, and it is written, it is so. Romans 12, verse 18. Eve from Texas. Concerning the scripture of
casting my pearls before swine, does this mean telling
the truth of God’s Word to those who claim
to understand it but twist its
meaning, am I right? Well, in a sense,
but what it means is, is preaching to somebody
that’s an atheist, doesn’t believe in God, and
every word you put out there, they tromp in the
mud, like an old sow wallowing in her own wallow. Don’t waste your time on ’em. Find a better seed
bed to plant truth. So someone just simply
believing a different way, everybody has the right to
believe as they wish to believe, and all you can do
is plant a seed, and if they refuse it, then
you don’t go there anymore. But casting your pearls
is wasting your time when you know it’s
a waste of time, that the person is going to
take it and rend you with it. A person like that, we have to leave
them in God’s hands. He’s got a place for
’em, he really does. We got Wayne from
North Carolina. A question I have
for a while is, is it wrong to laugh when
you hear what phonies say or laugh about ungodly
lies we hear about things? I know vengeance belongs to God, and as it says in
Romans 12:19 and 20. Isn’t that strange,
that’s, okay. And Proverbs 25,
verses 21 and 22. I was wondering if it is sinful when we laugh at things
we know to not be true. No, of course not. It’s just like the commercial
I was just talking about. It’s laughable if it
weren’t so harmful. And it’s called, quite
frankly, brainwashing. And a lot of people, between
this ear and this one, it doesn’t, they
can’t quite decipher whether they’re
being brainwashed, even though we’ve had desert
since the beginning of time. They listen to some clown saying that burning coal causes
that, which is a lie. And it’s funny, but at the
same time, it’s very serious. But there’s no sin in getting
by the best way you can. We’re a people of laughter. That’s what Isaac means. And any time our
people get embarrassed, get in trouble, they start
giggling or laughing. And that’s good, that’s
a sign of the people. So don’t ever apologize for it. Linda from Iowa. I am new to your teachings. Reading the Bible is
becoming more clear since I’ve been
watching your program. My question is, why
were the angels’ bodies made to be able
to father children when they don’t marry or
have children in heaven. Well, you’re kind of mixing
two ages together there. They do not have
children in heaven, but Adam was made in the image
of God and the angels, male. And DNA, the curve, a lot of, the unknowing call it a rib,
but it’s the helix curve of the DNA was
taken to create Eve. That’s only for this earth age. Then when they neither marry
nor are given in marriage is in the third earth age. That’s the one coming,
with the bodies that we’re resurrected in. Paula from Georgia. I am studying
God’s Plan, the CD. I understand where you get
the 40 year generation, but I don’t understand
where the 72 and the 120 year
generations come from. Please document this for me and continue sharing
your blessings of understanding Father’s Word. Well, we’re gonna
do that as long as the Father allows us to. It’s 70 or 80 years,
actually, 70 plus two, but you’ll find that
in Psalms 90, verse 10, 70 or 80 years, and the 120 year cycle
was, you’ll find it way back in Genesis,
chapter six, verse three. Genesis, chapter
six, verse three. Okay, this is Mary
from North Carolina. Please, if you can, explain
this to me on your program and please tell me the verses
in which there appears, also, you preach that 666 and the sixth seal, sixth
trump, and the sixth vial, could you please say again? Well, it’s, you’re gonna
find the number 666 in Revelation,
chapter 13, verse 18. But then you have to go
where the sixth seal is explained, and you’ll find
that’s when Satan comes. The sixth trump, you will find, that’s when the
Antichrist comes. And the sixth vial is
when Antichrist appears. Christ comes at
the seventh seal, seventh trump, seventh vial. It is written and so it is. Stephen from North Carolina. If you pray every
night at bed time and ask God to forgive
you for your sins and then the next day you go out and tell a lie, you
do this day after day, will God keep on forgiving
you day after day? Will you go to
hell for this sin? It’s not something to
be proud of, certainly. Why would you do that? I don’t understand. But God, if you
sincerely meant it, God will forgive you. I think what you
need to do, Steve, you need to understand
that God knows even what you’re thinking. And I wouldn’t wait till
bed time to repent for that. I would ask him for
help to prevent me from doing it and I would ask for forgiveness
the moment I did. You don’t have to
say it out loud, but you need to get
after it a little more than waiting till bed time. You need to live
it all day long, is what I’m telling you. And you will break
yourself from that habit. It is common, I don’t
know what you mean by telling lies. Sometimes, when we tell a story, sometimes we embellish
it a little bit. That’s human nature. Is that a lie? Well, kind of, and
kind of it’s not. That’s why it’s always
good to repent, isn’t it? Donald from Florida. Question, how can we have
a one world government and not have one world currency? Don’t they go hand in hand? Of course they do. Who told you they didn’t? They always do. Else, what does a one
world government mean? That’s, you’re, I don’t know
who you’ve been listening to. Naturally, if we have
a one world government, that government’s gonna
print its own currency and you’re gonna
have to pay alliance to their king to have any of it. Their king is the Antichrist. Question, what kind of
world treasurer was Judas securing for himself? Just the one in Israel? That’s not a world treasurer. Well, he was King of
kings and Lord of lords, and he knew that prophetically, it would take the world over
at the coming of Christ, and he thought that
Christ would not allow his crucifixion
without taking revenge and taking the world over,
and he could carry the pouch. But that was man’s
way of thinking, and he was very wrong. Darryl from California. Pastor Murray, please tell
me how heavy is a talent, re the Book of Revelation. There are two
different measurements, about 110 to 110 to 180 pounds. It’s according to whose
rule of a talent you go by, but all of them get
over 100 pounds. So that’s about all we
need to know about it. 100 pound chunk of
ice falling like hail will destroy
anything in its path. Clarence from Florida. Question for Pastor Murray. Some friends of
mine do not believe that the spirit and the soul
goes to be with the Lord when a person dies,
and are not changed into a spiritual
body, but believes that there will be one
great resurrection day when all who have ever
lived will be raised all at the same time. I don’t know how anyone
can, if you read the Bible, you know, first, let’s
forget about the Word of God, other than the fact
that Ecclesiastes, chapter 12, verse six
says, these flesh bodies goes back to dust, dirt. Dirt is dirt. Now, if you go into a
grave that has been there for thousands of years,
guess what you’re gonna find? Dirt. There’s nothing
there to resurrect. That’s why in
Ecclesiastes, chapter nine, it says they go into the
grave, they’re forgotten, that’s the end of it, period. But the other body is
resurrected and goes to heaven. How could they possibly
explain the six seals where, and even in
Revelation, chapter seven, where it says there are
hundreds of thousands of people in heaven that
have washed their robes in the blood of
the Lamb, meaning, they have accepted Jesus
Christ and they’re in heaven. And what about God’s
elect of the remnant in the sixth chapter
of Revelation, of the seals that must be
sealed in your forehead, when we have all these
people of God’s remnant that are under the altar of God, not out here in some
hole in the ground, and they’re crying
to the Father, how long is it gonna be
before he punishes those on earth, so ask them,
how do they explain that these people
are already in heaven when they’re saying
they’re out here in a hole in the ground? What it means is,
they’re lying to you. They’re just flat wrong and absolutely don’t know
what they’re talking about. I’m not judging them,
but I know by God’s Word that is such a simple rule, it is written and it is so. All right, bless your hearts. I’m out of time. I love you all because you
enjoy studying God’s Word, chapter by chapter
and verse by verse, whereby you are informed what
it is God would have us know and do that is so important. And the main thing
is, when you do that, it makes his day. And when you make his day,
he’s gonna make yours. We are brought to you by your
tithes and your offerings. If we’ve helped you, you
help us keep coming to you, won’t you do that? Bless God, again, he
will always bless you. But you know what’s most
important, it’s this. Real simple, stay in his Word. Every day in his
Word is a good day, even with trouble, you know why? Because Jesus, Yahshua,
he is the living Word. (gentle organ music) – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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