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Hi, welcome to Genealogy TV where we discuss a variety of family history topics all in an effort to help you go further faster… …but factually with your family research, and it’s all free I promise. If you’re new to genealogy be sure to check out the Learn Genealogy series geared toward beginners and slowly progresses through the family history research process. For genealogists at all levels, there are three types of videos I do here currently. Tiny tip Tuesday’s are short and sweet tips to help you go further faster. Those upload at noon on Tuesdays. The “footnote” series is a series of interviews with the experts on various subjects. Now I call these the footnote series because, you know, footnotes are where the real sources are. Those upload at noon on Saturdays, Eastern Time. Sometimes I’ll set those as premier videos which allow live chats about the subjects on Saturdays right after the show premieres. I’ve also got a series of what I call photo fixes and those are the photo restoration series. Now “Show Notes” are important. Make sure that you click on “Show More” or the down arrow if you’re on a mobile device, to get all of the notes and the links that I’ve discussed in the videos. Comments are encouraged to help open up discussions with me and others. Feel free to jump in and comment to anyone there. Subscribe and ring the bell so that you get notified the next time we upload videos. But wait, what exactly does that mean? You’ve heard me say that a thousand times. So what that means is you’ll need a Google account and that is free too. If you already have a gmail email address, then you already have a Google account. All you need to do is log in and that’s free and then subscribe to the YouTube channels and then ring the bell so that you’ll get notified of when we upload videos. Oh and Genealogy TVs on Facebook too, which has its own set of videos and discussions. So welcome to Genealogy TV! I am so glad you’re here.

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