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You’ve been to places that you go to and everybody is smiling at you, right? But the smile never gets to the eyes. Here it does. Dr. Hurcomb is really pleasant, she’s easy to talk to. I think she understands that people are very anxious about going to the dentist so she kind of takes her time, explains step by step what’s going to happen, what are your options in terms of treatment so, she’s very forthcoming in that. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past with dentists and they put on treatment plans that I didn’t necessarily need come to find out. When I tried Dr. Hurcomb, the best thing about her and her staff was their honesty. They work so well as a team that it makes it especially easy for me. They’ve improved my smile a thousand times fold. Fortunately, I have a healthy mouth and because of that I have not had extensive dental work here. That being said, I haven’t had extensive dental because my dentist here Dr. Hurcomb has been great about keeping my mouth healthy. First important is to explain what’s going, you never want to sit in a chair and not really know what’s happening and I’ve definitely been to the doctor’s office where you have to ask, “So what’s going to happen? How this is going to feel?” They just explain it here. The staff here and the doctor are very competent in what they do, they’re friendly, they’re courteous so I would not hesitate to recommend her and her staff.

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