Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Genealogy Charts: Designs

So let me show you one more ok. This one has
a great story behind it, this is just a color copy by the way. And here’s another, just
a color copy. This is, this is a chart that I did for my aunt Connie when she turned eighty.
This is a picture of her at her wedding. And I just decided that I wanted to do this because
I knew it would please my father and my father was in his eighties by that time and I wanted
to please him and so. This is his brother and so I went ahead and in two months time
I managed to gather all of this information and come up with this chart but that’s, that’s
not usually how it works. I did do a chart one time with seven hundred names on it and
it took me the entire summer and of course I wasn’t gathering the information. But you’ll
notice one thing my cousin Betty is a bird watcher so I wound up painting little birds
all around and because the heritage on both sides was from Italian, from Italy, I put
a map of Italy on there. But you know it all starts out with a basic format and then I
added some gold and lots of decoration and I also left a lot of room down here for adding
names. But you know what, the best thing of all is that once you have, once I had the
original done then I had copies made that were small enough so that those copies could
then be put on a plain old Kodak copier machine so that everyone who came to this celebration,
this eightieth birthday celebration got to take away a copy of the chart. So the chart
was a surprise, it was in a frame but everybody got to take away a copy. So there’s other
ways that you can play with the idea of genealogy charts and this would be one of them where
I was hired to do, here’s a grandfather turning seventy and the idea was to make a tree and
then to put all the grandchildren’s names on the tree. Another sweet job for me to do
names cause I love to do names. So genealogy charts are an idea.


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