Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Genealogy Charts: Structure

Genealogy charts. From time to time I am hired
to make genealogy charts. I am not the genealogist so what comes to me is all the information
after it has been gathered. And what I have to do is I have to take that information and
place it on to a chart so that the whole thing is visible and readable and beautiful and
enticing. And so designing a genealogy chart is quite a challenge. But anybody can do it.
The trick is to get the information right. So first of all you have to make sure that
you have the information right and then you have to make sure that you have a plan for
how it is that you are going to map everything out. So I only do genealogy charts with one
basic format. Here’s one that I did, this genealogy chart was one that I did for my
son when he got married so it was on display at his wedding. And so, here’s my son and
here’s his mom, the queen, see large in vogue queen. And his dad in the Dudley side with
a d, cause his last name is Dudley. And then here is his bride Lindsey Keith and her parents
and her whole side. So basically what you have is the idea that there’s, there’s the
two parents and you would have their wedding date, you would have their birthdays and their
death dates. And then you have lines coming down for the children. And then you go through
the same process again and again. So it’s, it’s complicated and it’s very, very challenging
but you can start simple and you can wind up getting more complex as time goes by. That
same method ok, for cut and paste, tracing you’re going to do a lot of tracing, you’re
going to do a lot of measuring, all of those things are going to come into play.

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