What do you currently know about genetic testing?

hi again welcome back to genes behind the scenes the segment in which we answer all of your questions about DNA technology as well as genetics. Let’s have some fun. so what do we currently know broadly speaking as far as DNA and genetics is concerned and what will we be able to know eventually? So broadly speaking the industry is shifting right we’re moving away from making predictions and giving people counseling based on single gene data points meaning you know the scientific literature maybe finds you know their findings in which people that have this certain kind of gene variant or a certain kind of gene variant are more likely to have this sort of effect. So the industry is shifting away from that sort of linear approach to something called genome-wide Association studies in which we are now sort of testing the various complexities of how the human body actually works. In other words instead of just saying well individuals with this gene variant are likely to have this sort of outcome perhaps broadening that and saying what individuals with a combination of these dozens of gene variants or these hundreds of genes variants are together likely to have this kind of outcome. In other words the industry is already becoming more complex. We’re already learning a lot more about how the body actually works and we’re already starting to make the connections about how all of these gene variants come together to give us a certain expression on output. So super exciting stuff and yeah onwards and upwards. Thanks so much for watching that video if you’re as passionate as we are about the future of genetics come and join the community feel free to share this post subscribe to our YouTube channel or just write a post on Facebook but sign up because we’re going to keep all of these videos coming your way this is a series called genes behind the scenes and of course we’re always having fun

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