What Do you Share with Your Mum? | Ancestry

Everything. Pretty much everything. My looks. So I lot of people have always said I look just like my mum. Same colour hair and the same eyes, and very much the same face shape. Um, we definitely have the same nose. Straight brown hair, brown eyes. We’re about the same height. I dunno, I think she maybe shrunk growing up. I think I look more like my mum’s mum, so my grandmother. I dunno. Can, can she come and help me to answer? Yeah? Um, my mum is quiet thrifty and I think I have potentially inherited that from her. Hello, I’m the mummy. Stubborn but in a good way, like, in a… I think the best way possible. Like my mum, I just keep on doing things I want to do and I’ll never stop. I’m a kind mummy. Yeah! Very sweet. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you. Oh, thank you! I love you. Have a great day.

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