What Does Genealogy Tell Me?

hi, I’m Leigh Anne Johnson. I’m a librarian
in the genealogy division at the Indiana State Library. today we’re going to be talking about
how your genealogy tells you things about
who you are. working on your genealogy may help you discover which country your
family originated from. you may find when and possibly why your family
came to the US, and why they settled in the location that
they chose. if you have special interests or talents they may run in your family. for
example if you’re a great leader maybe someone
in your family was an educator or in charge of an organization. if you’re a musician, maybe one of your
great grandparents was also musically talented. family history could show you why you’re
different from your immediate family. perhaps you are more like one of your
great-great relatives than you’re like your own sister. through the memories of past
generations, you can take the journey of future experiences. discover who you are by learning where you came. from thanks
for listening.

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