What is a Pupper? What is a Doggo?

This is a doggo. A small doggo is a pupper. Here’s a sad pupper. But a big ol’ pupper, that’s actually
a doggo. Not to be confused with a big ol’ doggo,
cuz that’s a woofer. But if it’s just a small woofer, then it’s
actually a doggo. And do not pet a snip snap doggo. Sometimes a pupper is a real small pupper,
and that’s a yapper. But then it grows up to be a big ol’ yapper,
and that’s a pupper. Now a big ol’ woofer is no longer a woofer. It’s a floofer. If it eats a humans, then it’s a grizlord. Stay away. A floofer won’t eat a humans. And a small floofer is just a woofer. Duh. There are many, many doggo species. Like common doggo, also known as doge. Special doggo is rare and very special. Other doggos could be a wrinkler. Or a corgo. Or a shoob. Or a long doggo. Or a puggo. Or a party puggo! Doggos do things. A doggo in the water is an aqua doggo. A woofer in the water is a subwoofer. Lots of bork bork snarl makes for a heckin
angery woofer. A doggo in a costume is bamboozled. Sometimes they’re doing me a frighten. This is trashboye. This is doggos makin puppers. This is a very fast doggo running at incredible
hihg speed. Diagram your doggos—and anything else —with Lucidchart.

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