What is … Maine Gals Family Trees [CC]

What is Maine Gals Family Trees? Okay. So …. as you can see over here it is going to be my video for my DNA Results. And I really think you should check that out. That kinda gives you a backdate of how I started being a genealogist and all this stuff back in 1999. However. My site … that’s linked right here. Is been around since about 2010 / 2013. My first post was in 2010. But my real updating was in 2013. Anyways. It’s basically a site that when I have time to do my genealogical research I actually post in there some of my finds. Some of my finds are really cool. Like recently I’ve been able to find … On my father’s side of the family he is the youngest of seven siblings. And I’ve been able to find his oldest sister’s yearbook photo. And his Aunts and Uncles yearbook photos and stuff like that too. So some of that stuff I find there. I don’t really put to much personal, personal stuff. But some of the cooler stuff that I find or the things I was surprised about I post in there too. So if you have … if your into genealogical stuff please visit me there. Also, if you have questions, down below please comment. I love discussing Ancestry information and such. I find that I’ve been doing it for so long and lately it’s been mostly part time or whenever I have a chance. But it’s so much fun to do. So if you want to discuss it, please let me know. I’m willing to chat about it. And if you want more videos to have me discuss about it I’m up for that too. Um .. please let me know. Please subscribe to my account. Please like this video. And please check out my DNA Results video which is linked down below too. Hope you have a good day.


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