What’s New at Rootstech 2019

Well it’s time once again for Rootstech
2019, the largest family history conference in the world. It’s right
around the corner starting February 27th and runs through March 2nd. Whether
you’re going or not you’re gonna want to watch this interview with marketing
director Tyler Stahle, because even if you’re not going he’s got something new
for you too, so you’re not going to want to miss this episode to learn all about
what’s happening at Rootstech this year. Also he’s going to give a special
discount just for Genealogy TV viewers, so stick around. Hey if we’ve not met
before my name is Connie Knox. I am a lifelong genealogist, here to help you go
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to our interview with Tyler Stahle and what is happening this year at Rootstech. Well welcome to Genealogy TV, I am so glad you’re here.
Tell us for people that have never been to Rootstech before, what can they
expect? Yeah you know Rootstech… it’s it’s funny to me how how big it’s grown,
you know we’re entering our ninth year now and eight years ago we were we were
happy just to have 2,000 attendees come to the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City and
now this year we’re expecting you know just over 25,000 attendees to converge
and so it’s really just kind of become this this place to come you know for
anything genealogy related no matter where you are on your family history
journey, you know there’s kind of something for everyone that Rootstech.
So now this started more as a technology kind of conference
right? Correct. Is it very much technology-based or or is it expanded? Yeah it’s
expanded more like you mentioned. You know eight years ago our we were
envisioning really going after the tech developer audience and infusing that
into the family history space and as you know you know technology has changed
genealogy so much especially in the last ten years and and so now we’ve kind
of shifted and our focus at Rootstech is a little bit more on the end user now
you know and how you use technology what technology tools are available to you to
do your research and that kind of thing. So we’re kind of less focused on the
developer audience and a little bit more focus now on the end user audience.
Um it’s it’s my understanding you got a pretty big name for your keynote speaker
this year. We have a couple really big names I know one I’m most excited about
it’s Patricia Heaton. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Everybody Loves
Raymond? Big fan. Okay good there you go. Myself as well, and my parents I remember
them watching that all the time as I was growing up and so we’re really excited
to have her she played Deb Barone in that show and she’s gonna be awesome . You know aside from playing a mom on TV you know for the last two decades, she’s a
mom in real life she understands family she comes from a large Catholic family
and so she understands the importance of it and the importance of family heritage
and so I’m really excited to hear from her. We’re also having Saroo Brierley
from the movie “Lion.” I don’t know if you’ve seen that but it’s on Netflix so
grab your tissues. I watched it the other night again with my wife and and might
have teared up a little bit, I won’t I won’t say that. Sarro has a really great
story of connecting with his family as well and I think he’ll really resonate
with it with a genealogy audience as well because he used Google Maps you
know he used Google Earth and and used technology to trace his way back to his
homeland and a really cool story. Wonderful. Awesome. So someone who is
attending Rootstech, I understand that there’s like multiple different passes
that you can buy no you can get like the roots tech pass and you can get a
one-day passes yeah tell us about the options for people. Yeah so we have
really tried to give you know an option for for any person. Our most popular
passes is our four-day conference pass and that gives you access to the expo
hall to all the keynote sessions and over 300 classes to choose from. But we
also recognize you know that not everyone can come for the full week and
so we have a one-day pass available and you can come Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday whatever day you like. And those those are only $99 our one-day passes
are popular. And we also have a couple options for our remote audience. You know
we’ve seen every year at Rootstech we livestream our keynote sessions and then
one session every hour and we’ve seen that audience just grow and even want
more you know we’ll see tweets and Facebook messages coming in saying hey I
want I want more content, and so we were actually offering a virtual pass this
year as well where anyone who purchases this they get
access to 18 recorded classes from Rootstech. It will just be available on demand
for for their next year. So we’re really excited about that that’s $129
pass for those 18 classes. That is awesome. And I have watched many of the
streaming in the past and so I’ve been hooked you know. It’s it’s nice to
be able to you know cuddle up with your blanket and… Yeah and we’ll still have
that option will still have the free live stream and we’re just adding the
virtual pass for those who want even more. Well and the classes are invaluable
I mean I’m I’ve been to many a conference in many of classes and your
mind is blown every time you come out of those classes and so the fact that
somebody can get them online and probably you know watch them again if
they need to you know to make sure that they don’t miss anything is is huge and
I think that’s a bargain quite frankly. Well I hope so and we’re excited you
know we’ve seen some good success with it already. And and you know I think my
dad is a perfect person for that audience you know he always comes out of
a class at Rootstech and tells me I couldn’t write everything down fast
enough it was so good, you know. And the virtual pass will be great because you
can pause you can rewind you can you know write your notes and then play it
again so it’ll be good. I know I’ve been to SLIG and every every one every
conference I go to I usually buy those passes because you’re right you cannot
write it down fast enough, you can’t remember it all. Yeah. There’s
statistics out there I forget what it is it’s like 10% of what you actually hear
you remember or something and so and so having that is to me incredibly valuable.
So just because I said it’s a bargain doesn’t mean you raise your price next year. Ha ha ha.
I think you’re pretty good there yeah. Good awesome. So I understand too that
you guys are expanding territories like hopping the big pond next year I guess
it’s this year? Yeah this year. I am so we’re all feeling a little stressed
right here we’re three weeks away from roots like Salt Lake and and only six
months away from another one in London so we’re trying to plan two events at
the same time, but really excited you know we’ve just seen such an increase in
you know interest in family history throughout the UK throughout London
throughout Europe you know and that’s such a rich rich culture over there rich
history great great records you know that you know people in Europe love
family history maybe even more than we do here and so we’re excited to take to
take Rootstech over to London this year. That’ll be October 24th to the 26th.
Man I may just have to figure that one out because I’ve got my my maiden name
is Henley and my Henley’s come from England so… Okay maybe I’m gonna get back
over there and do some more research but… So if people want to learn more? Rootstech.org, I know that. Yeah. Did I miss anything?
No I think that’s pretty good Trootstech.org is is where you can go and register
and and same for the virtual pass you can purchase that there and thenRootstech.org/London is where you can go to learn more about London and
registration for that will actually open later this month February 27th. So I
understand you might have a special discount for Genealogy TV viewers?
We absolutely do just for your audience any time you go to the website and use
the code when you register “19INTERVIEW” 1 9 interview, that’ll get you 10% off
any pass that you’re interested in. Well I really appreciate you taking the time
today to talk to us and all the Genealogy TV audience about Rootstech.
It sounds like an absolute blast and one that you don’t want to miss. I think so
it’s something I look forward to every year so we’re really excited to see you
whether it’s here in person or or on the internet. Awesome. Thanks so much.
Yeah thanks Connie you

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