Which Genetic Genealogy Company Should You Choose?

Genetic genealogy is all the rage. So what
should you do if you want to get into this? Who should you test with? I’m Andy Lee with Family History Fanatics and today I’m going to go over a little bit about the
different companies that test for DNA . What is this DNA testing and how does it
relate to genealogy? DNA testing is just like creating another record just
like any other genealogical record only this record is a record of your
relationships now you have to understand by itself you testing with your DNA is
not going to give you really any information DNA testing only works when
other people test as well because then we can compare their record to your
record because your record doesn’t have any names all it has is a bunch of
letters but when we can match up some of those letters with somebody else’s we
can be able to say this is a brother this is an uncle this is a cousin this
is a fourth cousin that’s what kind of record DNA is now if you watched a
couple of my other videos on DNA you’ll have learned that you’re only related to
about a hundred and twenty people in any given generation now for recent
generations like your parents and grandparents and great grandparents even
great-great grandparents there’s less than one hundred and twenty of each of
those and so you’re going to be genetically related to all of them but
as you get back to about this six and seventh generation all of a sudden
there’s more than a hundred and twenty people in that generation and so DNA is
not going to tell you information about all of those relatives it’s only going
to tell you information about 120 of them and the further and further back
you grow 120 number stays the same which means it’s going to tell you less and
less about further generations so if you have a question that you think DNA might
be able to solve it hopefully is going to be within the first four or five
generations maybe the sixth generation if it’s much beyond that DNA is probably
not going to tell you much information about that next you want to understand
what types of tests there are and how they might be able to help you in your
genealogical research there’s three types of DNA that we test
for there’s yDNA there’s mitochondrial DNA and there’s autosomal DNA why DNA is
passed from father to son so women can’t test for it but if you
have a brother you could have them tested to be able to get that
information and we’re y DNA testing is useful is if you have a question is
along a direct paternal line your father your grandfather your great-grandfather
and so on and so on because that Y DNA is passed on to each of those
generations in that manner likewise mitochondrial DNA is passed on
from mother to children both sons and daughters so if you have a question on
your mother’s line through your grandmother through your
great-grandmother that could be taught with mitochondrial DNA now if you’ll
notice these are very specific they only follow one single line and there’s a lot
of people in between all of the Y DNA and the mitochondrial DNA that’s where
autosomal DNA comes in it takes little bits of DNA from each of the 120 people
that you’re genetically related to and put them all together into what is now
you and that’s where our autosomal DNA comes from and so it can tell us some
information about a lot of people so what are the four companies that do
testing for DNA and what are your options with them well first off is
Family Tree DNA Family Tree DNA is probably the best for genetic research
based off of the tools that they have and as far as the different options as
far as what you can purchase for DNA testing Family Tree DNA has three
different types of tests that they do one for mitochondrial DNA one for
autosomal DNA and one for Y DNA and actually with the Y DNA they test
several different levels of it so depending on how specific you want to
get you can pay more money to get more information out of your DNA in that
manner the major downside with family tree DNA is they have a much smaller
database of people remember your DNA by itself does you no good it’s worthless
but when you can compare it to other people that’s when you’re going to be
able to find relationships if that’s the case then a bigger
database is going to give you more options to find out more people with
Family Tree DNA they have the smallest database it’s about 300,000 people from
the last time that I heard numbers of people who tested with them and so your
DNA is being compared with each of those so you’re going to find some people with
it but not as much as some of the bigger databases now we have they have three
different tests you can pick and choose which ones that you want unfortunately
if you want to do all of them that can get expensive really fast most of the
tests are somewhere between 99 dollars and three hundred dollars depending on
which one it is and so if you’re piling lots of them together that could be four
or five six hundred dollars of DNA testing for yourself if you have plenty
of money then that’s the way to go but if you don’t have much money you’re
going to want to compare your different options and really figure out what you
want your DNA testing to do for you the second company is ancestry DNA from
ancestry.com ancestor DNA is one of the late comers to the DNA testing but they
have the largest database by far it’s somewhere around one and a half at two
million people right now it may even be larger than that by the time you’re
watching this because of that it’s great for matching with other people
unfortunately the major downside with them is they don’t have a lot of really
good tools for actually analyzing your DNA and analyzing those matches that you
have so you’re going to have to use some other software to be able to do the
analysis that you may want to do the other good thing too ancestry DNA
has is they can link that DNA right to your tree on ancestry so you can match
your DNA with other people’s DNA on their tree so you can collaborate and
find common ancestors that you may have now ancestry DNA cost about nine nine
dollars and they have sales all throughout the year that you can get it
for I think as low as 69 dollars so if you don’t have that much money the
ancestry DNA is really the way to go you get the largest database and it’s the
cheapest test unfortunately they don’t test for mitochondrial DNA and
by DNA they only test the autosomal DNA so if you have one of those specific
questions that you need the mitochondria or the Y DNA then you probably don’t
want to use ancestry DNA for that the third company is 23andme now 23andme is
really a medical research company that you can use the DNA testing that they do
for genetic genealogy as well originally they started to offer their services
primarily to give you genetic information about your health now there
were some issues with the FDA and they had to shut down a lot of their health
informations that it gave out since that time they’ve gotten some approval to
release some of that back out to the public and they’re going to continue on
releasing more but also what they do is they use that DNA sample that you gave
them to help aid medical research there’s lots of surveys about your
health history and different aspects of your life so that your DNA sample can be
put together with others that researchers are using to check different
things that may be genetically related so if you’re interested in medical
research this is a company that you want to go with now because they started out
as a medical research their genealogy tools are really inferior to a lot of
the other companies but there’s third-party software that you can use to
do the analysis that you want to and that’s where I use mainly what are the
really good thing about 23andme is they got a large database it’s not as large
as ancestry TAS but it is over a million different people that have tested
through 23andme and so you can find matches by matching your DNA with them
now the test that 23andme cost $199 for the medical research information or I
believe it’s just $99 now for just the genetic genealogy information so that
you can download that DNA and upload it to some third party sites and be able to
compare it with other people’s DNA as well on the 23andme website as well as
other websites now the fourth company that does DNA testing is actually the
newest company to come online with their testing and that’s my heritage my
heritage used to be partnered with 23andme but since then they decided to
do own DNA testing now the testing is
analyzed through Family Tree DNA from what I’ve read and so right now since
we’re just starting up they’re going to have the smallest database but like
ancestry DNA they have their DNA linked to all their other tools on their
website so as that grows and as more people test with them you’ll be able to
see more matches just like you’re seeing on ancestry DNA now the great thing with
all of these is that you can analyze your DNA on third-party websites so I’m
not going to cover that in this video we’ll save that for another video but
there’s your four different companies Family Tree DNA ancestry DNA 23andme
and my heritage DNA you can test from any of those to be able to get the
information that you want to try to solve your genealogy problems thanks for
watching Family History fanatics if you have any questions about DNA write the
comment below and we’ll discuss it and maybe we can do another video on it to
answer your question


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