White Supremacist Finds Out His Ancestors Were Black (VIDEO)

cracked.com is the leader white
supremacist movement that is trying to take over small town north
dakota they’ve actually gone up his home in twelve other lots and they
wanna make you basically an all-white town is actually black granite houses
lowing comedian I N it he is gap in only in the camp love the races
should not mix and and why people need to be separated from black people because nothing good
can come of that he says they’re like oil water and oil water don’t mix well
he just went on the a.m. treasure show it’s the host Richard
Goddard and should do a race in America series
and it actually does something really interesting be casted the his DNA calms the NA to find out appear he is and where he comes from
let’s find out the results Craig carp Craig pol col has undergone DNA testing to determine
genetic ancestry eighty-sixth percent European and the ok the %uh thin go and pick what percent sub-sahara
Africa %uh hard for iraq pot card for critical noise height have a little black kid yeah throwing
water gun okay bro hahaa I love them and I don’t know what I love
more the panic in that guy’s ice pic it’s just a physical noise was i
mean you’re 40 with them black we were better miss there was a typical knows me
through a in either way I have a 2001 for all up
on or the hysterical after a yes like dat
Ikea got here so that was nothing but fun I later he went on to say that the you
know UK he assumed that this was science but was craving in debased television
executives who only by shock and promote
multi-culturalism you he said line about how oil and water
don’t mix after you got the test results well apparently they do makes the mixes
I review okay but of course he doesn’t care about
South its okay hey cobb one we just do another tasks and find
out you know if you really are whiny trick you write it can you choose the company you do mum we got no interest in doing another
death he says he doesn’t care what the test says the school board a border guard for the
purebred well at least eighty-six percent pure
bred home and I love that guys like this think that they’re like superior to
other people because they’re purebred if that’s what
purebred produced for a big mix breed any day her everybody is looking at this is like
a terrible thing for Cobb like that now you know his movement will fizzle and
Hill will be put out of his career which is
being white supremacist but actually I think this is the beginning of a very
new career for him he will soon probably be offered a job
by Sean Hannity as an african-american correspondent cool come on and tell you all the bad
things about blacks in America overshot its okay man I mean I get a 40
percent black in me that’s okay okay black book show is a go thanks God
perfect allotted for my power grab


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