Why Clanview? Benefits of publishing a 3D Family Tree on the web

We know researching your family history
is important but if no one views your research, are you simply wasting your time? Sharing your family history should be rewarding but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Printed family trees are impractical:
Giant printouts that are too big to handle or fragmented across numerous
pages. A family history book is a lot of work difficult to share and even more work to update. And let’s face it, relatives just don’t have the time or patience for you to show them family history in person. Clanview makes publishing and
sharing family history a breeze and exploring it engaging and fun! Here’s how!
Clanview works with the family history research that you’ve already gathered in
your genealogy tool or online service It transforms your research data into a 3D
family tree and publishes it securely on the web for you. Each published Clanview is given its own special,
secret web address that only you know. You can share this privately with any trusted person using methods like email, messaging or
social media. And here’s the best part, the recipient can open the shared Clanview page instantly, anywhere on any device, not just to read it but explore it interactively. Clanview’s Search feature allows each recipient to become the centre of attention. Navigation is intuitive designed to be used on tablets & smartphones as well as laptops & PCs. As the user discovers more detail Clanview makes it easy to explore further by viewing locations or opening web links. Any feedback from relatives is sent directly to the researchers inbox without the user ever
leaving Clanview. And after you update your family history research, simply publish a new Clanview you and share the latest version. Give your relatives the
buzz of instantly opening and exploring their own family history with Clanview
in the palm of their hand. Clanview offers an easy and affordable way
to surprise and delight your relatives and open their eyes to
the family they never knew. Don’t keep your family history hidden a
minute longer. Visit www.clanview.com today.

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