Why Science? Plant Genetics

When I was a college student and going
through my undergrad. I was a biology major and I was very interested
in all things biology. But the one course that really clicked for me was genetics
and I really enjoyed taking that course. It was a very easy “A” for me. And then I wound up
teaching it as a teaching assistant throughout the rest of
my time at my undergrad university. I felt like genetics was
going to be a great career option for me just because I enjoyed it so much. I
enjoyed understanding how genes got inherited through the generations and
all the exceptions and all of those kinds of things. And then when I went
into graduate school I applied to programs that were specifically focused
on genetics and I wound up trying many different systems in both animal model
systems, ecology, looking at phylogenetics and things like that. But then
when I worked on corn specifically in one of my rotation projects it was just
incredibly fascinating to me. I just enjoyed the diversity of corn genotypes
and all the different phenotypes that you can see with corn, how colorful it
was, how easy it was to cross and the types of experiments that you could do
with corn.

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