Wildlife Biologist – NRCS

As a wildlife biologist, I believe I
have the best job in the NRCS. Essentially, I help people
build and protect habitat for fish and wildlife. This entails working with private
landowners, and many other partner organizations,
such as state wildlife agencies, to assess habitat conditions like I’m
doing today and implement on-the-ground projects to benefit a whole variety of species.
NRCS is the only federal agency charged primarily with helping private
landowners conserve natural resources. And since roughly 70% of the country is privately owned, most wildlife species
depend upon private lands during at least some portion of their life
cycle. Also some the most productive and important
lands are often located on private land: are often located on private land such
as repairing areas, wetlands, and streams. In my career with NRCS so far, I’ve helped restore and protect wetlands
in a rapidly developing area for declining species called the
Columbia Spotted Frog. I have also worked with livestock ranchers to improve habitat for species such as
sage grouse, antelope, and other wildlife. To become a
biologist for the NRCS, you’ll have earn a bachelor’s degree
in one of the biological sciences. This entails taking several courses in
biology, math, chemistry, and other natural resource
related disciplines.


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