Wo kommen wir “WIRKLICH” her? – Der Dattel DNA-Test | Gülcan, Yassin, Yousif & Said

I am so happy! The DNA test – Where do the Datteltäter come from? So we spit into a tube and now we would like
to know who and what is in our genes. We are twins. Yes.
-Good, now we finally know. There are two of us! We spat into a tube and over weeks it got distilled, centrifuged and probably sold. Where are your roots? My parents, I mean my father
is from Egypt No… The other way around. I brought something from
Afghanistan. It’s a traditional cloak. It’s good for every weather
situation. 7 Wetter Taft? (Hair spray brand) Hm?
-7 Wetter Taft? 7 Wetter Taft? -Isn’t a hairspray? I think it’s 3… This saves you from the sun. You look very traditional now!
Like a real Afghan. Good enough for marriage?
-Yeah… I’m wearing a Jalabiya. People in Sudan and Egypt
wear this. I can’t imagine that I might be white. I brought a bakr and cezve. With these you prepare the original turkish coffee I brough this, because I think that my roots are in Asia. Like Turkey for instance or Irak, Iran. I think they also drink
turkish coffe. I think everyone drinks
turkish coffe. What genes do you think
you carry in you? Nigeria, Camerun I think we also have
something from arabs like real arabic. Like I think maybe Saudi Arabia. Marraco. Since my parents come
from the same village and were naighbors and my whole family
just stayed in that village I think I might simply
be a turkish girl. But I wish it wasn’t
like that. But I think I ‘m 99,9% turkish. What would you like to be? I would like to be persian. I don’t know. But I don’t think I have any european genes
in me. I don’t think that I
have genes from China or Pakistan. My parents were born in Kabul. But I know that my grandmother is from
Tadschikistan and my great-granpa from India. So I wouldn’t be surprised
if there’s some influence of those regions. I’m pretty sure that
my ancestors are from Africa. And something arabic as well. Are there any distinctive features in your
families like blue eyes, blond hair? My grandmother has blue eyes and her hair color is more light
and she also has light skin. The other part of my family looks really Indian. My mother is very light skin. So not like us. In my family they are all
related only my parents aren’t related. So most of them look alike. Where do people think
you come from? Definitely not German To me – I don’t know why – he
looks like a regular Afghan. I immediately knew he was
Afghan. As if he directly came from Kabul. But also no one thinks we
might be arabs. When I get to know new
people they’re always shoked when
I start speaking arabic. People think I’m Arab. Or Indian. No one thinks I’m turkish.
People talk to me in Arabic or Farsi. DNA results So… 54% are from the Middle East. Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman Lebanon, Israel Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt
-Arab money! You have the most matches
with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. See I told you! Crazy.
-So we’re more Arab than we thought. So you’re 54% Arabic. 25% is cathlic. 25% is from east Africa. Kenia, Uganda, Ethopia, Sudan, South Sudan. 15% Africa – South Central African
hunter-gatherer What? South Africa. Namibia, Botswana, Democratic Republic Congo,
Gabun. 3% North African. Moracco, West Sahara, Algeria
-Nafris? -Yes. 1% Senegal. 1% Mali. And 1% Nigeria. DNA-Results Said 87% of your genes are from South Asia. India, Pakistan, Nepal,
Butan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka 9% are from Iran 2% are from Korea and North China 1% Belutschistan – that’s a region. Pakistan DNA-Results It’s Gülcan’s turn.
-I’m so excited! Let’s start. I’m so excited! 56% you’re from Turkey and Armenia. No way. Why are you so aghast? 35% Iran. I’m so happy! Represent! *speaks farsi* 6% from the Middle East. So the region around Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Yemen
and so on. And 2% Central and North Asia. So Kerigstan, Mongolia, North China,
Russia, Siberia. I knew that it would say Mongolia.
– That was 2%. And 1% Baltic States. So Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. 1%.
-No way! Long way! Surprised? Yes! Really crazy.
I would have never guessed that. Oman, Qatar and so on… But I’m so shocked about the 56%. Ok Turkish, Armenia, Georgia Oh my god, I can finally
diss everyone! I wouldn’t have thought that I am so clearly from one region. But when I look at myself and
look at Bollywood movies it does make sense. Do you want to greet someone? I want to say hi to… my whole family in Sudan and Egypt Saudi Arabia Is this thing on? This was the first episode of the DNA Test. If you want
to see the other crew members for instance me, or Marcel, or Fiete…
Now I mentioned myself first… You will have to wait
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