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You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
McCrory v. McCrory.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. McCrory, after you and your wife
received shocking results in this courtroom surrounding
your daughter’s paternity,you return home and realize
you have good reason
to doubt your son,
Keith’s paternity. And now your marriage
is on the rocks? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. McCrory, you claim
your daughter’s result surprised you
but you’re confident your husband fathered
your three-year-old son, and you hope to prove it
today, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. In your
court papers it says you all broke up
for a few days around Keith’s conception,
is that true? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. You did? KEITH: Yes. And so during that
break-up, Ms. McCrory, did you sleep
with anyone else? Were you intimate
with anyone else? Yes, I was. Did you use
protection? No. Had you ever told
Mr. McCrory about this? ROSE: No, I didn’t.
Because I… JUDGE LAKE: You didn’t? Because I
see it as that why would I have to tell him
if we’re not together? So you felt, like,
“We’re broken up…” ROSE: It’s my business. But when you
get pregnant… The bed wasn’t even,
like, cold, like, it was… We had just broke up,
like, I mean, if me, her, you know,
if something happens… ROSE: No. …to her and she
dies today, I’m not gonna have a new woman
in the bed three days later because, you know, till death
do us part, you know? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So the thing was,
I couldn’t get a hold of her. I called her and I,
for two days, she ignored me, finally,
I get a hold of her and she… There’s a guy
in the background, and she’s claiming
it’s her brother but the whole time
we’re together, he never comes over,
and he lives two blocks away. And then when I say that
to her, she’s like, “Oh, my friends are here.
I got to go, you know, “we’re just chilling,
blah, blah, blah.” JUDGE LAKE: Interesting. So while you’re taking that
break or you’re broken up, you admittedly slept
with someone else? Yes, I did. Without protection? Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
And… But during the pregnancy
with Keith Jr., you never told him
even after the birth? No, because
I was just 1,000%… KEITH: She’s a liar. …know that’s
his child right there. That’s his kid,
it’s gonna come back. It’s gonna come back,
it’s his child. You can tell, look at… JUDGE LAKE:
And so you just felt like you didn’t have to tell
the whole truth because you were
so certain Keith Jr… ROSE: Yes. …was… And it’s just that
I feel that… It feels not… That everyone’s making it seem like it’s cheating.
I wasn’t with him, it’s not cheating. KEITH: That
was probably… JUDGE LAKE: No, no, no,
we’re past the cheating part. We’re on the paternity part. KEITH: And Your Honor… We’re on the part where you find out
you’re pregnant… I wasn’t married at the time. …and you
slept with two… No, we’re not
on the marital part. Well, the fact is,
it’s his kid, 1,000% sure. JUDGE LAKE:
You’re that certain? ROSE: Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
But you were also very certain
when it came to Nivea. I remember this attitude.
I don’t forget, you acted just like this the last time
you were in court about Nivea. Yeah, but it wasn’t it. JUDGE LAKE: And it was not… No, it wasn’t. People make
mistakes, it’s like… JUDGE LAKE:
They absolutely do. They do. I’m… And that’s why we’re asking you
in this instance, did you make
any other mistakes? Were you…
Were you in a position where you may not know who Keith’s
biological father is? I mean, Mr. McCrory
is truly doubting you. He didn’t doubt… JUDGE LAKE: Because… …the whole time we were
together, the whole time the kid’s been born, he hasn’t
doubted that kid at all until this last case
with Nivea. And then you’re gonna
bring it up? Why didn’t he bring it up
a long time ago? See, I didn’t… JUDGE LAKE: Because
he didn’t know you cheated, right? Right. He didn’t know you…
Let me rephrase, he didn’t know you slept
with someone else when you were broken up,
am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Because you said the bed wasn’t even cold yet? KEITH: Yes, Your Honor.
And see, the thing is, she… The potential father,
she would promise him, say she’d send him pictures
and stuff like that but she said,
she promised me she wasn’t
sending him pictures. What kind of pictures
are these? Your Honor, I have pictures that she puts on Facebook
all the time that… You know, some of them are old
but some of them were recent. I mean… JUDGE LAKE:
Let me see those, Ron, even though
I’m not sure… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) …I want to. KEITH: I mean,
Your Honor… There you go. …that these
are not pictures that a husband
would want… Thank you. …on her Facebook,
I mean… So these are photos
that you’re afraid she’s also sending to men? ROSE:There’s nothing
wrong with that picture.
KEITH:Yes, Your Honor.ROSE:No, because it’s not…KEITH: Imean,
the first one was just…
(AUDIENCE MURMURING)The first one was just,
like, not too long ago.
ROSE:And those
pictures, I mean,
I wasn’t even with him.
KEITH:The first one…ROSE:And that’s just…ROSE:Those pictures have
been on Facebook…
KEITH:…was like
less than six months ago.
…for years and I don’t
do that stuff no more. The first one was,
like, probably, like, less than six
or seven months ago. No, those pictures are not
six, seven months ago. Those are, it was… The one with the with the top that you just… There’s nothing
wrong with that picture… You just bought that… There’s no different
if a girl puts a bikini on and takes a picture on
Facebook. What’s… It’s a… It’s a sports bra. So… Listen, Mr. McCrory, even though
as a husband, you may not want your wife
posting these kind of photos, I don’t think the photos
alone are evidence that Keith Jr. may not be
your biological child but I do believe the fact
that she admittedly slept with someone without
protection, this guy, during the time you all
were on this break is reason to doubt. KEITH: Yes, Your Honor. This was supposed to be
my friend and her friend, he comes over our house,
he chills out, he would come to the house
and drink with us, and crash on the couch
for the night. And this is the person
she slept with? KEITH: Yes, Your Honor.
If she’s lying to me and it’s not my son,
I’m not gonna stay with her. I’m gonna leave her. I mean, I’m not gonna be with somebody
who lied to me about my son. So the stakes are that high? KEITH: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: How long
have you guys been married? We’ve been married
for three years, been together for four. Really? And so you all are raising
these two children together,you have this beautiful son,you love him dearly. KEITH: (SOFTLY)
Yes. But now, you have questions
regarding his paternity? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
And so now, the marriage is on the rocks,
you have absolutely no trust now? KEITH: Yes,
no trust at all, Your Honor. ROSE: He’s not really one to talk.
Well, it’s, like, how would I know what
he’s doing for the four days? He could’ve been
doing something. KEITH: I never slept
with anybody, Your Honor. You just chat with girls,
went with them. Well, you know what,
Ms. McCrory? You’re right.
But if you haven’t heard about any babies being born
as a result of it… How would I know?
You know, you never know. But I’m saying
you wouldn’t… ROSE: Not with him. …if you do,
you’re welcome to come back,
but in this instance, we’re talking about Keith Jr. I mean, that’s why
we’re here. ROSE: Shouldn’t we… JUDGE LAKE: Because… That’s… ROSE: We shouldn’t even
be here right now. My name is on
the birth certificate, I have that with
me here today. You brought the
birth certificate? KEITH: Yeah,
I got a copy of that. Let me see that. Ron,
can you hand it to me? I mean… And that’s…
I was excited when Keith was born.
I’ve always wanted a son that I can give
my last name to that can share
that bond of a Junior, and that can pass it on
to his son. The truth is, because she
did have unprotected sex
with somebody else, it’s possible
that this little boy is not yours. Yes, Your Honor. And that’s been
eating away at you. KEITH: Yes, Your Honor.
Going through all this, Your Honor, it’s…
It made me, kind of, think about things, like…
Because, I mean, there was a time and period… (SOBBING) I’m not
standing here. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. McCrory, give yourself a minute
and then come back in, let’s finish this case. ROSE: (SOBBING) Here, come on,
don’t cry. Come on, let’s go.
I’ll get you… I’ll get you a tissue
to wipe your… Mr. McCrory,
this is the reason why you asked the court
for a lie detector test? Yes, Your Honor. Because you don’t
have any trust? I don’t have any trust. JUDGE LAKE: Come on back in. (SOBBING) Stand over here. (SNIFFLES) There, just breathe. What’s making you
so emotional, ma’am? Because it’s his kid. And what, you just feel
like, you’re getting… You’re beat down by the accusations or what…
You have so much on you because everything didn’t
turn out the way you thought
with Nivea, then you come back home… Yeah, because I feel bad that I don’t know
who her dad is. JUDGE LAKE:And that case,you feel, like,
affected the way
your husband feels
about your son? ROSE: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And that’s
upsetting you? ROSE: Yes, it does. You know, I would…
I would think that way, I mean, like I said, like,
in the beginning, it was positive, this one,
but there’s other options, and then towards the…
Like, at the time of court and after court, it was
bouncing back and forth, you know, “Let’s write
this person, let’s write
that person.” And then talking to,
you know, the possible… Of Nivea, you know,
the possible father, writing back and forth about,
“Your kid looks like my kid.” Of course I’m gonna do that when I’m trying to find out
who her dad is. KEITH: You know what? ROSE: She has
the right to know just, like, he has
the right to know, when he’s gonna look stupid
because it’s his kid. JUDGE LAKE:
But we’re in court today, talking about Keith Jr.,
and the truth is, is that there is at least
one other possible father for Keith Jr. ROSE: Not to me, no. He is his father. But we’ve heard this
before, Ms. McCrory. KEITH: And then your… And it didn’t turn out
the way you said. ROSE: It does now. And that’s what is making him so nervous. The other thing that
makes me nervous is that the other possibility is still on her
Facebook today. So it concerns you that
she’s still in contact… KEITH: Yes. …with
this person? Well, I’m going to
always be in contact with the person. I tried
to tell him about it just in case it wasn’t.
But I know 1,000% sure he’s the father, and
he’s gonna look stupid. So, Mr. McCrory, you asked
Ms. McCrory to submit to a lie detector test. (ROSE SNIFFLES)We have administered
that lie detector test
and I have the
results for you.
Would you like to hear them? Yes,
Your Honor. Ron, the envelope, please. These results were prepared by a licensed
polygraph examiner. Before I read these results,
Ms. McCrory, what do you expect
that we will find out? The truth on it all. I’m not lying about anything. Okay. Ms. McCrory, you were asked from 2013
until the present, have you slept with anyone other than one man
you admitted to your husband? You admitted that you did. Yeah, I did. (AUDIENCE GROANING) JUDGE LAKE:
Who is that person? Just someone else. Just… There was mistakes
when I got together, so he shouldn’t be able
to… Shaking his head because he’s no better. JUDGE LAKE:
All right. Ms. McCrory, you were
then asked if you sent
racy pictures to anyone other than
your husband in the last four years. You… Admitted that you did. (AUDIENCE GROANING) Ms. McCrory, you were asked
if you had sexual intercourse with the other possible
father of Keith Jr. other than the two times
you previously admitted, you said no. (SNIFFLES) The lie detector determined you were being deceptive. What? What the heck
is that? Lying. No, that’s not… That don’t make no sense. So is there anything
you’d like to add? Do you have anything
you wanna share? Do you wanna share
with your husband, maybe something
you haven’t told him to let him know
that you’re trying to be truthful? ROSE: I am truthful. I’ve been truthful… Well,
I mean, other than that lie… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I’m not gonna… I mean, it’s not…
(CHUCKLES) It’s not really a lie
because it’s, like, we weren’t together
and then… And then we got back together.
Why should I have to tell him? Maybe because… ROSE: Because it’s… …the child he thinks
as his child may not be? ROSE: No. I’m 1,000%
sure it’s his child.I’m not worried about it.JUDGE LAKE:Well, he literallyhas tears in his eyes
in this moment,
and he’s worried.
You act like you don’t care. I do care. I do care. JUDGE LAKE: But
he’s worried. You have an interesting way
of showing it. I do care. What are you feeling
in this moment, Mr. McCrory? Like, hurt, I mean… Just confused. I mean, I don’t know, like,
where the trust is here. You know, I’ve even had
somebody come up to me in a grocery store
and, you know, just laugh at me and say,
“Oh, you’re with Rose?” And I said, yeah.
And he’s, like… (LAUGHS) “I slept with her, you know,
a few months back.” No, that’s not true. And, you know, she says… I never slept
with him. She says that he’s
just saying that he wants to sleep with her,
that she never touched him. He hung out before
I was in the picture. So after you hear
these results, do they further compound
the doubt you were feeling when you walked
into this courtroom today? Yes, Your Honor, they do. JUDGE LAKE: Do you understand
how this led you to this point in your
marriage, Ms. McCrory?
Do you get it? I get it, it’s just,
I don’t understand, like, why we’re even here. Wow. Because, it’s just… KEITH: I want a son that I can actually see, that
I could play baseball with. I mean, I still love
my son and I… I’m still there for him. But I wanna raise…
My son, Keith, I want to give him
my last name, and have him give
the Junior on to his son, to play ball with him,
to, you know, toss the baseball, you know,
play sports with. And I can see from
the tears in your eyes that the fear that they may…
That may not ever happen. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
It’s bothering you. I can tell.
I understand. Ms. McCrory, do you
understand his fear at all? ROSE: Well, yeah, I mean,
yeah. I can understand his fear a little bit.
I mean, because if I slept with somebody,
a possibility… Okay, maybe it is but it’s just… I believe 1,000%
it’s his child. He looks just like him. And the thing that
she doesn’t get is, I should’ve been able
to make that decision. I don’t think it’s…
You don’t think it’s his, that it’s possibly yours. I should’ve been
able to hear that. We should’ve been able
to get through that. It should have been, you know, “Hey, two weeks ago,
there is a possibility. “I did do this,” you know. JUDGE LAKE: I understand.
Well, you know what, that’s why I’m here,
to bring clarity
to a cloudy situation. Ron, I’m ready
for the envelope. RON: Yes, ma’am. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results are prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
McCrory v. McCrory,
when it comes
to three-year-old
Keith McCrory Jr… It has been determined
by this court, Mr. McCrory, you… …are the father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) ROSE: See?
I told you so. JUDGE LAKE: Congratulations. Thank you,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I’m happy for you. You have a beautiful
little boy, you have Nivea, and you’re married, for better or for worse,
this may be your worst. I wanna talk to you all
in my chambers. I do.
Do you understand? Yes, I do. Yes, Your Honor. Meet me there.
Court is adjourned. Well, I’m glad we were
able to get closure and clarity on the
paternity issue as it relates to Keith Jr. and we can move forward
on that note. But there was yet
another situation. You talked during
the court case about this second gentleman, this other gentleman
you thought could potentially
be Nivea’s father, am I correct? Yes. JUDGE LAKE:Can you tell me
a little bit about that?
ROSE:Yes, I can.I met Mr. Balsa
through online,and then he…
I invited him over,
and then we ended up
having sex,
and then I just,
like, kind of just talked to him, hearing this
through Facebook, and then we lost touch
because I moved. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
Now, we have done a paternity test
on this gentleman and we’ve also
spoken with him. I’m really hopeful that
the test result will show that I’m not the father
of baby Nivea. I don’t really believe
she’s mine. I can’t wait for
the DNA results to
come back and show that I’m telling the truth,
and she’s lying. JUDGE LAKE: Are you ready
to hear the results? Yes, I am. I have them for
you right here. These results again
were prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
McCrory v. Balsa
when it comes to
three-year-old, Nivea McCrory, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Balsa… …is not her father. (SOBBING) I’m very sorry. Let me say this
about you, Ms. McCrory. There’s a part of you
that just wants to get this answer
for your little girl, and that’s why
you’re going through this. And I have to say
that I commend you for loving your child
that much. And in the meantime,
Mr. McCrory, you are going to be
her best example of what a dad can be.
We say in this courtroom, it takes DNA to be a father but it takes love
to be a daddy, and we know you love her. We have counseling
and resources for you. We hope you take
advantage of it and take care of the
beautiful children, all right? And work
on that marriage. Thank you. All right? Wish you the
best of luck. Thank you.


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