Woman Does Not Know The Name Of One Of Her Son’s Potential Fathers (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Davis v. Smith.
Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day! Miss Davis,
you’re in court today hoping to right your wrongs. When your
2-year-old son,
Jayvion, was born, he had four possible fathers,
including the defendant. You hope today’s result help
you find your son’s father and heal your broken heart. Mr. Smith, you argue
that Miss Davis actually told you you were not
her son’s father. And you say you just had
a brief sexual relationship and you don’t
want to take care of a child that isn’t yours. Yes, Your Honor. So, Miss Davis,
please explain to the court why is this result today
so important for you and for your son? I mean, Your Honor,
as a child I had very… Excuse me. A very bad childhood, I went through 13
different foster homes, (VOICE BREAKING)
I’ve been to four different, um, group homes, and I didn’t grow up
knowing who my father was until I was 18 years old. And my son’s only two. I mean, it’s not his fault
that I decided to make… Well, practically,
a hoe of myself when I was of that… When I was of that age. Sorry. (SOBS) It’s okay. (DAVIS SNIFFLING) Take your time. (SOBS) And it just means
everything to me for my son to know
who his father is. I mean, my son’s my world. I would do anything
for that little boy. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
Mr. Smith, I just
want to ask you. You did have a relationship
with Miss Davis, you acknowledge that,
am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. And so why are you doubtful that you potentially
could be Jayvion’s father? ‘Cause she said
I wasn’t, Your Honor. She told you you weren’t? Yes, I asked if I
could be the father and she told me no,
Your Honor. Now, Miss Davis,
we said that there were four potential fathers. Yes, Your Honor. I need you to walk me
through that. There are four
potential fathers and each of
the individual men, I actually met
on a chat line, within days
upon each other. I made a calendar. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Jerome, let me have
that evidence, please. Thank you. So this calendar shows
you were intimate with potential father
number one on the 12th of November. That would be, uh,
my ex-boyfriend. So this is the guy you’d been
in a relationship with? Yes, Your Honor. For how long? Maybe a steady year. So you had sex with him
on the 12th and the 13th? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
And then, in orange, potential father number two,
we see is Mr. Smith,
the defendant. Yes, Your Honor. Now tell me
about that relationship. I don’t think I can
call it a relationship. We met on the chat line,
I hung out with him and I spent a week
with Mr. Smith, that is actually
the time around
that I conceived my son. It was mainly just sexual. It looks like
there was a lot there. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) (APPLAUSE) Okay. Now, Mr. Smith,
she comes to see you, and you all basically spend
a solid week being intimate. Were you using protection? No, Your Honor,
it was just a fling. You know,
a holiday fling,
you know. It was a holiday fling? Yes, Your Honor. So when she went home,
did you try to stay
in touch with her? No, I think she changed
her number on me, Your Honor. Oh, really? Yes, Your Honor. You did? Yes. Oh, well, explain!
So you get back home, and you, what,
you go back to your ex? After that week
with Mr. Smith, yeah, I did
go back to my ex. It wasn’t satisfactory
so I didn’t really feel the need to go back. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) It wasn’t satisfactory? No, Your Honor. I’m gonna leave that alone. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Um… So, the man in blue,
potential father
number three. Who’s that? Another man, which I was
intimate with only once. Where’d you meet him? Same place I met Mr. Smith,
on a chat line. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) So that was just
a one-night fling? Yeah, we talked
for a few weeks but we only
hooked up once. And then,
two days later, potential father
number four. Who is that? Potential father
number four, Your Honor, he was a one-night stand,
I don’t remember his name. (AUDIENCE GASP) You don’t even
remember his name. Do you know where he is? No, Your Honor. (SMITH EXHALES) And now, after having
this experience, that you voluntarily
participated in, you’re not feeling
too good about yourself. No, I mean, I know
I made mistakes, Your Honor. But I don’t consider
my son a mistake. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) That’s a good thing. But you understand
this type of sexual behavior is what lands you here,
in this courtroom. Yes, Your Honor. And you need to change
that behavior. You understand that, right? Yes, Your Honor. All right,
take me to the point where you find out
you’re pregnant. When I found out
I was pregnant, I was just randomly
thinking to myself that, you know,
I haven’t had my period
in almost two months. I had told my
then boyfriend,
now ex-boyfriend. At that time, did you remember that you had slept
with all of these men? Yes, Your Honor. In such a close proximity? Yes, Your Honor. And so did you have any idea
who your child’s father was when you found out
you were pregnant? No, Your Honor. What did you do?
Go about just
calling each one? Did you notify any of them? No, Your Honor. The then boyfriend
I was with, I had actually told him, “You know,
there’s a very good chance “that this baby
I’m pregnant with “is not your baby.” So, and that’s the man
that’s in green? Yes, Your Honor. The boyfriend
now ex-boyfriend. Yes, Your Honor. He said, “It’s not mine”. We… I actually got number one and number three
both tested, and they both
came back negative. So did him not
being his child contribute to
the relationship ending? Yeah, it caused
a lot of issues. And we just both
called it quits. And you also had potential
father number three tested? Earlier this year I actually
got him tested because that’s when I finally
got in touch with him. So you basically,
at this point, after it wasn’t
your ex-boyfriend’s, now you have to do
a process of elimination. So now we’re left
with Mr. Smith and potential father
number four? Now, I remember you saying with potential father
number four, you don’t know where he is. I don’t even know his name,
Your Honor. You don’t even know his name. (AUDIENCE GASP) Wow. So why are you convinced
that Mr. Smith is
your son’s father? Number one
has been eliminated, number three
has been eliminated. And Mr. Smith is
right there at the… Around the conception date. So in my heart,
I have a feeling that he is. I mean, I’ve always
had the feeling, I just… Honestly, I didn’t
want Mr. Smith to be my son’s father. Really? Yes, Your Honor. Okay, why? Well, I mean, to be blunt,
he’s a mama’s boy. He still lives at home
with his mama. He don’t work. He’s very immature,
he’s like a boy himself. If I’m such a mama’s boy, then why did she
get me here? If I’m such a mother’s boy. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Have you ever
asked Mr. Smith… Mr. Smith, has she ever
asked you to take a test? No, she hasn’t, Your Honor. She skipped me
and went to them. I guess I was the last
option, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) But first you told him
he was not? Yes. Now you see why I don’t
think I’m the father, because that was
kinda slutty if I think. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) What is your feeling? Because she did not
come to you first, that fuels your doubt
that you’re not the father? ‘Cause the truth is,
if the calendar is true, you slept with her
for a week or more, right during the window
of conception. So you have
to acknowledge that, right? SMITH: Yes, Your Honor. But I still feel like
he doesn’t look like me or favor me
whatsoever, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Have you met Jayvion? Yes, I only met him once,
Your Honor. And what was
your experience? I felt kinda scared,
Your Honor,
’cause I felt like he didn’t know me
and I felt like a total stranger,
Your Honor. DAVIS: Your Honor? May I say something, please? Yes. Why doesn’t he know you? You’ve told me yourself.
‘Cause you said, you felt it
in your heart that he might be yours.
Why didn’t you step up then? You had… Your father
passed away, okay. ‘Cause there are other guys.
Other guys you slept with. And I’m the father? I think you’re just
leaning on me. This would be a gold digger.
Get me for my money or what I got. What do you have I need? You want me to boss, huh? ‘Cause the other guys
don’t want to be there. I thought you didn’t
have nothing. To her, I don’t. But she don’t know
what I have, Your Honor. So what if she just
wants to know who her child’s father is after she admittedly
made a lot of mistakes? Maybe she just wants to know
for her child’s sake
and for her sake. Is that all right? Don’t you want to know? Yes, Your Honor, I wanna know
’cause I never had a father. ‘Cause he died when
I was three years old, of prostate cancer,
Your Honor. That should be
your motivation to step up. JUDGE LAKE: So it is
important to you. Yes, Your Honor. And if it’s determined
that Jayvion is your son, I’m sure you want
to be there for him. Yes, Your Honor,
I want to make up for
the two years I missed. JUDGE LAKE: Two years? Yes, Your Honor. So how long have you known
that you could be
a possibility? In terms of being
the biological father. After she told me,
Your Honor, I was
confused about it. How long ago was that
you told him, Miss Davis? The first time
or the second? The first time! The first time my son was
around five months old then I told him
he was a possibility. When Jayvion was
five months old? Yes, Your Honor. So it’s been like
a year and a half
after that? Yes, Your Honor. And you’ve only
seen him one time? Yes, Your Honor. But if you knew you were
a possible father, you just didn’t want to make
any connection? What was it? You didn’t wanna get… Your Honor, it was
because we lived in
two different cities and I don’t drive,
Your Honor. Okay, so you had
transportation issue. Two different cities
or two different states? Two different cities. Well, don’t some buses run
in between the two cities? Yes, but they cost a lot,
So, for a year and a half, you’ve known you may
have a son, but you have not made your way
to go see him except one time? Yes, Your Honor. And so, for you, Miss Davis,
if you believe, in your heart, after your
process of elimination, that Mr. Smith is truly a possibility, have you made your way
to bring your son to go see his father if
his father couldn’t make it? Your Honor, just getting
a hold of Mr. Smith is hard. No, Your Honor… He lives at his
mama’s house,
call his mother! (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) You don’t have that number? I do. So why is it so hard
to get in touch with him? He doesn’t answer his phone. You see, what I’m trying
to get at is… What I’m trying to get at, we’ve had a two-year mystery
going on here. We’ve got a baby boy
that’s two years old. Your Honor… And you all
have been in contact,
in the same state. I’m just trying to figure out
why hasn’t this happened? Your Honor, it’s not
hard to reach me because I always
answer my phone. If I don’t answer, she could send me
a text message.
That is not hard. So, what I’m trying
to get at, Miss Davis, is did you really think,
after the process
of elimination, eliminating potential father
number one and potential father
number three, did you really think
Mr. Smith was the most credible option left
or did you think maybe number four was it? And that’s why you just
really haven’t been
pressing him on, trying to establish
a relationship. Um, no, I’m very positive
that Mr. Smith is the father. And knowing that
he is the father, I would actually like for him to be put on my son’s
birth certificate as listed… As his father. Because it actually
does mean a lot to me. JUDGE LAKE:
And what is that? This is my son’s
birth certificate. Jerome. Hand me that. Who’s on
the birth certificate now? Uh, me. And no father listed? No. (AUDIENCE GASPING) And I’m sure… You know,
having gone through what you’ve been through
in your life, as you talk about, going to foster home
to foster home, that has to hurt.
You don’t want that
for your baby. I want my son to have
the closest to perfect life
as he possibly can. But even after the results
come back, Your Honor, I still don’t see
Mr. Smith stepping up. So, me and my son
will continue to live
how we’ve lived, me taking care
of him, 110%. Your Honor, I don’t see
how I won’t step up. I already stepped up
for my one child. I got a daughter
that’s five, Your Honor. And I’m there in her
life every day. DAVIS:
She lives in Cincinnati. So you have a child that
you do see and you do parent? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. And if, in fact, Jayvion
ends up being your son, you’re gonna step up
to the plate for him as well. Yes, Your Honor. Yes. Well, I’ll tell you what,
this court is gonna
make sure you do so. ‘Cause I’m sitting here… (APPLAUSE) Still trying to figure out
how two able-bodied
grown people, in the same state can sit up for two years with a baby not knowing
who his father is, and just not do
something about it. I’m ready for the results,
I don’t wanna wait
any longer. And I don’t want Jayvion
to wait any longer. Thank you, Jerome. JEROME: You’re welcome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows: In the case of
Davis v. Smith
pertaining to
2-year-old Jayvion Davis, Mr. Smith, you… In the case of
Davis v. Smith
pertaining to
2-year-old Jayvion Davis, Mr. Smith, you… …are not Jayvion’s father. (AUDIENCE GASPING) I’m like so hurt, Your Honor. You look crushed. Yes, Your Honor. Yeah, I can see that
in your eyes. Because even though
you consistently said, “I doubt it, I doubt it,” there’s a disappointment
that I see in your face. Yes, Your Honor. So we’ve been through
potential fathers
one, two, and three, and you said the last guy,
number four, you used protection. Are there more? There’s no easy way
to ask that question but it needs to be asked
for Jayvion’s sake. There shouldn’t be no shame
in your game right now, this is about the truth. Are there more? No, Your Honor. So without
a shadow of a doubt,
knowing what we know now, potential father number four would have to be
Jayvion’s father. Yes, Your Honor. But you don’t know his name. No, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) (EXHALES) The only thing I know
about him is that
he lives in Columbus. JUDGE LAKE:
That’s just sad. Mr. Smith, I commend you for coming
to court today. Yes, Your Honor. I… And I wish you
the best of luck. Thank you, Your Honor. Um… I’m done for today
in this courtroom, but I would like
to see you, Miss Davis,
in my chambers. Court is adjourned. Please don’t cry. Wipe your tears. You all right? I had my hoe days,
and as a result,
I have a son, but I’m not gonna keep
looking for a different
man to test. Look at me. This is for your child. This is about Jayvion. Your past is not
your future. Are we clear? Yes, Your Honor. All right.
Well, good luck to you and that beautiful
baby boy. Thank you. Give me a hug. You can do it.

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